Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nurses' Visits at Taiping

During my stay at Pantai Hospital, everyday I was reminded by the nurses there. Once I get back to Taiping, remember to go and register myself and baby Kimi at the local ‘Klinik Kesihatan Ibu and Anak’ so that the nurses there will come and visit us. They will check on our conditions and see if baby is healthy. This is a free service provided by our government. Hehe… feel myself making used of the tax money which I have contributed to the government by fully utilized this service provided.

As the day I reached Taiping, it was already late evening, so hubby went to register for us on the next day morning. They are really very efficient. Not long after hubby registered, the nurses came to our house already. We were visited by the nurses from ‘Klinik Kesihatan Pokok Assam’. As baby Kimi was having some minor jaundice, so the nurse adviced us to go to the hospital for a check-up, which is better, so that we can know the jaundice level is it high for Kimi or not. They measured Kimi’s and my body temperature. Then checked on my blood pressure, my stomach and the wounds. The nurses came and visited us for check-up everyday until baby Kimi’s jaundice level gone down to the minimum. Seriously speaking, the nurses are very friendly and helpful… They taught me how to clean my wound correctly, showed care to baby Kimi, etc…

The nurse weighed Kimi at his Day 10 and Day 20.
Baby Kimi weighs 3.8kgs at his Day 20 :) I feel so happy that Kimi is growing well.

~ The nurse takes weight for Baby Kimi ~

Everything seems fine on our side and my wounds also getting better, so nurses stop visiting us after Kimi's Day 20. They gave us a date to visit the doctor after baby’s full moon for another check-up. But it is up to us whether wanna go or not…

Another government services provided which I would like to praise on ~~ For mummies-to-be after giving birth also can go and register for this service. Do make use of it, and you will realize yourself, how nice it is, being a Malaysian!!

~ Baby Kimi at Day 22 ~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

~ Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur ~

Date: 9th September 2009

After my 4 days 3 nights of stay at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, we finally left the hospital in the afternoon around 3pm and headed back to Taiping for my confinement. I was supposed to stay there for 3 days, but baby Kimi developed jaundice and needed to be send for the light therapy and to be monitored by the pediatrician. So my stayed extended for another day. During the discharged, baby Kimi’s jaundice level did not really drop a lot, but we decided to bring him back to one of the hospitals in Taiping for monitoring.

~ The Room which I stayed in ~

~ Morning Sun view from my Room ~

I stayed in a single bed room. When the nurses pushed me in the room from the labour room, I was a bit surprised that the room looked so different from the mock-up room which we visited earlier during one of the antenatal classes. I felt much relieved at least the room looked comfortable to me. The room comes with a small fridge, an attached bathroom, 2 sofas and I can even view ‘The Gardens’ beautiful structure and lightings through the windows at night. In the morning, the morning sun was beautiful as well.

The hospital provides different types of menus for the meals. I can choose the food I would like to have from the menu the day before. However, I had home-cooked food for lunches and dinners, so most of the hospital food was left unattended unless hubby wished to try some of it. But I had the breakfast served from the hospital as I told hubby no need to bring me food so early in the morning.

~ One of the breakfast served ~

My 4 days stay at the Pantai Hospital was never bored. I was accompanied by my baby Kimi, the nurses, the staffs and the midwives there. As Pantai Hospital practices room-in method for baby and the mum, so I am with my Kimi all the time, except for bathing time or when I find that I need some rest and need to send him to the nursery. During the night time, the nurses will bring Kimi to the nursery so that I can have enough of rest until the next feeding time, then they will bring Kimi to me. Alternatively Kimi can be with me whole night long if I wish too….

The midwives there are really friendly. Apart from looking after baby Kimi and I after delivery, they even have classes to teach the new parents on some basic parenting skills like how to bath the baby, how to cup-feed the baby and how to breastfeed the baby as well. So my third day stay in the hospital was not so bored even though baby Kimi was sent for the light therapy for 24 hours except for feeding time. We actually learnt all these during the antenatal classes, but the hospital hopes that the parents can learn better with the actual baby demonstration.

