Friday, July 22, 2011

Chinese Medicine: Hou Zao San

My poor Kimi has not been having good sleeps for the past one week+. He coughs a lot during his sleeping time and with phlegm making him once a while woke up and vomited in the middle of the night. After 3 times of consulting the doctor, besides feeding him those medicine which I could, I seriously do not know what else can be done to make him recover faster.

Today I was chatting with a friend of mine. She recommended some Chinese herbs for me to buy for Kimi to try. She said is very effective remedy to cure phlegm. So I goggled it and found out a lot of mummies out there also using the same herb to cure their babies/toddlers phlegm problem. My friend asked me to buy it from ‘Eu Yan Sang’ but I called up a few branches also no stocks available.

Herb’s Name: Hou Zao San
English name for this formula: Monkey Gallstone Powder

Finally I found it at the Chinese herbs medical hall at One Utama ~

Shop: Excellent Herbal Food Centre S/B
Address: 221B, Level LG, One Utama Shopping Complex.


The one I got for Kimi is only for one time dosage… It costs me RM390.00. Never realize that Chinese medicine can be this expensive!! The uncle there measured it for me while kept on letting me know on how good this thing is and is not easy to find a really genuine type. He told me, to be more effective, it is better to let Kimi has 2 dosages at least. But then since it is a bit  expensive, so we only bought one dosage to try it out first. He cut it into tiny slices and made them into powder.

2This one dosage, I think is not even can fill up one teaspoon. The amount is so little only!! But I really hope it can cure Kimi’s phlegm very soon.

Besides that, I also bought some ready-packed type for Kimi to eat it daily for a few times. One box costs me RM18 only. So I store up 2 boxes at home. One box has 6 small sachets in it.

Note: The uncle there informs me that there is another cheaper version of Hou Zao San which costs around RM100++. It is from those smaller Gallstone which are made from tiny little pieces.  They are very saleable but might not be as effective. When I am at the shop, they currently do not have the stocks for this.

Kimi has been taking too much medicine for the past 2 weeks. Hubby and I decided to buy some Chinese herbs to boil for Kimi after he has fully recovered from his sick. The uncle there gave us a recipe and told us the usage of it. He recommends one type of combination which is good for building up metabolism, reducing phlegm and coughing. He said is good for kids and adults too.  After considerations, we asked the uncle there to pack 3 dosages for us. Kimi can drink it every alternate days. It needs to be boiled for 3 hours in 2 small bowls of water.

American Wet Figs
Long Li Ye
Dried North Almond
Dried South Almond
Almond King
Fritillaria Cirrhosa

I do not know how to type it in Chinese words, so I took a picture of the price tags to share the Chinese words here… The amount that you read here are divided into 3 dosages. You can add in the Tangerine Peel if you want to…


We have the cordyceps at home, so we do not get it from the medical hall. This is how some of the herbs look like… I not yet open the packets to boil the herbs so do not have a clear picture of them.


The picture below was taken while I was in the shop waiting for the uncle to pack the herbs for me. It was not very clear as I was using my mobile phone to shot this picture… But these are some of the herbs used… For those who are familiar with Chinese medicine should know what are there. I only can recognize the two dried almonds. Haha ~ I seriously have very little knowledge on all these… Luckily the uncle there is very friendly to teach and explain them to me!

Oooo… while I was clearing some of Kimi’s medicine, only did I realize that he had so many type of medicines to eat. Just that every visits to the paediatrician, he prescribed those medicines depends on Kimi’s conditions. The last round was we visited the normal GP to cure Kimi’s nappy rash’s problem. He has been having diarrhoea since he is sick and resulting him to have quite serious nappy rashes. We got some cream for him from the clinic and to stock up some fever medicine at home. Hope that that will be the last time he visits a doctor ~


Really pray hard Kimi to recover from all those sickness soon! It is really pitiful to see him sick especially coughs so often during his sleeping time ~ Wish Kimi can have a good night sleep soon!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kimi Starts his Montessori… A new lesson for Mummy!

Date: 4th July 2011

At his age of 22 months, I sent him to Montessori. Kimi has been a sociable toddler all these while, and I thought he can take the new place very soon. But never did I expect he cried so badly on the first day. We put him there for a hew hours only on the first day to let him slowly adapting into the Montessori life. One day passed, two days passed, three days passed and so on… Every day he cried when I put him there. But luckily the teachers and the helpers there are very helpful. Teacher even sent me SMSes and short video clips to update us Kimi’s progress. The teachers there told us, no need to worry, they will try to settle down Kimi and assisting him to his new place. They are really very helpful!

Date: 7th July 2011

However, I realized I took his emotions too lightly forgetting that he might need more time to adapt... Haih… My poor baby…. Not too sure is it because he has been crying too badly, or is he feeling scare or unsecure with the new place, or his immunity system is a bit weak …. Kimi fell sick on the 4th day night, very high fever!

All came one after another. I think not long after he recovered from his fever, he got his cough virus spread from me in another week… Haih, fever, coughing and running nose visited him again…. Poor Kimi! For the past one week++, he has been seeing doctor for a total of 3 times and did one nebulizer treatment in hospital. I think Kimi has been eating medicine until scare and I fed him fed until I myself also scare. We have been forcing him to eat those medicine, and then he rejected them by vomited out everything, making his recovery period takes longer. Cleaning up the mess after Kimi vomited and trying to make him feel ease after crying are my daily jobs for the past almost 2 weeks. But the lucky thing is that, despite he is sick, Kimi still can continue with his daily activities at home, playing and watching TV, eating his food and drinking his milk (although the intake is lesser compare to before sick, he is still able to drink it). Really hope that Kimi can fully recover very soon!

~ Kimi’s Happy Face in Montessori with us around on the First Day ~


But then he cried a lot after we left! Pity him ~ Hope that he will adapt into the new environment very soon. The teachers there told us that Kimi is getting better on each day. But due to he is on and off sick, he has been absent from his Montessori for a few days already. Wondering will he get used to it when we send him back there again after he is fully recovered?

Thanks to Hubby for his help all these weeks… We took turns to apply leaves. He even changed his working shifts a couple of times with his colleague just to fetch Kimi to see the doctor and helped me to take care of Kimi. I think without him, I won’t be able to go through these few days alone by myself.

Hope that Kimi can recover very soon and be a healthy toddler always!