Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kimi Moves Back to KL ~

Last Saturday, Kimi moved back to KL as what we had planned on early this year. He is going to stay with his Daddy and Mummy from now on. PIL fetched him to KL for us. Hehe, so many things to move over. Baby cot, high chair, walker, etc-etc... Looks more like moving a house. Haha :) The car was so full with his things!!

I have been looking forward for this day to arrive. From the suggestions from Hubby (to ask me to work from home while taking care of Kimi), to opening mouth to discuss this idea with my bosses, to arranging my job scopes, to NOW, realizing the ideas, it seemed so much like a dream came true, and I am very glad that things went on smoothly as planned. It took me almost half a year for the transition period, to arrange my work schedules, and to now, I will be working from home for around 6-12 months at the same time taking care of Kimi by myself. I really wish to thank my bosses for agreeing to me on this idea, and wish to thank Hubby for supporting me to bring Kimi near to both of us.

I know, this new path might be tough, might not be so easy, as I need to cope with work and Kimi at the same time, but I pray everyday for myself, to be able to MAKE IT to be a better mummy!! I am still adapting myself to this new life, still trying to accomplish things in schedule, and at the same time, still trying to let Kimi get use to this new environment, but I am sure, with the support of Hubby and my families, I can cope with it well.

First night in his KL room with us, Kimi seemed to be a bit hard to adapt into his new room. So it took us some time to put him to sleep. Second night, things got better a little bit, but Kimi still woke up in the middle of the night and cried for a while. Third night, I finally able to put Kimi into sleep by myself. Glad that Kimi likes this new place and hope that he can have a good night sleep every night from now on with us.

So yesterday, after settling down Kimi, PIL went back to Taiping, leaving Kimi with us. MIL weeped for a while before she left our house. I know it is a bit hard for her to leave Kimi with us as she was the one who took care of Kimi all these while. She dotes on Kimi sooOOoo much, we all can see that. But don't worry PIL, you all can still come and visit us every weekend if you wish. We will also once a while fetch Kimi back to Taiping to visit you as well. We are very sure that Kimi would love to see you all very soon ^_^

Thanks PIL, for all the effort in helping us to bring up Kimi for so many months. We really appreciate that!

All these while, we hardly bought any toys for Kimi. He had been playing with his very limited toys choices all along. So, to welcome Kimi in KL, Hubby decided to buy a set of new toys for him. Hurray !! This set of toys has 3 different types of learning set for infant ages 3 months onwards. Kimi enjoys playing them very much ~~ We also bought a new cereal for him to try. Besides cooking porridge for him and feeding him with milk, we once a while will let Kimi eats some cereal to change in between meals. The cereal which Kimi used to eat before this was very difficult to buy, always out of stock. So we decided to change another one to see if he likes it or not :)

Kimi playing with his new toys on his baby cot and rolling on Mummy's bed before falling into sleep ~

Hubby took 2 days leaves to accompany me at home, just in case I cannot cope with Kimi all by myself. So today I had some time to prepare a simple lunch for both of us.
~ Egg soup, fried brussel sprout and 'sambal' prawns ~

Kimi was sitting at the side accompanying us to eat ~ Hehe... He wanted to try out the food and he seemed to be very curious over the food but too bad, he cannot eat them yet. He can only be at the side viewing us ~~

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekends Gathering ~

For the past 2 weekends, I travelled outstation to meet up some friends. One of my university's friends was back to Malaysia from Taiwan for a few days, so our friends all gathered at Ipoh to meet her and her hubby. Her family stayed there, our friends, some travelled from KL, some from Penang, all gathered at Ipoh together ~

It was a great trip as I got to meet most of my university's good friends. A nice lunch with nice companions! Too bad, two of our friends didn't manage to turn up as they needed to work on that weekend ~

~ My Good Friends during the University's time ~

After the gathering, I travelled back to Taiping to visit my beloved Kimi!! Hehe :) MIL came out with this idea of stacking up the milk powder as photo's background. So we shot some of Kimi's photos with it so that when he grows up one day, he can remember what type of milk powder he drank when he was a baby ~~ This was one of our favourite's shots!

