Thursday, December 31, 2009

~ F@rewell 2009 and Welcome 2010 ~


~ My wishes for Year 2010:
Hope Kimi can grow up to be a healthy boy;
Hope Hubby can always be happy on his job and earn more money;
Hope Me can always be a good wife, a good mummy, a good daugther and a good daugther-in-law;
Hope my parents and parents-in-law can stay strong and healthy;
Hope everyone surrounding us can always be blessed with happiness!

Today is the final day in Year 2009... Last night didn't have good night as Kimi fell sick. He was ok in the day, can play and smile. But donno why during night time, around 8pm onwards, he seemed like having some minor flu and a few sounds of coughing. Hubby came back from work seemed like blaming me why didn't take good care of Kimi. Well, I don't really know how to answer him as it also hurts me as much when I see Kimi does not feeling well :( Anyway, for now, the most important is Kimi can get well very soon ~

Pity him, cried from 9 something till 11 something, carried him also cry, sat down also cry, walked him around also cry. We almost drove to Pantai Hospital after called them up since Kimi non-stop of crying. But finally found a position which he is comfortable with, so I stood up to lean him against me and put him to sleep on my chest. After that, hubby helped to feed him with some water and milk. Perhaps he was too tired after a long cry, he fall asleep when drinking his milk. So we decided to let him sleep and see how it goes on today. Luckily, he was ok when we put him to sleep on bed. He slept through the night until this morning woke up at 7am for his milk time.

This morning woke up, Kimi still has a bit stuffy nose and can hear a few sounds of coughing, but he no longer cries like last night. Maybe today he feels better after a good night sleep. He still can play and can finish up his milk. Just that can see from his face, he is a bit tired. But thank God, he is alright now!! Hope he can recover faster and be a healthy boy ~~

~ A few of Kimi photos when he was in KL staying with us. This coming weekend, Kimi is going to be Fourth Month's old ~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ken & Janice Wedding

On Christmas day, hubby and I flew back to Pontian to attend my cousin's wedding. Ten years of relationship, finally they tied their knot on 26th December 2009. Everyone is so happy for them!! Congratulations to Ken and Janice!! You have all our best wishes ~~

I like family gatherings all the time. Whenever there is any big occasions, we will definitely gather all together and have a big gathering. This round also... All of us, no matter where are we, all gathered back at Pontian for this cousin's wedding occasion. We woke up as early as 5.30am, get ready to reach our 'Fourth Auntie' house by 6.30am. The bridegroom will leave his house at 7.30am to pick up his beautiful wife. As his 'heng tai' teams were made up from our own cousins, made this event even livelier, coz we made jokes and talk non-stop all the time. Hehe :) Ken only engaged a videographer for his wedding, no photographer. So all of us are his photographers of the day. Even the 'Tai Kum Chei' is also our fifth auntie, we call her as 'Wu Yi', my mum younger sister. Everyone has a role to play. During the wedding dinner, all of us helped out on the stage decorations, putting up the seats numbers, arranging for wedding favours on the tables, guests book signature and also acted as usher as well... Really enjoyed for the whole day!

I heard my brother told me before, some of his friends don't even know who are their cousins... don't even know what are their names or don't even bother about family gatherings. This make us treasure our family relationship even more. We really feel so blessed to be in this family where everyone is so close to each other ^_^

Looking forward for the next big gathering again!!

~ Congratulations to Ken and Janice once again ~ Wish both of you happily ever after!! Hope you enjoy your honeymoon at Bali ~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

~ Merry Christmas To Everyone ~

Few days ago, I was so surprised to receive an email from The Picture Company. They told me they that came across my blog the other day and was delightfully surprised to see their company being mentioned in my blog! To show their appreciation to me, they emailed me 3 web photos of my session with Kimi and a Christmas e-card. So sweet and thoughtful of them!! Thanks ya ~~ Hubby and I like the photos very much!!

