Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Koemon Ryokan @ Shirakawa-go (Part 2)

The bus had finally arrived at Shirakawa-go! It was a cold day but it did not snow. I was actually a bit disappointed but Hubby said we viewed it from a different perspective. Indeed, every single foot print we left in Shirakawa-go was a beautiful one!

Due to some mistakes on the reservations, the agent booked my first choice of the Ryokan for us which I did not get it earlier during the time of my reservations. I was told that the Ryokan was temporary closed down due to some personal reasons. So, we were supposed to stay in the other Ryokan which was on my 2nd choice list at Hisamatsu Ryokan. Haha... But now I got the Ryokan which I wanted to stay in at the same price as what we were supposed to pay at Hisamatsu. Hubby said I was just too lucky this round!

KOEMON Ryokan ~

A beautiful Ryokan to sleep in with friendly host and delicious meals! It was definitely one of my highlights in this “Holiday for Two” in Japan with Hubby. I seriously miss Shirakawa-go, and definitely will be one of my best memories in life!

There are too many photos but I share a few here in my blog due to limited of space… 

Quotation from Hisamatsu Ryokan booked via  
* Per Person Rate: 9,333 yen plus taxes
* Meals: Japanese Dinner and Japanese Breakfast
* Payment: Japanese Yen Cash
* Total Bill including taxes: JPY 19,600
(not including incidentals charges like drinks with meals)
* Room Style: 1 Japanese style Room
* Bathroom Type: Without a Private Bath and Toilet

To be continued …..