Saturday, August 30, 2014

DIY "NINJAGO" Theme Birthday Party for Kimi @ 5 Years Old

From deciding to have a Theme Party for Kimi who turns 5 Years old this year, to source for ideas and then to do the preparations, and finally to get the things done, it actually took me less than 2 weeks to get ready from the Party's date. Initially I never thought of having this Birthday Party for him and it was really a very last minute decision. After some considerations and discussions with Hubby and my siblings, we had decided to do it in Pontian since we will be travelling back over the weekend for my maternal Grandma’s 80th Birthday dinner.

We invited 4 other Kimi’s cousins (which includes of my cousin’s kids) together with Kimi and Nico to make it a total of 6 Little VIP Guests. So I have prepared everything in 6 sets for each of them.

1) Party Packs x 6 sets
- Inclusive of one box of Ninjago Toy, one Kinder Bueno Egg and 2 small packs of Teddy Bear biscuits in each bag.
- Party Bags from Daiso.
Spent: RM48.60

2) Ninjago Theme Water Bottle
- Inclusive of 6 bottles of Drinking Water and Ninjaga Stickers, which I printed it from a printing shop.
These 6 water bottles are existing stocks from my house. So price is unknown.

3) Photo and Colouring Booths Preparations
- Inclusive of recycled boxes, cardboards and chopsticks.
- Colour Papers from AEON.
- Ninjago Coloriage downloaded from the Internet.
Spent: RM1.40

4) Party Banner, Ninjago’s Eyes Stickers and Water Bottles Stickers
- Inclusive of Printing from a printing shop.
- To cut it out myself and to stick it on cotton string with glue.
- Downloaded the designs from the Internet and printed it at a printing shop.

5) Others
- Inclusive of 10 small party bags for adults. I put in some sweets, biscuits and chocolates
- Balloons & Plastic Forks and Spoons.
Above 2 items are existing stocks/goodies from my house. So price is unknown.

- Red Paper Lanterns from “Zhong Guo Feng” Shop.
- Colour Crayons from Daiso.
- Paper Plates and Cups from Daiso.
- Red Paper Napkins from Ikea.
- Plastic Plates and Bowls from Ikea.
Spent: RM35.70

Total Amount Spent on Materials for the whole Preparations – RM110.70

6) Ninjago T-shirts
This was the most challenging task I met throughout the whole preparations process. I almost wanted to buy the Ninjago’s design from the Internet, to buy a white colour T-shirt and to send it for hot-printing at a T-Shirt Printing Shop after I failed a few times to find the T-Shirt at different shopping malls and local ‘Pasar Malam’.

Finally, I ordered the T-shirts (one for Kimi and one for Nico) from 'Taobao' online with my colleague’s assistance but in between with some obstacles as well. Anyway, I finally got the T-Shirt on time and I am very satisfied with the shirt’s designs and materials despite all the refunds and re-order processes twice.
Spent: RMB125.00 ≈ RM65.00

This small little preparation to me is a great achievement for myself as I am a Mummy who has no sense of art at all. I finally did it all in 5 nights after putting Kimi to sleep. Hope Kimi will like this "NINJAGO" Theme Party which I have prepared for him on this coming Sunday! Hope that this idea of mine can work out smoothly and the kids will have loads of FUN!