Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Wedding Dinner at Pontian

29th November 2008 ~ I had my bride's side wedding dinner at Pontian yesterday night... Not really did lots of pre-preparation for the dinner, just got myself a make-up artist to make myself pretty and also the wedding favours for my guests... I actually got a bit worried as I did not really arrange what things need to be done. Everytime when I called back home to ask, seem like there were nothing much for me to do. Hahaha.. So I just told myself, is ok.. just stay pretty on that day and have fun!!

Well, everyone was waiting for my arrival on Friday, house full of my relatives which made me so touch. My Saturday started with tea ceremony in the morning, followed by buffet lunch at home. And the continued with the tea ceremony again as some relatives reached in the afternoon.
Then I go to do my manicure and pedicure. Hehehe... After that, I settled my parents-in-law and hubby's relatives accomodation. My make-up artist arrived about 4pm, did my 2 pretty sisters before she started on mine... Well, after everything settled, we went to the restaurant about 7.30pm, waited a while before we walked up to the restaurant as some of the guests not yet arrived.

Well, everything went on quite smoothly, thanks to my dad and mum, uncles and aunties and most of all are my siblings and cousins!!!! They helped me on arranging the wedding favours, placing the guests book, arrange my wedding photos for guests to see, etc.. and lots-lots more.. be our photographer as well... I really very touch for their help!! Really wish to thank them lots-lots of time for doing all these for me. I think without them, things won't out as what I hope it can be. Oh ya, my technical director whom is my brother, hahaha.. he arranged all the slideshows with the karaoke man. Get them to play on time, although in between got some minor technical errors, hehehe... it was still ok, thanks ya, brother!!
A lot of memories I got from this night. I really feel happy to be in this big and warm family. Feel so glad to have them with me...
A big thank you to all my good buddies, for coming all the way from everyway!! I really appreciate it. Thanks to my sis and also her hubby for the restaurant's arrangements... Thank you for making me so surprise when I saw the decorations in the restaurant when I arrived.

I really had a superb and wonderful night. I had fun as well. Hehehe.. I think hubby's too... Too bad, we didn't have the time to try out all the dishes which I hope I can :)

So next Saturday will be the wedding day ~~ Hope everything will also turn out well too. Looking forward for the day to arrive...

More photos can be viewed in my Facebook ^_^

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Happy Week Ahead me ~~

I always hope for a happy everyday ~~ Of course, not every day can be as smooth as we hope it can be, sometimes things might not turn out to be what you want, but at least I do hope, it can be happy day for me, from the moment I wake up, eat breakfast with hubby, till I reach my work place.

Supposed our honeymoon has cancelled, but then after hubby kept on insisting on bringing me for holidays, I decided to find a simple trip, perhaps a short one, as long as it is our honeymoon. After surveyed a few nearby places, after checking the air tickets, we finally decided on going to Phuket and Krabi... Haha, Krabi for the second time. This time, perhaps, might be a little backpacking, coz we will travel by coach to Krabi from Phuket, and perhaps, no pre-book hotel rooms. Still finding a way to sort on those arrangements. As wedding day is coming nearer, things are getting busier. So honeymoon arrangement on such a last minute, seem like a secondary thing to me. Getting ready for wedding is my primary concern now. Hehehe... I will pray for everything to be run smoothly on my lovely wedding day ~~

Today I went for a short shopping spree with hubby, after I have trimmed and dyed my hair. He took LRT and met me up after his work. After dinner, he accompanied me to find my wedding dinner's performance dress. Finally, I got to find the dress I want. Hehe.. at first thought wanna shot a photo and put it up in blog, but then think-think, hehe.. better keep it up first, and show it only during my wedding dinner time. A little surprise for my guests, I supposed... :)

I started my day this week with all the good things... I am sure things will continue to be better on each day.

你不知道 你对我多么重要

终于找到 心有灵犀的美好

I know you cannot read mandarin. But, I have wrtten some words that to tell you, how important you are to me, and my life is complete with you around me... Quite mushy hor.. Hehehe... But I still want to say: Thank you, hubby!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Finally, we have collected our Wedding Album!!

Yey.. just went to collect our wedding albums this afternoon. Finally, after months of in and out the bridal house, finally, the final product is out! Hurray ~~ I very satisfied with the photos. I uploaded them at Facebook but no time upload at my own wedding website yet. Very busy weekend. Later meeting up hubby's frens to pass to them the wedding invitation cards.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hubby's Brother Birthday Celebrations

Today we celebrated Kean Yap's birthday (hubby's bro) at Tony Roma's Restautant at Mid Valley. He happened to be in KL on a business trip, so we met up lor... We had a wonderful dinner together. As usual, when 4 of us together, sure will ordered 5 main course. Hahaha...

Our group photo before the dinner:

My set - Grilled Cod Fish. As I do not want to have rice or potato, so I ordered all broccoli. Hahaha..
Hubby's set:
Kean Yap and his girlfriend

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Honeymoon is OFF !!

