Monday, December 29, 2008

A Day at Mid Valley

Today hubby as promised, brought me to Mid Valley. We have made the appointments for our hair cut there. I am going to trim and do treatment for my hair and he is going for a cut and also dye his hair. Hehehe.. this is the first time hubby dye his hair. A change of look for New Year kua... :)

After the hair salon visit, we walked around to continue search for some CNY dress.. Aiyo, still cannot get anything I like ler... BUt lucky, managed to shot some Xmas decorations photos at Mid Valley.

Me after my new hair cut... Hehe.. I trimmed abit only la.. Behind me are all the beautiful Xmas decorations at Mid Valley and The Gardens.
Hubby with his cool look again + new dyed hair cut... Still cannot figure out why my hubby does not really like to pose on cameras..
After back from Mid Valley, after rest for some time at home, we went to 'pasar malam' to tapao the dessert and assam laksa for our dinner which need to queue for a long time der.. I didn't take any photos coz it was drizzling and lazy to take out my camera while queueing for food under the rain... Hehehe.. ^_^

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Day at Sunway Pyramid

As planned earlier, today is another shopping day for me as hubby need to work. I chose to go Sunway Pyramid coz hubby tomorrow no need to work le.. So he said tomorrow wanna go Mid Valley with me for hair cut.

Shopped for a few hours, tried some dresses but nothing fancy me. So I didn't get to to buy anything for my CNY dress, so sad... Haih... So I ended up buying present for our office's party to celebrate New Year. The party will be on 5th January 2009. We will exchange the presents with colleagues too during the party. I bought 2 presents coz another colleague asked me help him buy too.

By the way, I saw this shop's name while I am shopping... Hehe.. Wendy, if you are reading this blog, this photo is snapped for you to see der..
My presents for the office's party ~~ I bought them at 'Yves Rocher'. Hehe.. I very like it. Hope my colleague also will like it too...
And these are what I buy for myself in the shop as well... 'Restorative mask sore feet'. This is a very small product with a quite expensive price-tag. I bought it coz I really wanna try it and hope with this little investment, it can slowly cure a bit of my foot's rough skin. Another thing I bought for myself is the 'Blackberry bath shower gel'. ^_^
After all the shopping, I chose a cafe calls 'Zen Cafe' to sit down and rest a while. I ordered myself a piece of Macademia cheesecake and a cup of Cappucino. The cheesecake is very nice but the coffee average only...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cousins' Gathering cum Lunch

Today our cousin, Wi Sern, from Johor visited us in KL. He wanted to eat some Chinese food, so I have decided to bring him to Canton-I Restaurant at One Utama. I actually quite like the food there ever since the first time hubby brought me there. So, hehehe... keep on recommend frens to go. This round I brought my cousins instead. Too bad, hubby need to work on this weekend, so he didn't follow us for the lunch, missed out the delicious food ~~

Luckily I called and made a reservation a day before. The shopping complex was so crowded due to weekend, so eventually the restaurant also super pack. Else, I think we have to queue outside for some time before we get our seats. Lucky got book table, so we straight away can walk in and order the food. Hehehe :)

Food not bad, especially the dessert ~~ Yummy-Yummy!! I like the porridge there, got lots of varieties to mix with, but the wanton mee taste so-so only.

As usual, chatting seems non-stop when cousins are gathered together. But due to the restaurant has too many people queuing up for seats, so we also didn't really sit for too long. After the lunch, we proceed to Starbucks for a drink and continue our chatting sessions... ^_^

Venue: Canton-I @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner with Hubby

This year, hubby was the one suggesting to me, why not we find a place to eat on Xmas eve? Of course, my first expression were super happy when I heard that. Hehehe.... trying new food again. At first he was suggesting to me, why don't we go to The Olive at Genting? I were like, Har... it seemed like a but too rush for me to arrange now coz I don't think I can get to book a room at Genting at such a last minute... So I decided to let go the idea, even though I really wanna go there and eat again. Haha.. very nice place with superb food ~~

So, after think-think, hubby suggested to me to try the new restaurant at One Utama. I think they just newly opened on Xmas eve... So we went to try lor!! Below are some of the food pics. Well, overall food not bad, a place that can go back again, perhaps when you have friends gathering as the place looks comfortable too. Just that, the food I ordered, a little bit small portion ~~ Luckily still got one pizza...

The restaurant ~~The colourful menu which makes the food looks so much tastier ~~Hubby's Root Beer Float
My drink 'Pink Inc'~~ Pizza full of mushrooms ~ Yummy!My Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken Me with my Happy Food ~~

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Surprise & Memorable Saturday ~~

Today, office had spring cleaning session. Hehehe.. all of us need to clean our own things in office, clear those unwanted papers, etc... We finished about 1.30pm and all colleagues went for lunch together. As I am working today, so hubby also arrange himself to go to work also.

We meet at home about 2 something before we went to view houses together. Saw a few units of show houses, but cannot get what we want. Haha... those we like, not really can afford, those we can afford, not really what we want to have it as our future home... After viewing, we went back home rest a while, before we find place for our dinner.