Last weekend, I went to Singapore to visit some of my friends there too. We had a very nice lunch at Marche. Really appreciate our friendship a lot !! I was really very touched when they took the trouble to come and meet me. Thanks ya, everyone for your attendance! And Bao, you even came in bus with your daugther carried in hands alone. Let me feel very blessed to have a bunch of good friends such as you all ~~ Hope to see you all soon again in the near future ^_^

Now some of us already have kids and become Mummies already... Some of us are still singles, but is ok, GAMBATTE!! I am sure all of us will be blessed with lots of happiness no matter where we are... May our friendship be forever !

Besides gatherings, I had some nice food in Singapore and also met up my cousin's family ~

Thanks Ashley, for playing the host with the assistance of your mummy ~ Ah-yi next time go Singapore visit you again ya.. Hehe, you are really great walking map! Hopefully the next round I go Singapore, I can bring Kimi along to play with you. And thank you for all the funny jokes. I really enjoyed my stay with you ~~

Yesterday, Hubby picked me from airport. We went for our Father's Day dinner. Hehe, too bad this week Kimi was not with us, but hopefully the next Father's Day, Kimi is able to celebrate it with his beloved Daddy ~~ Hubby requested to eat at a place with World Cup screening. After scouting around at The Curve, we finally chose to settle at 'Bavarian Bierhaus'. It was not as crowded as the rest of the restaurants there and it had a big screen for World Cup. Hehe :) This restaurant's food has never disappoined us. So again, we had another satisfying meal here. The pork shoulder which we ordered was very soft and tender and very delicious too!! Tasted so much like our Chinese 'Roasted Pork'. Hubby loves it!

~ Happy Father's Day to you, Hubby!~

I have two very happy and lovely weekends with my friends and families!! And this weekend, I am going to meet up Kimi soon ~~ Counting down ^_^

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Weekend with Hubby ~

Last weekend, hubby came to fetch me after my work at PWTC. For the past 4 weeks, hubby has been working on a different shift from me, so we hardly see each other, unless during weekends. So this time, since the sales just started, he decided to bring me for a shopping spree. I was wondering, since when he became so hardworking, volunteered to fetch me to shopping complexes. This does not seem to be his style. Haha :) Anyway, for me, still as happy, as I can have a chance to do shopping even though I am very tired after standing for one whole day at the exhibition hall.

When we reached KLCC, hubby told me, he wanted to buy a pair of shoes. All along, those sports shoes that he had were not so comfort-fitting for him. He will always complain legs pain after walk for some time. So he did some reading and research online, and decided to buy himself another pair of sports shoes for travelling that can fit him comfortably. * No wonder, so nice, wanted to bring me go shopping. He actually wants me to accompany him and to help him see if the shoes ok or not, worth to buy or not...

Well, after some trying on different models and designs, and after the recommendations and explanations by the salesgirl there on the different models of shoes, hubby bought the pair of sports shoes that can fit on his feet well. Hopefully after this, no more complains of legs pain again ~~

So, to reward me to accompany him to buy his shoes, and to reward me for not buying anything together, hubby decided to bring me for some nice food. (He seemed surprise that I did not request to buy a pair of sports shoes for myself when he was paying the bill that time. Haha .... Hubby, don’t worry, this day will come. I have yet to find myself a comfortable pair of shoes to buy now.)

~ Our Japanese set dinner at Nippon Tei, KLCC ~

This is my first visit here ^_^ Hubby went once before with his client. He said the food there not bad, so he brought me there to have a try... Hubby ordered a set of Gindara Teriyaki Set and for me, I ordered the Salmon Teriyaki and Tempura Set. Really very fresh and delicious !! I like the salmon fish so much and the sauce as well. Yummy ~ The price seemed reasonable too as we really had a very satisfying dinner. Most of all, we spent some quality time together even though only a few hours ~

On the Sunday, after work as well, we drove to Pavilion. Happened to see this Balloon Carnival going on there... Too bad we didn’t come with Kimi, else can bring him see those colourful balloons around ~~ Very beautiful and creative designs balloons!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sourcing for Travelling Bags + Equipments

5th June 2010: It was a public holiday in Malaysia. So a lot of shopping complexes started their sales on last Friday (4th June 2010). As I needed to work over the weekend, so I thought I would miss out those sales. But who knows, after a day of hard work, hubby called me and told me that he wanted to fetch me after work. He wanted to go shop for bags for our travelling. What we have all along is a bigger suitcase and it cannot fit into the station lockers in Japan. Do take note that most lockers in Japanese train stations are only about a foot square and 2 feet deep.

(Note: This image is captured from the website: This website is meant for students who wish to do Summer Programme in Japan. But we find that the information in this website is very useful for anyone who wishes to travel to Japan so I share the link here.)

All along, we thought wanted to get a travel backpack. But after we tried on it, I realized it was a bit too big to carry around. And just imagine when the bag is full of things and yet still need to carry it on our back and walk around with it. I told hubby, I am not going to carry it since it will be heavy. Hubby also find it not so convenient to carry it around. So we ended up, after some searching, we decided to buy a 22” suitcase which can fit into the station’s locker.

On Sunday, we went shopping again after my work. This round is to go to Low Yat Plaza to buy an extra memory card for our camera. Besides is also to search for a ‘Day Pack’. We have been searching for quite some time to find a suitable one. This ‘Day Pack’ is our second bag to carry the camera, travelling maps, pen, dictionary, water bottle and others. Finally we found a design which both of us like and the size is not too big at the Camel Active counter in one of the departmental stores. Hehe, hubby and I were so excited about it!!

The things we have bought over the weekend to equip ourselves for the trip... A suitcase, a ‘Day Pack’ and a memory card for camera ~

Suitcase: This is an old model so it has 70% discounts during the sales. After discount, price at RM 207.00.

Day Pack: We had been looking for quite some time to buy a ‘Day Pack’ similar to this. But all we saw was only 10% discount and the designs looked quite old. Finally saw this design which both of us like it very much. And best of all is, this bag has 20% discounts during the sales at ‘Tangs’ in Pavilion. After discount, price at RM128.00.

Memory Stick for Camera: We went to Low Yat Plaza thinking of repairing a handphone cover. But ended up bought the memory card when we passed by the Sony Centre. No discount for this. Price at RM99.00 for 4GB memory.

Phew.... we settled another thing which we need to prepare for our trip. The next one, I suppose should be the visa application when the date is nearer ^_^

Monday, June 7, 2010

Searching for Hotel (2)

24th May 2010: After a few emails of enquiries and clarifications, today Hubby got his hotel booking confirmation from The Prince Park Tower Tokyo personnel. So happy, we can finally settle the rooms. As Hubby re-scheduled some of the sight-seeing plans, so we decided to stay for 2 nights at this hotel to fit into our itinery.

Hotel website:

As most of the room seems to be quite high on our budget, so after discussed, we chose to book for the Corner Double Room ~~

Check in: October 7 (Thursday)
Check out: October 9 (Saturday)
Number of guests per room: 2 person(s)

The room rate is cheaper for 2 pax use due to the Tokyo Accommodation Tax (TAT).

Total room charge = ¥ 17,325 Yen/night x 2 nights = ¥ 34,650 Yen excluding breakfast.

So after got the confirmation from The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, I emailed Hotel Edoya to cancel one night booking. Initially we had booked 4 nights stay there, but now changed to 3 nights only.

After received their confirmation via email, the total room charge = ¥ 29,790 Yen / room including taxes and breakfast.

Check in: October 9 (Saturday)
Check out: October 12 (Tuesday)

Approximately expenses on accommodation:
¥ 34,650 Yen + ¥ 29,790 Yen = ¥ 64,440 Yen

Expenses 2(a): Accomodation
Estimated amount is in RM 2,333.94.

Currency converter website:

Hurray, hotel bookings are all SETTLED!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kimi's Laughter !!

On Sunday night, PIL called us, said hubby’s cousin sent to us a video clip on Kimi. Aiyoyo.... this playful Kimi was playing by himself on that Sunday night, kept on laughing and smiling non-stop in the living room. They found it very funny so recorded a short video clip for us to see ^_^ Kimi really brings a lot of joys to our Family!!

So glad that Kimi is such a fun-loving baby...
And so glad that he is being loved by so many people surrounding him :)

~ Kimi's Laughter ! ~

Kimi, Mummy and Daddy miss you a lot, as this weekend Mummy needs to work again, so we cannot travel back to Taiping to visit you. Need to wait for another week only can see you. You must remember to miss Mummy and Daddy also ya... ~