Monday, April 22, 2013

Brotherhood Portraits

December 2012:

This month was Nico's one year old month. I arranged for Nico to take some baby portraits to be part of his growing up memories. This round I let Kimi to join in the shooting too. It was really a good experience for both the boys. They enjoyed the shooting very much at the beginning. But after some shots, I guessed Kimi was too tired, so the only one family shot which we took did not turn out nice. So we did not develop that photo out. A bit disappointing initially….

However, the brothers' shots turned out to be very satisfying! Hubby and I really had a hard time choosing the photos to develop into a big portrait to put in the house. Finally, after spent some time at the studio browsing through the set of photos (although not many shots as we shortlisted a few among the nicest), we decided to put the shots that we chose into one big motion collage board of size 15x30. The collage board's design is yet to be finalised. We are still waiting for the photographer to send to us the final artwork to approve before print it out.

While waiting for the artwork to be done, the photographer sent to us the individual picmail first. So these are the FINAL 6 Shots which we choose!

We LOVE this shot the most! So sweet ~!

It was really quite a tough job to get the 2 boys to sit down and shot the photos together. I really want to thank the photographer who did the shots for us on that day! She really did a very good job for us. Hubby and I are happy and satisfied with the shots. This will definitely be another beautiful memory for the boys! Hope Kimi and Nico will love the photos too ~

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kimi's Music Experience

Last Saturday, Hubby was busy for us. So I enrolled Kimi into a music class trial. Actually this was not the first one. Went to another one earlier for trial as well. Not very like it, so I decided to search for another one to let Kimi try it. I have a few in mind but some do not take in Kimi's age group. They need at least 4 years old to enroll.

Finally I went to the Bentley Music Academy at Mutiara Damansara to join their 'Toddlers Class'. It is meant for toddlers with the age group of 21 months to 4 years old. I paid RM30 for the first time trial class.

Let's see what Kimi is doing in the class... This class needs at least one parent to join in together. Since Hubby is not free, so I am the one who joins Kimi in the class. Half an hour passed very fast! Not a bored one I supposed as Kimi joined in most of the activities with the guidance from the music teacher. It is more towards music, singing and movements class.

I am still considering whether to let Kimi joins in the class or not. It is a Saturday class and most of the weekends I am not in KL. Or shall I wait till Kimi is 4 years old when he has more choices to choose, then only I decide again? Mmmm... Will let Kimi decides for himself then!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finally Nico walks...

At 15 months & 3 weeks' old, finally Nico walks... !! Before this, Nico can only walk 3-4 steps without support, or a few more steps with chair to support him. But a couple of days before we travelled back to Taiping to visit him, he finally can walk by himself without any support :) Hehe... He must be training very hard so that he could show his walking ability to us on last weekend. And of course, Daddy and Mummy are very happy to see another milestone of Nico. Good job, Boy! Everyone at home is able to hear Nico's loud laughter whenever he stands up to walk. He is really very excited over it. 

Nico @ 15 months++

Mummy and her two lovely boys before going out to attend a wedding dinner ~

Wish I can spend more time for the boys ~