Monday, March 4, 2013

Blue Coral Aquarium @ KL Tower

Last weekend, Nico was in town so four of us went out for an outing at the aquarium. I read about this aquarium in a recent news so I decided to bring my two boys for an educational tour to learn more about fish. Nico is still quite blur over what's the surrounding. However, Kimi is very excited over the trip and he loves to see those fish. I can hear him talk non-stop throughout the whole visit!

However, this aquarium is very small in size. One can finish visit the whole aquarium in a very short time. Kimi walked in and out at least 2 times. I can see him enjoy talking to the fish very much...

After the aquarium visit, we went to a short tour to the KL Tower. We did not go up the tower, just walked around there sight-seeing with the kids showing them around.

It was a sunny day! A hot and sweat day for the boys but most important is to see them smile happily during this trip.

After the aquarium trip, in the car, Mummy asked Kimi -
Mummy: Kimi, do you know what is a jellyfish now?
Kimi: Yes, the one shake-shake the body fish...

Kimi used to tell me, he eats like a tiger whenever he eats his meals. But after this trip, he tells me, 'Mummy, I eat like a shark now'!
I ask him why? He replies me, because I am like a shark now, has a big-big mouth! Can eat very fast!

Hahaha... I really laughed out loud when I heard this. This is the creative answer of a little boy trying to explain to his Mummy how is a jellyfish and a shark looks like! A very worth trip as Kimi learns something new this round.

More information about the aquarium can be read at:


debs said...

Hi, is this place baby stroller friendly?

~ ShinY's Life ~ said...

This is a very small aquarium... Ya, stroller can go in :) I brought mine too!