Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My First Set of Maternity Wear

Today after work, hubby said wanna bring me to One Utama for dinner... In the car, I was suggesting to him, why don't we go to The Esquire Kitchen for dinner? He agreed with me. So after we reached, we straight away headed to the restaurant.

While on the way walking towards the restaurant, we passed by a shop selling maternity wear which we hardly passed by everytime we go to One Utama. As they still hanged their sales tag, so I walked in to have a look... Wow, their shirts and dresses are really nice with good quality of material.. So I tried on a few, all also not bad, even hubby also said nice. But because of the price, I hesitated to buy it. So I told hubby is ok la, let's go for dinner.

During the dinner, I was discussing the shirts with hubby. So at the end, I decided to walk back to the shop and buy it. Still tried on a few, but I ended up only buy one shirt and one legging pants... Although I still find myself a bit weird with those maternity wear, well, I guess I really need to get use of them sooner or later... Lucky that I walked back and buy, today was their last day sales. All new arrivals have 30% discount. After today, the discount will be only 10%, according to the salesgirl. The salesgirl said the shirt I bought just arrived today ~~ Hehe, donno is it their marketing tactics... But I really like the shirt very much :)

Few weeks ago, I also bought one short pants and one jeans skirt from another maternity wear shop at One Utama... But forgot to shot a picture of it before I wore it ~~ But all maternity wears are expensive, all come with 3 digits... So much more expensive than a normal shirt which I can buy at anywhere. Even a short pants also costs me RM100++, aiyo, really feel a bit not worth the money, but then still need to buy as most my current pants and skirts are a bit tight already ~~ No choice lor ^_^

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cooking Pan Mee at Home

Last Monday, after work, I decided to try and cook pan mee at home... So prepared the pan mee side dishes, eg. fried ikan bilis, stir minced pork, vege and some small prawns... Since is eating ourselves at home, so I put in more ingredients than what we used to eat at outside.

After boiled the soup for pan mee, I started my cooking lor ~~ Below is the end result. Hubby praised me for this, he said the taste not bad worr... Hehehe... :)

P/S: Well, I don't have the machine to do the pan mee myself, so I bought the raw mee separately from supermarket ~~

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Houseworking Sunday ~

Wow, I think this is my number 100th posting in my own blog... Phew, how time flies, and how I can make it for this 100th post, hehehe... I myself also cannot imagine that I have been using blogging as part of my pass by time tool.

Today is Sunday, and this weekend hubby needs to be on call and work when is needed, so I cannot go anywhere very far. We had our almost weekly breakfast, Mee Jawa at SS2 (this is hubby's favourite food), and then went to market to buy some ingredients to cook for tonight's dinner.

After back from market, I cleaned up those meat and vegetables and marinated the mince pork, kept everything in the fridge before I had some rest and go out for my late lunch... As Sunday is mostly my houseworking day, so I had my laundry done today also. After that, I prepared and cooked for dinner lor ~~ As today we had 4 people to eat together, so the dinner I cooked more since I am quite free today. Nothing really special la.. just that donno what to write for my blog today, so I shared the dishes I cooked today.

Fried broccoli ~ Taufu with mince meat ~ Winter melon soup ~ Fried fish ~ Dinner for the Day ~ Tomorrow is a working day so needs to iron clothes later... Ok, there goes my Sunday ~~ ^_^

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dinner for Hubby ~

Today hubby will be working until quite late, until now also not yet reach home... I am so bored since I am alone at home. My brother and his fren went to his college Prom's Nite at One World Hotel, so today dinner only need to cook for myself and hubby.

Since only 2 of us, so I cooked a very simple meal and yet is hubby's favourite... Dried 'Dan Dan Noodles' with fried egg ~~ He likes it with black soya sauce, and of course I mixed it up with some other ingredients so that the noodles can taste delicious ~~

This is a very simple dinner, just that I am really very bored, so decided to take a picture of it and upload it on my blog.... I have fried the prawns and steam vegetables as side dishes too.