~ Today is Christmas Eve ~~ Wishing all my friends and families, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !! ~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice Festival

Today is the Winter Solstice Festival or The Extreme of Winter and in Chinese we name it as '冬至'. This festival can consider as one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese besides Chinese New Year. When I was at my younger years till now, my grandma and parents will always tell us, after we eat the 'Tangyuan' (湯圓), we will grow one year older... This day is also a day for Chinese family to get together and make 'Tangyuan'. Then of course, after cook it, we will eat together. My grandma used to tell us, these 'Tangyuan' or balls of glutinous rice symbolize reunion. That is why today is very important to us as well.

So, last night, hubby and I made some 'Tangyuan' at home. Hubby only likes to eat the simpliest type which is cooked with sugar water. So I cooked the way which hubby likes it and eats together with him. Hubby helped me to roll the 'Tangyuan' into balls. So nice of him... Feel so warm when we eat it together. This morning woke up earlier to cook another batch again as today is the actual day of eating 'Tangyuan'. Hehe :)

~ The 'Tangyuan' we made at home ~


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kimi at 14th Weeks

Last Friday, we went back to Taiping to visit Kimi. He was 14th weeks' old last weekend. This time went back, Kimi seemed like grew up a lot. Few days before we went back, according to FIL, his head still cannot lifted up strongly. But when we got back on weekend, he could actually lifted his head to show to us. Hehe... I told hubby, Kimi must be secretly trained to lift his head during the past few days and wanna tell us that he grows up again and now can lift his head to show to us ~~

Kimi likes to suck his right hand, especially his second finger instead of the thumb. Most of the time, he can suck until sounds coming out from him. We can hear his sucking fingers sounds even though we sit a bit far from him... Hehe, must be tasting nice, I supposed :) He can really smile a lot now, and getting more talkative. He likes to talk to us in his baby language all the time ^_^

This time went back Taiping, we read the nursery rhymes book for Kimi which I bought from MPH. We showed the pictures in the book to him while reading. His eyes keep on looking at the pictures, seemed to understand what we were showing to him. Perhaps the book was too colourful that caught his attention. We will read again for you the next round when we meet up ya, Kimi!!

Once every two weeks we meet up Kimi, every time is so different feel. Looking back from the time when Kimi was born 3 months++ ago, time passed really fast. Flashing back the few months of our memories with Kimi, hubby and I are so glad that we have him!!

Eagerly waiting to see Kimi again at KL in 2 more weeks' time!!

~ Kimi at 14th Weeks ~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Favourite Mee Stall at Taiping

This round back Taiping, I am about 14 weeks after my delivery date. Meaning that Kimi is also 14 weeks’ old today. I was told by hubby's grandma that if I wanted to eat seafood, it would be better to start eating only after about 3 months from my delivery date. So when I was doing my confinement at Taiping and whenever I back to Taiping before this, I need to miss out my favourite mee stall because I cannot eat prawns.

So hubby promised me, this round back Taiping, will definitely bring me there to eat. Hehe :) This old shop is about 20++ years old. When hubby was a small kid that time, this shop was already existed and it lasts until now. Really a historical mee shop!! The uncle who is the boss of this shop, is still as strong... He is the one who prepares the ingredients and cooks the mee ~~

~ Don't look down on this small bowl of keow teow soup. Although it is very simple, only soup and keow teow, once we add the curry prawns in it, this bowl of keow teow soup is really SUPERB!! It is my favourite food in Taiping! ~

~ Yummy Curry Mee ~

This mee shop is located somewhere at Jalan Stesen, nearby SMK. St. George Taiping. (It is at the opposite side of Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan King Edward VII). This shop is opened for breakfast, perhaps until before lunch time (depends on his business of the day) ^_^

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kimi's Portraits from The Picture Company