~ Bathing Class demonstration by the midwife ~

I was visited by the lactation assistant and breastfeeding assistant most of the time throughout my stay there. They taught me how to breastfeed the correct way and to monitor me if I have breastfeed properly or not, and also to advice me on what can eat and what not to eat. They even provide some materials for reading and future reference.

~ Little Gifts from Pantai Hospital ~

In the future, if I wish to have a second baby, perhaps I will consider going back to Pantai Hospital again… Friendly staffs with comfortable environment :) Thumbs up!

~ Some of the presents and 'Ang Pows' I received during my stay at the hospital ~

Thanks to friends and relatives for the presents and 'Ang Pows'!! Thanks for all the SMSes, messages in Facebook, calls all the way from Johor, Penang, Singapore and Australia to congratulate me ~~ Thanks a lot!! Baby Kimi is growing well day by day from all your well-wishes ~~

Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcoming A New Life!

To our beloved Baby Kimi,
A little diary of yours ~~

I really wish can update my blog on the day I delivered baby Kimi, so that I can write down all the things happened on that day. But it was impossible for me to bring a laptop to hospital. Hehe… But is ok, I tried to recall as much as I can so that next time I can show to Kimi, how his mummy had all the pains and finally delivered him on the 6th September 2009.

5th September 2009:
As I was still in a dilemma of choosing which way to use to deliver my baby, that night itself I was chatting with some friends online while clearing some office work and also washing some baby clothes… I might be delivering in a few days’ time, so I thought I should start washing some baby clothes and others so that I can pack them in a bag. As for my things, all are nicely arranged, but I haven’t packed them in a bag yet. Thinking of doing it tomorrow, on a Sunday. Hope it is not too late. My Sunday plans were, writing job relieves and clearing whatever jobs that I can + packing up baby clothes which are left to dry at the balcony.

6th September 2009:
It actually started around 2am something. I feel stomach pain on and off. I thought it was the 'nasi lemak' which I ate for dinner made me stomach pain. So, I went to toilet, but it didn’t seem to ease the pain. The pain continued until I woke up hubby and told him that my stomach was not feeling well. He was asking me, need to see any doctor or not. I told him, so far should be ok, the pain was just on and off, maybe later will get better later.

3am something, the pain continued… I woke up hubby again, and told him, perhaps I might be delivering soon as the pain didn’t seem to be normal stomach pain. Hubby first reaction was, ‘Har, sure or not? So early meh? Got so fast meh?’ I myself also cannot tell, because this is the first time I had this type of pain. I think this is what people call it as contractions.

Since I was not able to fall asleep because of the pain, so I woke up and started to pack some things. Hubby woke up together with me, helping me to pack. He packed baby stuffs while I packed my own things. Everything settled around at 4am something. The contractions continued while I was packing. Then I went to the toilet only to realize that I bleed a bit. I remembered my mum told me before, if the bleeding came first before the water broke, I still have some time to bath. As it was so early in the morning, hubby did not allow me to wash my hair. So I bathed without washing hair.

Then we headed to Pantai Hospital at Bangsar. When we reached there, it was 5am something. As our car was parked quite a distance away from the Emergency department, I walked slowly with the contractions pain together with hubby and a guard whom leaded us to the Emergency department.

I was sent to the labour room for monitoring once I reached the Labour Ward. The nurses need to check if my contractions were for real. After monitoring for some time, yes, the nurse walked in and told me that my contractions were for real, not any false alarm, and I would be delivering by today also. My first and only contractions for delivering baby Kimi happened on today ~~

~ Me in the Labour Room choosing food menu ~

Oh gosh, I don’t think I am prepared for that. It was about 6am something. I need to wait for a while for the gynae to come. The nurses told me, by looking at my conditions, I should be delivering sometime around 12pm. Wow, from now till 12pm, still have few hours more. This means that the pain need to last for so long more… Since there were still a bit of time, hubby went back home first, to help me do some prayers at home, while contacting both parents on my conditions.

