Friday, May 12, 2017

Days in Tokyo – It’s all about FOOD!

We spent our balance of days in Tokyo for delicious food.

A visit to the Tsukiji Market in the early morning. The long queue and huge crowd at local time 7am just to eat fresh sushi!

We chose a restaurant with a "shorter" queue, but it was still long.... HAHA! 

So FRESH and OISHI! The photos worth a thousand words ^^ We enjoyed the sushi a lot!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 6 – Christmas Eve at Tokyo!

Date: 24 December 2015

Bye, Kyoto ^^ We cut short our Kyoto’s stay here in the morning and moved on to the next city, TOKYO! My cutie breakfast in the train. Merry Christmas to everyone ^^ May everyone be healthy and happy!

We had decided to travel back to Tokyo on Christmas Eve and spent our Christmas and balance of the days in Tokyo in a rest and relax mode. It was all about EAT and SHOP, EAT and SHOP!

There is always plenty of rooms for dessert and we joined in the queue for these two pieces of lovely cakes from Giotto after we had checked-in to our Hotel on Christmas Eve... It was indeed a very long queue but the satisfaction made it all worthwhile!

Giotto Christmas Cakes on our Christmas Eve!

Each piece of cake is packed individually with dried ice to maintain its freshness ^^ Very yummy cakes with very nice packaging!

We spent our Christmas Eve night at the Illumination Christmas Lights @ Midtown Roponggi. It was indeed a very beautiful and memorable Christmas Eve spent with Hubby!

I believe, one of the best days I had in life, was the night walking down the Roppongi Hills Arena with beautiful Christmas lights as background, holding your hands! Thanks for the sweet memories, Hubby. Thanks for having me with you on the Christmas Eve at Year 2015!

I am sure one of the many years later when I read back my blog, it is still my sweetest memories, having you to celebrate this Christmas Eve together!