Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun Weekend !!

Last weekend, Kimi had some wonderful family gatherings ~ We went to Hubby’s cousin house at USJ for her daughter’s Birthday Party on Saturday night. Kimi had a great time with some of the little kids around. Although he still couldn't run around to play with them, by watching the little kids playing and running here and there, Kimi was having loads of fun mixing around! His laugthers were all night long ^_^ Never seemed to be tired at all thoughout the whole party. But when we were on the way back home after the party, he felt asleep almost immediately in the car!! This Kimi is getting more and more playful nowadays ~

~ Kimi Sits Together to Sing 'Happy Birthday' Song ~
Haha, he still cannot sing yet and must be at the side wondering what is happening!

Some of the Delicious food prepared by the Host ~ Yummy!!

On Sunday, we brought Kimi to the Theme Park to have some fun. Hubby played some games and tried to win some souvenirs for Kimi. We didn't manage to play a lot of games. So we ended up won ourselves a few key chains and one tissue box holder only. Besides that, Mummy brought Kimi for some rides as well ^_^

He was so happy on that day :)

Kimi had a wonderful weekend! Glad that he was having fun around ~~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coping with Kimi and Work Together

It has almost been one month Kimi is here staying with us in KL. Seeing him growing up every single day next to me, I think is the best gift ever. To cuddle him, to bath him, to put him to sleep, to play with him and to watch ‘Astro Xiao Tai Yang’ channel with him are my daily job now. Of course, in between, I need to cope with my office work from home and occasionally cook some meals for hubby and I, days seem to be very busy for me. Yes, it can really be very busy. Once a while, it can be frustrated as well when Kimi is not so co-operative at times and at the same time I have sales target to meet at work. However, really hope that the effort which I am putting him can let him grow up healthily and happily with us...

Kimi at 10 Months:-

He has 3 teeth now (2 at the bottom and 1 on top right) and the 4th one is on the way (top left). For the past few days, he has very little afternoon naps. Only want us to carry him. Perhaps the teeth growth makes him a bit unwell. One lucky thing is that, besides a bit on his ‘pampered mood’, the rest are still ok for him. He still eats and poos well.

At 10 months, Kimi is able to stand up by himself when we put him at the baby cot. He is able to pull himself up and then walk sideways while holding on to the baby cot. Never did I expect that not long after we put Kimi in the baby cot, he is able to do all these by himself. 2 more weeks to go and he will be 11 months' old already. Phew, time flies soooo fast!

Now, staying at home for almost one month already, my daily life is getting busier. Coping with Kimi and work at the same time, are now an easy task. Just hope that I can faster get into the right way and can cope with both well. Ya, practise makes perfect, I supposed :)

Oops, now opening up my camera, only to realize that, I was so busy until I didn’t manage to shot more photos of Kimi since he was in KL with us. Haha … Aiyoyo, when I want to update blog only realize that I have only a few photos to choose from ~ Okok, Kimi's Daddy, I will try to shot more from now on and share it with you ya ^_^

~ Kimi on his ride ~
~ Kimi with his cheeky look ~
~ Kimi is trying to walk Sideways while holding on the baby cot ~

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kimi at 9 Months' Old ~

I have been staying with Kimi for a few days already, and enjoying every single day out of it! Today is the first time I myself cook Kimi's porridge for him. Before this, MIL was the one who cooked it, and my job is to feed him when I visited Kimi at Taiping. So now, I can prepare the ingredients myself, then boil and blend it, and finally feed Kimi with the porridge.

Kimi started to crawl at 9 months' old. Seemed like a bit late compare to the babies around his age ~ But it is ok, Hubby and I enjoy to see Kimi's every single learning milestone. When Kimi was in KL last weekend, we put him on the bed and saw him crawled. He is so fast with it and after a few seconds, he was at the side of the bed already. Hehe :) Need to really monitor him all the time when he is on the bed ^_^

Kimi's first tooth finally popped out last week too. Actually all of us never realized it until he bite MIL's shoulder when she was carrying him a few days ago. MIL felt the pain and opened Kimi's mouth to have a look, and we saw his first tooth on his bottom gum! All of us were very excited over it ~~ Keep on wanting him to open his mouth to show us the tooth. Haha :) His second tooth is right next to the first one. We can feel the rough gum too. Same goes to the upper gum. I think in a few more weeks' time, we should be able to see a couple more starting to pop out soon...

I am so excited over all these Kimi's growing up. Wish to be there for him every single day ~ Oh ya, before Kimi shifted to KL, PIL brought him to the paedetrician at Taiping for a simple body check-up. He is now 10.1 kgs at 9 months and 3 weeks' old ~~