The gynae came in around 8am. Hubby reached few minutes later. After the ultrasound, after the explanation from the gynae, in order for her to monitor my complications during the delivery period, I was not given an epidural. Then, I jokingly told hubby, not bad though, baby even helped us to save on the epidural fees. Hehehe… Gynae left us and told us that she will be back by 12pm.

Contractions began to occur more often. Gosh, the pain seems more and more pain. But the clock seemed moving very slow. How I wished 12pm faster reached! As the dripping getting longer, the pain seemed more serious. Hubby was next to me, witnessed everything. He told me, I was crying for pain at that time. I myself also cannot really remember. All I could remember, I was in real pain and kept on asking the nurse to give me some medicine to ease the pain.

The nurses told hubby to rub my back for me. He did accordingly. Then, the nurses brought in the oxygen mask and taught me how to use it. But I was really in a pain that I couldn’t even hold the mask properly. Hubby helped me on that. He asked me to breath in and out while he hold the mask for me. At that moment of time, I really feel very fortunate that I had him next to me, helping me on everything, and creating jokes for me. I think, I have known him for so long, this is the first time, he seriously created jokes for me to laugh so that I could temporary forget about the pain I was having at that time.

Hours passed and finally 12pm reached. Doctor reached as well. Nurses were all ready for me and hubby was standing next to me. I even told him, if needed, maybe need to borrow his arm to bite, just in case I cannot stand the pain. Midwives and doctor were all giving me encouragement and motivation throughout the whole labouring process. All I can hear is, ‘Don’t worry, you can do it, you are doing very well, yaya.. keep pushing, keep pushing, etc’… Luckily the pushing part only lasted for about 20+ minutes. And the next moment of time, I heard loud baby crying and then I was holding baby Kimi on my arms. The doctor chose to use vacuum method due to the complication I had during the labouring time. The midwife showed the baby to me before they sent him for cleaning up. Hubby was very excited. I can see his smiles on his face although I was very weak at that time. While doctor was helping me on the stitching up and others, hubby went to another room with the midwife to see on how baby was cleaned up, etc… He took pictures of the baby and showed to me after that… Finally, the whole labouring process ended and waiting to feed my baby soon ~~

~ Baby Kimi after cleaning up ~

I thank God for giving me a smooth delivery on this day;
I thank Hubby for standing by me throughout the whole process and giving me strength all the time;
I thank Baby Kimi for choosing the way for me on how I shall deliver him instead of we choose ourselves…

~ Our Happy Family ~

~ Me with Baby Kimi in the room ~

I think Baby Kimi sensed my anxiety and dilemma after the routine check-up with gynae on the day before this. That is why he chose to meet us up on this day ~ 6th September 2009 ~ !

Again, this is another day that I will remember for life, the day which we welcome baby Kimi to our family!

Love from,
Your daddy and mummy ~~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Wait; To Induce or To C-Sec?

Today, I went for my routine weekly check-up. This is my week 37th. When we reached, same procedures, urine test and measurement of blood pressure. Everything was ok, except for my weight again. I didn't gain any weight for the past one week again. This makes me a bit worry before entering into the gynae's room for check-up.

Gynae was very satisfied with my blood pressure level. But when I had the ultrasound scan, things didn't look good, as baby growth slow down again. This round, he weighs 2.8+kgs. Gynae showed us the baby's growth chart. From the chart, we can see that, baby's growth has been quite stagnant for the past 2-3 weeks. He didn't really get the nutrients from me, from the food which I had been eating. This is not a good sign and is one of the systoms develops due to my blood pressure. Although the blood pressure was controlled under the medications which I took, it didn't really help on the baby's growth.

So after the scanning, doctor gave hubby and I some advices. We can choose to continue to wait for a normal delivery. But this might cause certain risks to the baby, as if baby continues to stop growing in me, he won't be able to take in any nutrients from me anymore. This is definitely not good for his health.

Secondly, is to induce labour. She recommends induction to me because the risks of waiting for labour to start on its own are higher than the risks of the procedures used to get my labour going. Moreover, the level of placenta water in me has lowered again this week. To continue to wait for a normal labour, the risks for baby and I will be higher.

