Saturday, May 31, 2008

Viewing Our 'Future Home'...

After my work today, hubby and I went to view some condo units. We had appointments with the agents at 2.30pm. We went to see Casa Tropicana and Casa Indah... Thought that can get to find some nice condos to view, but we ended up a bit disappointed. Casa Tropicana units a bit too small but come with 2 car parks, while Casa Indah units the layout a bit 'cacat' and only one car park... So we didn't make up our minds yet on which one to buy.

Well, if compare both of them, Casa Tropicana is still ok a bit, at least the facilities there look more equip and nicely designed. Although rooms a bit small, however has nice and superb golf view at balcony. Will consider about it again lor...

After that, we went to have our tea time at '888 Cafe' at Dataran Sunway. Had our drinks there and discussed which condo is more worth to buy. Thinking of how to renovate it if we really wanna buy it. So many things need to think of... So, we ordered a set of fried chicken to share, very 'sedap' lor. Hehehe... We enjoyed the fried chicken more than our condo viewing. Haha!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

J.U.S.T Thai, One Utama

Today is really a happy day... I had my yearly appraisal by my boss today. And it is also our lady boss's birthday, so we had a small and yet warm birthday celebration for her... After that, I went to Armada Hotel at PJ for our East Malaysia Education Fair's balloting. Hope that our education fair in Sabah can be run smoothly...

After my work, as usual, I will go and fetch my hubby from work. Then, we went to have our dinner. Today we had it at One Utama. We walked by pass a few restaurant, donno what to eat, and finally we ended up at a Thai food restaurant, 'J.U.S.T Thai'. We ordered the Thai Seafood Set... Well, the food is nice, can recommend our friends to go there in future. Ambience not bad too...
The set had 5 dishes, include fish la, squids la, seafood tom yam, fried vege and 'fried money bag'. The tom yam and the fish really nice, however, the 'money bag' so-so only. After finish our main dishes, we had our dessert, 'water chestnut with coconut milk'. Wow, this dessert is really nice and special especially the water chestnut. Donno how they prepared it, really very 'thumbs-up'. Hahaha.. We had a warm dinner, coz today hubby and me discussed a lot on our house viewing for tomorrow. Yeh... tomorrow we are meeting up the house agents to view some condos!!! Hopefully can get to view one that we like... Hubby and I very looking forward to it. Hope can get a good deal then...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dinner at Ajisen Ramen, One Utama

The best thing I love about my hubby is that he likes to sometimes bring me to eat some good and nice food.. Hehehe, this is one of my favourite past-time hobby (searching for place to eat nice dinner). I think he knows I like to eat some non-chinese food, that's why everytime also bring me to taste different types of cuisines.

Our 2nd time to 'Ajisen Ramen'... What hubby likes there is their Ramen, of course.. And as for me, I had my favourite Chicken Katsu set... Our very warm and happy dinner. I like dinner time the most coz I can always spend some quality time with my hubby while eating my happy dinner, talking about my working day and sometimes nonsense too... This is when he can really spend some time for me, so I must really make full use of it (sometimes even drag my time of eating the food just because I wanna spend a longer time with him). A bit silly hor...

After our main course, we ordered a dessert to share - 'Mango Kakigori'. This is mango ice with red beans and mango cubes as toppings. Taste so-so only, not so nice la... A bit too sweet and a bit too sour... weird right? We didn't manage to finish as we were really full after eating our dinner...

After that, we did some window shoppings... went to see some electrical items shop, haha.. see the pricing so that we can budget for our future home... Dear... don't forget my ideal location for our future house ya... I am sure you know where I like. Hahahaha..... :)

ShinY's Moments (Episode 1)

Our ROM's Journey
- The video shares the whole journey of our ROM ceremony... Hope it is able to bring you all back to the day when it all took place... We really miss that day when we experienced our best moment of life!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gown Fittings at Romantic

Today I accompanied my friend, Sandy, for her gowns fitting at Romantic (We signed-up the same bridal house but she signed-up earlier than me)... Hehe, ended up, I did another round of gowns fitting for myself as well while waiting for her to arrive. I tried on some new collection of gowns and tried on some gowns which I had tried before on the first round for Michelle to see (so that she can give me some comments). I have asked Michelle to join me for a while on this day so that I can have a second opinion besides my hubby. Took some photos while trying and going to show to hubby when I get back home.

Am I pretty? Some really don't look good on me especially those modern 'Qi-Pao' look. Hehehe..
And I have changed my Photo-Shooting Day to 22nd July 2008. Now, counting my every day until the date arrives...

I would like to thank Grace, my sales assistant at Romantic. She is such a nice and helpful lady which helps me throughout my whole process of gown fittings (although she is pregnant, yet she still helps me a lot by helping me taking in and out all the gowns)... Grace, thanks a lot and hope you have a safe delivery in July!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dinner at Ikano Power Centre

Today donno why, whole day seemed like not feeling very happy at work... I think hubby feels it too. So, after fetching him back from work, he drove me to Dutamas area to view some condos there.. Turned for a few rounds, saw some condos, jotted down the condo names, then we drove back to PJ to eat dinner.

He drove me to Ikano Power Centre, brought me to the place which I always wanted to eat for dinner, and yet he doesn't like it ~ Steamboat... I so surprise that he actually chose that restaurant as our dinner venue.. I smiled to myself, hehe, finally got to taste it.. A very nice dinner. We ordered a 'Double Combo Value Set', one carrot juice for him and one orange juice for me... Hubby chose the tom yam soup for himself and I chose the clear soup type. Really quite nice, can recommend my friends to come in the future, but the price is a bit expensive. But once in a while, should be ok la..

After that, he said wanna brings me to tapao 'tau fu far' which I like very much and again, a food that everytime we also like to buy and eat together. So we walked to the connecting bridge between Ikano and The Curve to take-away the 'tau fu far', We chose the chocolate flavour type.. Looks yummy!!

Then, on our way walking back to car park, we stopped by a stall names 'Kik Kok', which sells a type of crispy biscuit, looks nice to us, so we ended up buy one piece of the peanut flavour back home..

We enjoyed the take-away food at home while watching our korean cartoon together...
Thanks ya, hubby, for taking the effort to make me happy!!
And also, thanks for the wonderful dinner as well.. I really enjoyed it ~

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A wonderful journey starts...

~ ShinY's Life ~
As beautiful as it always be...

*11th Nov 2007*
This date marked the most wonderful moment in my life, I married to my dearest hubby, Kean Lee... at the Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. We had a very memorable day. Thanks hubby, for giving me such a wonderful moment, a day which I always dream of, a day which I wish to cherish it forever... and I do hope that we can be happy forever, together ... !