As planned earlier, today we are going to The Curve to see the Xmas decorations there. Heard some frens said they are very nice, so we decided to go there and have a look. It was raining when we reached, so some outdoor lightings didn't get to see properly. But indoor decors are very beautiful too!

After walked for some time, suddenly, hubby was suggesting, why not we buy each other a gift and exchange? Ahhhh... This seems like the first time hubby give me this kind of surprise after so long time... I was so surpised when I heard that, and of course straightaway answered him, 'Yes, Okok...' hehehe... He asked me, what is the budget for the gift? Mmmm, after think think for a while, as I need to take care of my purse, so I said 'Ok, make it RM30'. So, we gave each other 30 minutes of time, walked separately to find the gift that we want to get for each other.

Very fast, 30 minutes passed and we met up. Hehehe, hubby said, we can exchange the gifts only when we reached home. Ok, so we headed home lor... After reached home, I eagerly asked him to exchanged the gifts. Both of us were so happy when we got our presents. Hubby said I bought what he wanted to buy some time ago but didn't get for himself (Card Holder) and he bought me a 'HOME' plaque. The card holder I couldn't get a black colour, so I got a dark brown instead. Luckily, he very like it too... Haha, but so coincidently, both our presents also exceeded RM30 budget.

He was telling me, for now, he still cannot afford to buy me a house which I like, so temporary got me a 'home' plaque first. Let me have a feel of hugging the 'home' while waiting for the real house. Hehehe... so cute and funny of him. But when I hear that, I feel so sweet and touch at heart. I know, deep inside his heart, he wanted to buy me a house very, very much, but after so many viewings, the one which I like the most, currently still a bit too expensive for us to afford.

'Dear Hubby, if you are reading this posting one day, what I wanna tell is that, don't worry, I can wait. Don't rush into buying me a house now which I cannot like it 100% for now just for the sake of buying... Hehehe, I am sure you know me well and know what type of house I want and would like to build it as a 'HOME' together with you... Thank you for getting me the Christmas present!! I really love it ~~ '

One day, when we have our own house, I will hang this plaque up ^_^

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A day before I start my working life ~

Tomorrow I will go back to work, starts my normal working life again. So this morning, I woke up a bit late. After waiting for the person to come and fix some furniture for me, hubby asked me where I wanna go today, either Mid Valley or One Utama... I ended chose One Utama coz I find it nearer and easier... As we were late for the breakfast time, so we skipped it and ate lunch instead. Hubby let me chose what I want to eat, so I told him I want sandwiches for lunch. After walking around, he suggested to me to go Dave's Deli.

My first time to Dave's Deli, so I am a bit excited coz I wanna try the sandwiches there... All seem yummy to me, but I finally chose the turkey ham set. Hehehe... and hubby got himself 1/4 roasted chicken set. Yummy-yummy ~~ The sandwich is really very delicious!!

I didn't bring my camera along so can only use hubby's cameraphone to snap the food pics.

After my super satisfied lunch, we proceed for our shopping spree~~ Hehee... didn't get to buy many things lor, but more on window shopping and admiring the Christmas decorations...

Well, I am going to start my working life tomorrow. Need to sleep early tonight... Hope I can have a good day tomorrow ^_^

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Buffet Dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Yesterday we decided to have buffet dinner together since we not yet start work. Hehe, still on our wedding leaves. So after I think-think where to eat, I have decided to go Mandarin Oriental Hotel for buffet since hubby not yet been there to eat before. I went once some time ago forgot with who le. Hehehe... All I can remembered was the delicious food they served at that time. So this round decided to recommend to hubby.

A very happy dinner with lots of food to choose from, very delicious... Got dim sum, got pasta, got Japanese food, grill food, satay, prawn mee, etc, etc and those normal buffet line with rice la, mee, tandoori chicken, roti naan, curry, etc, etc... All yummy!! hehehehehe.... And of course, not to forget the dessert...

I ordered a pot of earl grey tea too... As I very like english tea, so wanna tried too.. Finally, dinner finished, and all of us looked so full and satisfied ~~ Well, price is quite reasonable too at RM73++ per person.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Honeymoon ~ KL-Phuket-Krabi-KL ~

Wow... 2 weeks no time to update my blog.. hehehe.. Busy preparing for my wedding, then after that rushed for my honeymoon trips.

I am back from my wedding day, my honeymoon and everything that need to be done for wedding. I went to Phuket and Krabi, a quite last minute decision as our initial tour was cancelled by the tour agent due to not enough people to form a group. Anyway, it is ok. Hubby and I did really enjoy ourselves for being together for holidays during the past 6 days. Really had lots of fun ~~

Now I will be busy unpacking luggages and also sorted out some post-wedding items which are still in my room, not yet got time to sort them out yet. Heehehe... lots of things to do before going back to work ~~

More photos can be viewed in my Facebook ^_^