Thirdly, of course, is the Caesarean section which I do not really prefer it. But if last minute, inducing labour does not work out, a c-sec needs to be performed.

Gynae gave us a few days to think about it, and deciding on which way to use. I will need to go back for another check-up on next Tuesday. If we choose to wait for a normal delivery, then she will guide us again on the things that I need to do. But of course, if we choose to wait, then we have to bear the certain risks that our baby might be facing during the waiting period.

Haih... I am really in a dilemma now. To Wait; to Induce or to C-Sec??

Baby ar baby, can you teach your mummy what to do so that I can provide to you the best for your health? All I wish now, is a Healthy You!!

On the happy part... Today, our baby smiles to us during the ultrasound. From the 3D scan, it looked so clear. Hehe... this is our first time to see him from the screen with such a clear look. Hubby and I were so excited and even smiled to ourselves when we see him on the screen. Hehe :) I think the next round we are seeing him, it should be outside of the uterus instead of viewing from a ultrasound scanner ^_^

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Online Shopping for Myself

Today, I googled around, wanted to find myself a pair of pyjamas, so that during my confinement month, I can wear it. Button pyjamas are easier for me if I wish to breastfeed my baby instead of wearing a t-shirt. Since nowadays, I hardly go for shopping, so online purchase is the best way for me. Hehe... never did I know that pyjamas also can be purchased online. Hehe... what an easy way! But too bad, they only have one design, so I can only buy one pair. Hope can get to find another one pair soon so that I can have extra one pair to change when the other one sends for washing.

~ The Cotton Comfort Pyjamas which I bought ~

~ Some other things which I have bought as well ~

Today, after I have made the payment, I immediately received their email, updated me that the things which I purchased had been posted out to me. So, I should be receiving them on the next business day. Hope can receive them soon so that I can see whether the quality of goods are ok or not ~~ Oh ya, they don't charge any postage fees, which I find is very good, can help me save a few more ringgit!!

P/S: Hehe... No wonder they didn't charge any shipping fees to me. For Purchase More Than RM30, it is free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia. My friend, Claudia, found this FAQ in the website for me: http://www.aishop.com.my/faq.php#shipping. Thanks ya, Claudia! I also didn't notice that ~~ Next time must also buy above RM30. Haha :)

The above things can be purchased online at: http://www.aishop.com.my

Happy Online Shopping !!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

~ Bye, Lan Kor-Kor ~

Never did I expect on the first day of September, a brand new day in a new month, the first news I got was a piece of sad news. A piece of news that hubby and I were not expecting at all. MIL called me early in the morning, around 8 something, while I was preparing myself to go to work. I knew that call was not a good sign, as it was still early for MIL to call me at such an hour. But I still need to pick it up. The first thing she informed me was the sad and unwanted news, the departure of hubby’s auntie on 31st August 2009 night, around 10.00pm. By the time they settled the things at hospital, it was quite late already, so she only called us in the morning to inform us about the sad news.

Madam Ong Siew Lan, hubby’s auntie, was such a nice and humble person. To us, she was always a very helpful and friendly auntie, and gave us lots of encouragements in life whenever we had a chance to meet her up at Taiping. Never did we expect that her life was taken away in such a short time, by the Influenza A(H1N1) virus. Funeral rites will be held at Bodhi Lankarama Buddhist Temple, Taiping. The Cremation has been scheduled on today, 2nd September 2009...

To: Chai Boon Ah Teow, cousins Eng Hwa and Eng Hoe ~
You have our deepest sympathies on the passing of your beloved wife and mother… May the peace which comes from the memories of love shared, comfort you and your family now and in the days ahead ~~

To: Lan Kor-Kor ~
Really sorry for couldn’t be there to send you a final farewell and to pray you a final respect. Keanlee and I were very sad over this for not being able to attend your funeral. You will always in our minds. May You attain ultimate Nirvana! Rest In Peace ~~

Our deepest condolences with love,
Kean Lee and Shin Yee
~ 02.09.2009 ~