Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Xcess @ Amcorp Mall

Nothing to do on a Sunday morning, so Hubby suggested to me to go to Amcorp Mall. He said he wanted to bring me to a book store located there since I had been wanting to buy books for Kimi and myself.

Yeah... Finally, I can have something to read on and to occupy my time during Kimi's sleeping time.

When we reached, the shop was quite crowded. There were some parents with kids. And me, soon after that was so deeply in those books and even asked Hubby to help me take care of Kimi :) Hehe...

Actually 'Book Xcess' is nothing new to anyone who loves book. Just that I do not belong into the Category of Book Lovers. So, I never visit this book store before until Hubby mentioned it to me. But when I am here, I am so happy to see it has so many of types of books for the little kids and teenagers. And so many recipe books as well.

Kimi is a CARS lover! So when he reached and saw the cars magazine, he insisted us in buying it. So, out of no choice, we chose an older magazine (which was cheaper in price) and another book on cars designs for him. He is really so happy on it! But the Car Design Yearbook is expensive. Hubby says is OK, since is 2 people reading it ~  Can invest… Haha!

For the kids ~ Kimi loves the blocks puzzles set very much too… He enjoys playing with them when he reaches home.

For myself ~ A Travel magazine and a Mother & Baby magazine + a recipe book on Pasta Dishes for Baby and Toddler… Hehe…. this year I has no chance to go travelling, so get myself a travel magazine to ‘imagine’ myself to be in those nice places! Haha ~

What a 'Bookful' day! In total, we only spent RM107.70 on the books. A very worth trip! But parking in Amcorp Mall is quite expensive. We spent RM5.00 on that day :) More expensive than I park in Mid Valley Megamall. Hehe ~


L3-60, Amcorp Mall,
18, Jalan PSN Barat,
46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7956 0455

Saturday, September 8, 2012

On Kimi's 3rd Birthday With Love

Date: 06.09.2012

Kimi @ his 3rd Birthday ~ This year, we do not throw a birthday party for Kimi at home. I arrange the birthday celebrations for him in his Nursery.

Some of the preparations for the Birthday Party @ Kimi's Nursery ~

One of Kimi's favourite character ~ Angry Bird ~

The cake shop's boss told me, their Angry Bird cake is Pink in colour as they do not want to add to much colouring on the cake. Moreover, it is eaten by all small kids, so he advices me to go for a healthier cake by choosing a ligher colour instead... (Such a thoughtful boss!) So, instead of Pink, I get Kimi a Yellow Angry Bird cake! He is so excited over it ~

The teacher says the cake is very delicious... even asking me where I bought it... ^^ But most importantly is, Kimi LOVES it so much!!

Party Pack 1 : Healthy Bread for the Kids ~ Financier & Marble (Milk) ~
The kids enjoyed these bread very much!


Party Pack 2 : Some candies for the Kids ~

Konnyaku Jelly with fruits bits in different types of cartoons mould ~

Some of the Pre-Preparations @ Home ~

@ The Nursery ~
Kimi is the Birthday Boy today ~ As he is 3 years old this year, so he needs to make 3 turns on the 'Sun of Circle' with the Globe in his hands ~

The teachers get the kids to hug Kimi one by one ~ And then Birthday song starts! Everyone is so excited over the cake!!

And the Angry Bird cake is being 'molested' by the one of the kids before Kimi gets to blow and cut it ~ Haha!! So funny!
 Kimi and his friends are enjoying the party ~
After the food and party time, it comes to the time for Party Pack 2 distribution ~ Kimi distributes it to his friends. He is really happy for this!

Friend: Kimi, I want the Pink colour!
Kimi: OK, wait ya... Nah, Pink colour for you :)
It is really cute to hear the kids conversation... They are just so innocent and happy! I also enjoy myself a lot on that day :)
Kimi with Mummy! We have a happy day in the school ~

On that night, after Hubby is back from work, we go to One Utama for a simple dinner.

Pa-pa: Kimi, what do you want to eat today?
Kimi: Mmmm... (while scratching his head)... Ok, rice with soup!

So his Pa-pa brings him for a Bak Kut Teh feast! Hehehe :) Kimi places the 'Eggs' & 'You Tiaw' orders by himself ~ He loves them very much!

Kimi is having dinner with his Pa-pa and Mummy ~ A little 'SweetHeart' cheesecake we get for Kimi on his 3rd Birthday! Hope he is always as sweet as ever ♥

Kimi, no matter how old are you one day... Daddy and Mummy only wish is You to be HAPPY and HEALTHY always! Happy Birthday to You, our dearest Son!