Today I got a message from The Picture Company, informed me that Kimi's photos are ready to be picked up. So happy, it was earlier by 3 days from the scheduled date. So I told them, I will go and collect it after work today. Hubby and I are looking forward to the photos and they really do not disappoint me. A very nice set of photos and a very warm family portrait. The only disappointment is that, I walked to most of the shops that sold photo frames at One Utama, but I couldn't find a nice photo frame to frame my lovely pictures. Need to continue to search for photo frames the next time I go shopping. We shot the photos on 27th November, when Kimi is going to be 12 weeks' old on the next day, ~ 28th November ~

~ I scan these photos to upload as The Picture Company does not provide softcopies. Hope they look clear to view ~

Book of Nursery Rhymes

Today I went to One Utama after work to pick up Kimi's photos from The Picture Company. Before walking to the car park, I happened to pass by MPH. Got to know that they are having some promotions for books now, and there have quite a number of toddlers' books. After browsed around, I finally chose a book for Kimi. Hehe, perhaps it is a bit too early for him now, but I would like to read some nursery ryhmes for him whenever I can spend time with him. Haha... I cannot sing well... so only can read ^_^

~ A very colourful book ~

This book after discount is only RM 10.30. I find it a very worth buy as the quality of the book also not bad and most of all, it contains quite a numbers of nursery rhymes in it. Hope Kimi will like it ~~

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sticky Candy - Unique Wedding Favours

I accidentally got to know about this newly opened candy shop at One Utama when I was online searching for some unique wedding gifts for my cousin who is getting married on Dec 26th. So one day after work, I asked hubby to fetch me to One Utama to visit the shop and see if I can get anything special or not. Finally, after browsing around and getting some information from the salesgirl, I ordered the candy with the design of 'Shuang Xi 喜' word in it. I will come to collect it when the date is near.

Each of those candy come with their own colourful design and words on it. They are packed into jars and sold for around RM 13+ per bottle. You can even customise the words on the candy, but of course the price will be much more different.

If you are looking for an unique wedding favour or a lovely present for your loved ones, you can drop by this colourful shop to have a look. Although the shop is not very big, the varieties of candy in the shop will definitely amaze you!

Sticky Malaysia
LG 213 Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya.

Tel :603-77277688
Fax : 603-77257688

Monday, November 30, 2009

Kimi's Short Trip to KL

Kimi went back to Taiping this morning, ended his 4 days trip in KL. These 4 days, hubby and I had some memorable days with him, brought him around to see some X’mas decorations at shopping complexes and took a few of family portraits with him in a photo studio. Haha... although Kimi still too small to know what are all those decors and lightings for, we feel that should let Kimi feel a bit of the crowded lifestyle in KL in hoping that Kimi can get use to it ^_^ He seemed to be quite enjoyed the short trips as he did not really made noises throughout whole trips. When hubby and I were eating, he was at the side looking and smiling to us... When we brought him around for sight-seeing, he would turn his head left and right to look around... I am not too sure if he knows what he is looking at or not, but his eyes seems to be opened quite big. When he is tired, he will just doze off on his stroller... The only time when he made a bit of noises was when he needed to be fed. Once he is hungry, he needs to be fed fast. Haha :)

~ Baby Kimi and Mummy with the X'mas Decorations ~

Kimi slept with us for 4 nights. During these 4 nights, we can feel that Kimi seems to be growing up. He no longer needs to wake up almost every 2 hours for milk in the middle of the night. If we were to feed him between the times of 10pm to 12pm at night, he can actually sleep throughout the whole night without waking up crying for milk. He only wakes up at 6am to 7am to ask for feed the next morning. Of course during those sleeping hours at night, once a while Kimi will make some soft noises, open a bit of his little eyes and stretch his arms to move a bit, but he will sleep back a short while after that. We feel glad that Kimi knows how to differentiate between day and night time. Just hope that his sleeping routine will continue to be the same or perhaps can improve to be better so that it will be easier for us at night time. Hehe... we no need to wake up so many times at night to feed him and can have a better sleep too :)

~ Baby Kimi with his little uncles and aunties. They are all hubby's little cousins ~

Oh ya, Kimi also seems to like to smile more often nowadays and can respond faster when we are talking or playing with him. He seems to want to talk to us also and we can hear his smiling sounds more often now as well...