Hubby is still not yet home, I think the noodles should be cold already... Haih.. Hope hubby can come back soon and eat the dinner with me. Later need to prepare sambal for him too. He likes to eat the noodles with sambal as well to make it taste even better... :)

My Blog New Look

Last night, after accompanied my grandma for dinner and back to home, I was browsing through some frens' blogs. Found that my blog seemed like a bit dull coz I never changed the look of it before since the first day I started to blog. Just stick to what I have and hubby was like, don't you think it is a bit bored? So after hubby's comments, I did some searching and finally found this design which I quite like it.

Downloaded it and uploaded it ~ At first I encountered some problems on fixing up the template. Then seek hubby and fren's advice, and slowly I fixed it. And now it is what you all see today!! Hehehe... Is the new design looks fresh to you? I will try to keep on enhancing it when I am free. But now hope the new design can brings me more good and happy mood by everytime looking at it. Hahaha ^_^

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dinner at Mid Valley

This morning it was raining, so I decided to send hubby to work. So after work, I went back home to bath before fetching hubby from his work. He will be a bit late today. So I went to fetch him about 7.30pm... Really don't understand why the traffic's today is soooo jam. At the end, we decided to turn into Mid Valley to eat our dinner. Hahaha... hubby brought me to eat at my favourite Korean food stall at The Gardens. As usual, quite a lot crowd everytime we go there...

Our satisfying meal = empty plates ~~ Forgot to take the pictures for the food coz I was busy eating while the food was still hot...
After dinner, we decided to go back home as tomorrow need to work. I dropped by a magazine shop before heading to car park and saw this magazine, so decided to buy as I think it is time for me to gain some knowledge on my pregnancy :)
And this is my round face when I am on my 12 weeks of pregnancy. Very chubby right?? ^_^ I got hubby to take for me using his hp...

Monday, March 16, 2009

My First Trimester

Date: 14th March 2009

Today went for my medical check-up after work. After checking on my conditions and chat for a while, gynae did the scanning for me again. Hahaha, this round, she let us listen to the heartbeat of the baby. Hehe, it is soooo amazing ler. We also saw the baby picture through the screen, can see the two small, little hands already, seemed like waving at me and hubby. Hahaha.. got some soft movements. Hubby was smiling to the screen, so am I. Glad that baby is safe and healthy. Got a picture from the gynae, she tried to capture some good views for us, but too bad it is still not so clear.
Because of hubby got German measles early last week, gynae suggested to me to do a blood test, to check whether am I immune to it or not, and also to check some other things. I listened to her coz I do not want myself to fall sick or got infected. Hope my blood test will be normal lor.

Before we left the clinic, the nurse was very kind enough to give me a lot of milk powder samples for me to try, to see which brand I like so that I can purchase myself in the future.
So as everything is back to normal for me, I only need to come back again for checkup after one month. Baby, your mummy can only see you again after one more month. Be patient ya ~~ Hehe...

Oh ya, to celebrate I have successfully passed my first trimester, I went to salon to have a hair cut for myself on the next day... ^_^ I actually really got the initiative to keep my hair long... But really donno why, suddenly just wish to have it cut ~~ Hehehe :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My life in Taiping ~~

These few days (over the weekend) I was in Taiping because hubby was here to recuperate from his measles. So got a chance to follow his cousin's car back to Taiping on Thursday, as hubby was back few days before me... When I reached Taiping and saw hubby, suddenly seemed like I very long didn't see him already, he looked a bit pale, but he told me the rashes not as serious as on Tuesday. Lucky that he is recovering, but then of course, I still need to keep a distance from him, cannot sit too near to him, cannot sleep in the same room with him... But is alright, as long as I can see him, everything seem fine for me.

As we were in Taiping, MIL also seemed busy cooking food, since both his sons also back to Taiping to spend the weekend. She cooked a lot of nice food, and boiled bird nest for us too. So sweet of her ~~ Heard from hubby that she had a hard time cleaning up the bird nest. Thanks ya!!

Winter Melon Soup
Inside got mushroom, pork, and some other stuffs ~~
Boiled Bird Nest - MIL said need to mix with 'kampung egg' after the bird nest is boiled will make it more nutritious
Hubby rashes have not fully recovered. Tomorrow we will back to KL as I need to start work already. Temporary I will be staying at my uncle's house for a couple of nights I suppose, till hubby rashes fully recovered. He will be working from home, since he is not allowed to return to work yet.

