Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Delete Button Away

Date: 12 November 2018

Over the years, I always thought we shared the same memory, that’s explained why I put them up on social media instead of putting them down on my blog, which takes a longer time to do. One by one I recorded them down, in hoping you will be seeing it occasionally, when you are free. Stories by stories I put them up, in hoping you might sometimes want to know how my daily life passed by.

I know, you are not a social media person, or perhaps you never care. But all I know for now, you push me away, with a delete button, a click away. Yes, they are my memories, my photos and not yours. Thank you for waking me up!

Well, on the other side, a beautiful photo to share on my recent Bangkok trip @ November 2018!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Maybank QRPay System at KFC Malaysia


Maybank has recently launched a new partnership with KFC Malaysia by allowing payments using Maybank QRPay at the KFC restaurants. By the first quarter of 2019, the company aimed to introduce QRPay to all KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants.

Well, the Maybank QRPay is a payment system that only requires customers or users to scan the quick response (QR) code displayed by the merchant with their phones to pay for products and services on their mobile devices via the Maybank2u app. The service aims to promote greater use of cashless transactions in the country.

So, when you are visiting KFC in the near future, do take out your smart phone and let KFC does the work for you. It is just a tap away ! The process is as easy as A,B,C and you can just forget your wallet as long as your smart phone is with you at all time ! I had tried it out on yesterday and how about you?  Check it out then ~

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Holidays For Two @ Peru – his dream destination, my pleasant motivation!

Earlier last year when the Mister was telling me about Peru, I stunted for a while and tried to recall my Geography lessons, which I had learnt in school in hoping I could recall where is Peru’s exact location. Then, he followed by telling me about Machu Picchu. My eyes rolled up when I heard that and was asking him back, “Could you spell out the name for me so that I can Google and see where is it??! I was so worried that with this silly question of mine, he would leave me behind and went on for his solo trip. Luckily, he took me with him!

So, the best Gift in March 2017 was an air ticket from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Peru! Thanks for getting the tickets during the British Airways sales period. Seriously, this was a very unexpected travelling plan for me. I never expect it to be that far with so many hours of flight journey. I believe this had hit the many years of travelling quota with him. Excitement began since then!

A lot of information to read, a lot of things to prepare, a lot of workouts to practice! I am toooo fat to hike J

And finally, October 2017 arrived and we were all prepared to go on an adventurous journey, with the unlimited of hiking experiences! I was so excited and yet nervous, I worried my back would hurt with the long hours of flight's experience. So many questions to be answered along the trip ^^ Peru, here we come!

London @ 5.30 am early morning views!

The Bus Company (National Express) that takes us to Gatwick Airport London. We are taking our flight to Peru from Gatwick Airport London. Bus tickets were bought earlier online from Malaysia.

Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport London.

Good morning, London ^^
The bus that takes us from the 
Heathrow Airport London to the Gatwick London Airport.

Good morning, London ^^