Hope that Kimi can grow up to be a healthy boy and be happy forever!!
See you in another 2 weeks’ time ^_^ Mummy and Daddy will be missing you...

Friday, November 27, 2009

~ Family Outing at The Picture Company ~

A few weeks ago, we saw this new shop opening at One Utama new wing. Out of curiosity, hubby and I walked in to have a look. The shop name is called 'The Picture Company'. After we found out some information from the friendly staffs there, we got to know that they are having some promotions for the month of November to celebrate their new opening. All sessions fees are FOC from now until 30th November. Otherwise, the price starts from RM80 onwards depends on the number of pax to be in the photos.

At first I thought I have no chance to bring Kimi there already as Kimi won't be back to KL until end of December... But I was so happy when MIL called me up on last week to tell me that they will come to KL on this long weekend instead of we go back to Taiping. So without any delay, after I told hubby the news, we went to One Utama to book for one session on Friday so that we can take some of Kimi's baby photos and our family portraits with Kimi.

~ This is the shop at One Utama. The shop was quite crowded when we reached perhaps because it was a public holiday today ~

We spent about near to one hour for the whole photography session as we stopped a while halfway as Kimi needed to be fed. So glad that Kimi did not sleep throughout the whole session, and he was quite ok with the photo-shooting :)

~ The Rates at The Picture Company ~

For more information about the company, do visit:

After one hour, we walked back to the shop to view the photos. They were all very nicely taken!! Hubby and I were very satisfied and excited to see those photos... We shortlisted a few poses and finally chose four pieces of 8R photos to be developed by them. Hehe... Hubby ended up volunteered to sponsor me to sign up as their member to enjoy more privileges. The membership is for one year. Thank you, hubby!!

More on member's benefits can be read at:

If you sign-up the membership on the month of November, the membership fee has 30% discount!! Really a very good deal ^_^

After all the photo-shootings, we had our lunch at Burger King. Kimi was at the side looking at us. For now, Kimi's food is only milk, so he cannot enjoy the french fries yet ~~

Our half-day Family Outing ended after the lunch. We headed back home for Kimi to sleep as One Utama was quite crowded. Tonight we will bring him out again ^_^

Friday, November 20, 2009

These Little Hands...

His fingers
are so tiny,

so marvelously perfect.
Soon they will
reach out to touch
the smiling faces
of everyone around him…

These little hands

will explore, discover,
and bring the world to him
for his inspection and delight.
With these hands he will throw balls,
capture bugs, and build castles in the sand.
He will use them to open books
and unlock the doors to knowledge.
These are the hands
that may someday sculpt, make music,
or cuddle children of his own.

His hands
are so tiny now,

and yet within them lie the future
and the fulfillment
of all his precious dreams.
So hold him gently
and watch with pride
as he reaches out in love and joy
to all of life...

[I read the above wordings from a 'Congratulation Card' which we bought for a client. I find that they are very interesting and meaningful, so I decided to copy and post it up on my blog. Hope that Kimi can get to read it one day ~~]

The picture above is taken by my cousin: Kimi little fingers holding on my hands ^_^

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dual Colour Crochet Booties ~

Today, I bought 2 pairs of booties from 'Simple Scarves'. I chose one pair of 'baby blue' and one pair of 'celery' colour for Kimi. The base colour for these booties will be in dark brown. Hope he will like it ~~ I believe these booties will be comfortable to wear on as each pair will be specially crochet up for your baby... So I decided to buy them for Kimi.

I very like these booties when Mabel introduced it a few months ago at her website. But then she told me it was still quite early for me to order for Kimi (as that time Kimi was still in my tummy). But now I ordered the booties size at '9 months' so that Kimi can wear a bit longer.. Haha :)

You all can now pre-order your booties! Check out the description for more info! To pick a size and colour, simply choose from relevant options. Do note that there is an increase in price depending on the size. More information can be read at: