Saturday, September 7, 2013

On Kimi's 4th Birthday With Love

06.09.2013: Today marks Kimi Four Years Old!

06.09 - Four years ago on this special day, Kimi decided to pop up in our life without any earlier notice... Well boy, you were 3 weeks earlier you know! You must be too eager to wanting to meet Mummy ~ Thank you for being part of our Family... Mummy’s only wish on this day 4 years ago was to born you healthily & my only wish now is to watch you grow up happily! Happy 4th Birthday to you, my little Sweetheart! I LOVE YOU ^^

I am so glad that you enjoyed your day so much ~ The hard work was really paid off when after the birthday party at nursery... Kimi walked over to me, hugged me and then told me, "Thank You, Mummy!" You told me, you were very happy! At that moment of time, my tears really seemed to wanting to roll down. I was really very touched! The sweet smiles on your face are good enough to make my whole day very beautiful. Thank you, Kimi!

The little things Mummy prepared for you on your special day @ Nursery... :)
The cookies I baked earlier were packed in a paper cupcake's cup with marshmallow for your friends ~

You will know if these cookies are delicious or not simply by hearing the
kids @ the Nursery shouting one after another, "Teacher, I want more cookies'!! 
The Car Racing Track Birthday Cake ~ This car race track was requested by Kimi. Trying to get a simpler version with a reasonable price, I searched from a few bakery shops, discussed on the designs and to make sure it turned out to be a perfect one. Finally, I decided to order from the Berry's Cake House at SS2. Very nice and moist sponge cake with chocolate and orange flavours! Yummy ~

Kimi was so thrilled when he saw this Birthday Cake!!
Chocolate & Orange Sponge Cake with a Car Racing Track Theme ^^

I added in the mini flags, coconut trees and Kimi's favourite Lightning McQueen toys cars on top of the cake myself. So glad that Kimi LOVES it very much!

The celebration at Nursery ~

It's the Party Goodies Bags Distribution Time!!

A very happy day for Kimi... A very blessed day for Mummy!