Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Holidays For Two @ Peru – his dream destination, my pleasant motivation!

Earlier last year when the Mister was telling me about Peru, I stunted for a while and tried to recall my Geography lessons, which I had learnt in school in hoping I could recall where is Peru’s exact location. Then, he followed by telling me about Machu Picchu. My eyes rolled up when I heard that and was asking him back, “Could you spell out the name for me so that I can Google and see where is it??! I was so worried that with this silly question of mine, he would leave me behind and went on for his solo trip. Luckily, he took me with him!

So, the best Gift in March 2017 was an air ticket from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Peru! Thanks for getting the tickets during the British Airways sales period. Seriously, this was a very unexpected travelling plan for me. I never expect it to be that far with so many hours of flight journey. I believe this had hit the many years of travelling quota with him. Excitement began since then!

A lot of information to read, a lot of things to prepare, a lot of workouts to practice! I am toooo fat to hike J

And finally, October 2017 arrived and we were all prepared to go on an adventurous journey, with the unlimited of hiking experiences! I was so excited and yet nervous, I worried my back would hurt with the long hours of flight's experience. So many questions to be answered along the trip ^^ Peru, here we come!

London @ 5.30 am early morning views!

The Bus Company (National Express) that takes us to Gatwick Airport London. We are taking our flight to Peru from Gatwick Airport London. Bus tickets were bought earlier online from Malaysia.

Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport London.

Good morning, London ^^
The bus that takes us from the 
Heathrow Airport London to the Gatwick London Airport.

Good morning, London ^^

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Life from April 2017 with a short trip to Nanning, China!

Life has been so busy since April 2017… I had moved on to start a small new company by myself, doing some work on my own with the support from my existing clients whom I have known them for years. Thanks for all the encouragements. Without all of you, I wouldn’t have stepped out from my comfort zone and create another milestone for myself. Not too sure if it can work out on me, but as of now, so far so good. It has at least lasted for 6 months already!

Life has been so hectic and yet I am not sure why I am so busy at all time. Be it at work, be it at personal. Sometimes, how I wish time could pass a little bit slower so that I have some extra breath to catch up. 24-hours are never enough for me and sometimes, I just feel too tired to sleep and ends up, staring at the ceilings for a couple of hours figuring out what shall I do in the middle of the night and can't fall asleep. 

Anyway, all these are the good signs of life. Being busy means I am fully utilising my each day significantly. Being busy means I don't have to spend time gossiping around on some non-significant topics in the office. Being busy means I love what I am doing now, perhaps??!!

Six months passed since I am out from my comfort zone. Too good to be true! And I hope this small business of mine will slowly picking up and helping me to earn more big money in the future... HAHAHAHA ! That is everyone's wish though... :) 

Some of the happy moments I had from the past months were this short Family Trip to Nanning on 30 August. It was a short 4D3N holiday and yet it had been a really good one. A short recharge is a good way to feel refresh and the sceneries at DeTian Waterfall, Nanning are indeed superbly beautiful. This was the highlight of the trip! It definitely worth the 4-hours journey to reach there from Nanning, however, to travel there for a day trip was indeed tiring. It took us 9 hours to be on the road just to reach this beautiful DeTian Waterfall and then back to the hotel. Luckily we engaged a driver to fetch us there and the kids managed to take some short naps during the drive. We enjoyed the family time spent together throughout the whole trip.

A short holiday, a lifetime memory! We really enjoyed it a lot ^^ A very lovely place to visit! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Days in Tokyo – It’s all about FOOD!

We spent our balance of days in Tokyo for delicious food.

A visit to the Tsukiji Market in the early morning. The long queue and huge crowd at local time 7am just to eat fresh sushi!

We chose a restaurant with a "shorter" queue, but it was still long.... HAHA! 

So FRESH and OISHI! The photos worth a thousand words ^^ We enjoyed the sushi a lot!