Tuesday, May 19, 2015

For Goodness Cakes @ Desa Sri Hartamas

The Mother’s Day Weekend – While Hubby was away on a trip, Mummy was left with the two Boys all by myself. We had all the time for ourselves over the weekend. I did not plan anything specifically, but I wanted to spend the weekend, hopefully something different for them. We tried out new cafes, we visited new places, and we joined in new competitions. A very fruitful weekend for the three of us!

This particular café which I wanted to try for some time ago, finally, I managed to bring the kids over. This café is run by a group of friends, all mothers. They bake and prepare all the food themselves, from the scratch. Here, you can really taste the smell of home-cooked food. Mmmm.... how to describe it? Perhaps lesser taste of MSG in the food! I am also a Mummy and Healthy Food choices are always my No. 1 priority! And the best thing is, they reassure to me, do not worry about the Boys being too noisy. Just let them play with the toys and I enjoy my Food!

Here, they serve home baked goodies and welcome children. Here, I can eat peacefully without worrying my Boys might disturb the table next to us. Here, I can eat thoroughly while my Boys enjoy their Playtime! Occasionally, one of the owners even step in to babysit my kids. It was very friendly of them. Here, I really feel very comfortable!

After our food, the Boys played for a while more, and they actually felt a bit reluctant to leave the place. Besides the delicious menu with a very reasonable price, this is really a good place for a working mum to hide away from the pressure work at office and to temporary forget the piling up of housework at home.

Here, my Boys smile happily; Mummy relaxes comfortably!