Hope that hubby can recover very soon and stay healthy always ^_^

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Routine check-up

Date: 28th February 2009

My fourth time gynae routine check-up... Everything was fine. My baby is growing, heartbeat also normal, everything seems ok. Hubby and I were so glad that baby is growing healthily in me. Hehehe...

Doctor gave me some medicine for follow-up, asked me how's my previous complain of stomach pain... I told her so far everything is fine on me. I told her, hope baby can grow healthily. She asked me don't worry. Baby is healthy and I need to take care of myself too. Again, she reminded me, no tedious work, and no extensive travelling for me at this moment.

The check-up was not a long one. So the next one will be another 2 more weeks, as doctor said previously I had complains of stomach pain, so the check-up needs to be more regular for the time being. So I listen to her, as I want myself to be strong too...

Baby's picture on 10 weeks and 2 days ~

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

German Measles ~

Yesterday during lunch hour, I received a call from hubby, told me that he seemes like having some German measles systoms. A couple of his colleagues got it. I was so shocked when I heard that. So immediately I asked him to go and consult doctor. First doctor told him, it was only some heat rashes.. So he took MC and headed back home to rest.

After woke up from his sleep, the rashes did not get any better, so I called him to go and see another doctor. The doctor said seemed to be like German measles, but he has no fever, the rashes should be getting better by Thursday if not serious... So immediately hubby called me and informed me about his condition, and asked me to stay away from him if possible...

So while he is still outside, I went back home after work to pack some clothes and move to my uncle's house to stay for a few days. Suddenly feel so loss, donno what to do also.. Hubby is sick and I cannot take care of him... make me feel like very down and sad ~~ But I MUST stay healthy, so for the sake of myself, no choice lor... Hubby feels that I need to stay away from him for a few days so that I won't be infected.

So today, hubby drove back to Taiping... I told him to do so. At least in Taiping, mum-in-law can take care of him, can eat correct food, at least I feel better that he is well taken care of. No need to worry about him. Really hope hubby can recover very soon and I can get to see him ~~

Got to know some information about German measles from internet:
"German measles is a mild infectious illness caused by the rubella virus, which is why it is sometimes called rubella. There is no connection between German measles and measles, which is caused by a different virus."

Symptoms of German measles can include any of the following:
Slight fever sometimes accompanied by a runny nose.
Swollen glands behind the ears and around the neck.
Loss of appetite.
Sore throat.
Rash that starts on the face and then spreads to the body. This rash usually lasts for about 3 days.

More information about German measles can be read at:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Uncomfortable day ~

Date: 17th February 2009

Last night I think I had slightly fever. Hubby was quite worried for me, kept on asking me to go and consult doctor. But after work, I just feel very tired, don't feel like going out again.

This morning I woke up, not feeling well. Feel a bit stomach pain. After went to work, also didn't get any better. So I decided to inform hubby. After talked to him, he kept on insisted me of going to see my gynae. At first I am quite reluctant, coz I just feel that maybe is hubby over-react a bit. Moreover I have one event coming on Thursday which needs me to do some preparations. But I ended up called my gynae to make an appointment during lunch hour as hubby said he wanted to take leave and go with me. So, not to trouble him, I decided to go myself and asked him no need to take leave.

After went to see the gynae, after some check-ups, she immediately issued me a 3 days compulsory MC and asked me to stay at home and rest, no heavy-duty work, no extensive walking.... Besides, I also having fever at that time. She gave me some medicine for that. She also wrote a letter to my boss, informing him that I can only do some light work for the time being. No travelling is allowed.

I requested my gynae to print out a picture of my baby so that I can show it to hubby to let him know that baby and I are healthy ~So I went back to office, informed my lady boss about my conditions. After settled my work which I need to rush for the Thursday event, I went back home and rest. MC on Wednesday. But went to attend the function on Thursday. Hehehe... I am such a disobedient mummy-to-be... But I really wish to be there myself to witness the event which we are the organizer for it. No choice lor, but I promise to hubby, I will definitely take care of myself throughout the whole day...

The event was quite successful, and although tired for the whole day, I am fine ~~ Oh ya, need to go for check-up on next week. Gynae wanna to make sure that I am healthy after taking the medicine...