Actually I don't really like unhappy things to be with me... Don't like disappointments, don't like imperfectness... I always thought that, wedding should come with a honeymoon trip, no matter where is it or how short is the trip. But sad to say, my honeymoon trip is cancelled...

Today I got a call from the tour agent which hubby and I signed-up for our honeymoon trip... Well, it is confirmed that the trip is cancelled due to not enough of people to form a group. What a pity!! They suggested to us to change to another date which has confirmed departure, but I do not want that choice. As everything has been arranged nicely before this just to suit into the tour date. Hubby changed his duty shifts with colleagues and etc... So it is quite difficult for both of us to adjust our arrangements now at this moment of time. So, out of no choice, I accepted the truth that the trip needs to be cancelled.

I am quite lazy to ask around for other tour agents now as the date that we want is coming near and moreover most of the trips that I tried to ask before, are already full on the date that we want. So no choice lor... no honeymoon for me ~~

A bit disappointed though ~~ Making me feel that the entire wedding process that I have planned, now seems like a little bit out-of shape... No longer as perfect as I imagine it can turn out to be...

For now, just hope that everything can run smoothly on my wedding day ~~ At least with that, I will be a Happy Bride!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Steamboat Dinner at Home

After back from Genting, after settled everything, hubby went to buy groceries with me, said wanna eat dinner at home, asked me cook some food for dinner... Then only I realized, our house's gas stove spoilt, the electrical cooker that I have also button's spoilt, so cannot cook anything also.. Then suddenly hubby told me, why not we eat steamboat?? Ya hor... house still got one rice cooker which is still working. Hahaha, can use that one for our steamboat dinner. So we walked into Jusco, bought all those food that we wanna eat for steamboat, eg. marinated chicken, 'tau fu pok', white taufu, sausages, enoki mushrooms, etc ...

Actually eating steamboat at home is not a difficult job, all are raw food, just need to clean and cut. Then put properly on plates... As I don't want too troublesome, so I boiled vegetables soup as steamboat base. I put in tomatoes and vegetables only + ikan bilis so that it tastes nicer. After the soup is boiled, I added in some pepper and sesame oil...

Hurray, soup is ready and dinner is served... We had a wonderful time eating it together as I can see hubby enjoys it very much. Haha, because I think we had bought too much food, and only 2 of us are eating, so we have 2 rounds of it. Hubby rest a while, played some video games and then continued eat again. Luckily I didn't cook rice, purely eat those vege and food and one set of mee. Hehehe... I really like eating at home with hubby, as he can spend more time chatting with me :)

~ Our First Year Anniversary Celebrations ~ 11th Nov 2008 ~

Suppposed to update my blog 2 days ago, but donno what happened to my house's internet connections, kept on showing error when I was trying to update my blog. So I didn't get to update from home. Tried for 2 days, finally I deciced to use my lunch hour in office to write my blog. Hehehehe... :)

Date: 12th November 2008

Today, hubby and I took leave together. Reason being, we celebrated our 1st Year Anniversary yesterday night (11th November 2008) after work at Genting Highlands. Stayed one night there as I get to redeem one free night hotel stay at First World Resort. When we reached, it was almost 9 something, not many people checking-in as we already passed the peak period for checking in. When I checked-in that time, I was told that I got a free upgraded room to a triple sharing room.. Gosh.. 2 of us need such a big room for what.. Anyway, since is free, so we just took it lor. Hehehe.. we are running on a tight budget celebration, as wedding day is around the corner, so need to save as much money as we can. So we simply find one restaurant to eat dinner at Genting. As the food was quite normal, so I didn't take any photos. Wait for my next day breakfast lor ~~ Haha....

As planned earlier, hubby will bring me to our favourite dim-sum restaurant for breakfast. Even though is a weekday, but it was quite crowded with people... AFter breakfast, we went into casino for a while. Around near to 12pm we drove back to KL, because need to settle some wedding things... That is also another purpose of us taking leave today.

As wedding day is coming nearer, things seem like getting more and more to prepare. Hahahah... So today is hubby's shopping day too. He went to trim his hair, buy his shoes, etc.. so that he can look handsome on our wedding day. After settled all the things we need to do for today, we went to buy some food to cook for dinner ~~

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wendy's Burger at Jaya One

Today hubby worked till quite late. Around 8 something he called me up to fetch him up from work. As planned earlier, after fetched him from work, we drove to Jaya One, went to Cavenzi, the furniture shop where we bought our wedding room's furniture... We need to pay the balance of the money before the furnitures arrive on this coming Saturday.

After settled the payment, hubby and I decided to tour around Jaya One, and see what is nice to eat in there... To our surprise, inside Jaya One has a lot of different varieties of food. After scouting around, we have decided to try out the 'Wendy's Burger'. a fast-food restaurant. Hubby ordered himself a chicken burger, not bad he commented, better than McD worr.. As for me, haha.. me on dieting month, as wedding's day is around the corner, so I ordered myself a set of caesar salad with grill chicken. The grill chicken very nice, the meat very tender and tasty. Overall, not bad, can consider to come back here again. But price is a little bit on the high side compare to the rest of fast-food restaurants.