Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010 and Welcome 2011 ~

365 days passed just like that... A year flies just in a click of eyes. I am now sitting in front of my laptop, trying to figure out my achievements, my losses, my ups and downs for year 2010. With Kimi sleeping next to me and with a Hubby whom I am waiting for him to come back home from work next year, I know I am a blessed Mummy cum Wife^_^ Haha... by the time Hubby reaches home, should be around 1am midnight, so I can only see him in next year ;)

From a working mum, I slowly changed to a working from home mum starting second half year. Thanks to my company for approving this arrangement with me. Good thing is that, I can bring Kimi back to KL, take care of him myself, be with him every day instead of travelling back to Taiping every bi-weekly to visit him. But such arrangements can only last for a few months as my discussion with boss. So, in Year 2011, I need to go back to office to start my normal working days. Sob-Sob... Kimi will need to go to Montessori soon ~

Positively, I think I managed to cope my work and Kimi at the same time. Although it was quite stressful at times, although most time I need to stay late nights just to finish up some office work, I know all these are worth for when the next morning I wake up and see Kimi sleeps just next to me ;)

A fruitful year I had in 2010 ~ Hubby fulfilled a little wish of mine… Thanks ya, Hubby!

A wonderful year I had in 2010 ~ Company brought us to Korea for a short trip... Thanks ya, Bosses!

A warm year I had in 2010 ~ We have a few short trips with Kimi with us, celebrated a few occasions with Kimi with us as well… Thanks ya, Kimi!

A blessed year I had in 2010 ~ Both Parents and Grandmothers are staying healthily, except for my grandma and MIL went through an operation earlier this year. However, both of them are recovering well from the operation. Thank God for giving them a healthy body!

My wishes for Year 2011:

Hope Kimi can always be an obedient and a healthy boy ;)
Wish everyone to stay healthily and happily! Have a blessed life ~

As for me, I hope to have a Fantastic year ahead me. Hope can fulfill another wish of mine which I didn’t make it in Year 2010… Hehe!!

Well, ok for now.... Farewell 2010 and Welcome A Fantastic 2011 ~~

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and A Fantantic New Year To Everyone !!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to Everyone!! May all of us be blessed with all the Happiness in Life. Hope to have a FANTASTIC Year in 2011 ! ~

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First Family Trip to Singapore ~

Date: 17th December 2010

The long-awaited family trip has finally arrived. Hubby drove Kimi and I to Singapore for a short 3 days 2 nights trip. Friday afternoon, on the way to Singapore, Kimi was not really co-operating... He vomited on his car seat after he had his milk. This had never happened before although Kimi had been travelling longer journey with us before this. Aiyoyo, it was a mess in the car and at the same time, we need to find our way to my auntie’s house. Once we reached, I spent some time to clean up the mess which Kimi left behind. Gosh! What a 'good' start for the trip :(

We had quite tight schedules as we need to spend one day for attending my cousin brother’s wedding ceremony and dinner. Moreover, Kimi had a very important role on that day, which is to roll and jump on the wedding couple’s new bed! I was too busy taking care of him on the bed and forgot to take a picture for him. No choice lor, I need to get it from the official photographer on the wedding day once the photos are ready ~

We brought him to Ochard Road to see the Christmas lights on Friday evening. But it was drizzling, so we did not manage to walk on the outdoor street. We can only view it from the shopping complexes corridors. After that, we went to my auntie’s house to meet up the rest and started the preparations for the wedding on the next day.

After we settled the wedding morning session, I put Kimi for an afternoon nap before we headed to the Marina Bay Sands for a short visit. Nothing much to see there, just to go there and view the beautiful building structures. Then, we headed to the wedding dinner venue to dress up ourselves.

~ We at Marina Sands sight-seeing ~

~ At Cousin's Brother Wedding ~

On Sunday, we visited the Universal Studio. We went in around 2pm. Kimi was too small to really enjoy those rides, so I only brought him to queue for a couple of rides which were suitable for him. Exploring around under the hot sun, luckily the weather turned better later at noon. At least not so hot for Kimi ~

~ We at The Universal Studio ~

Throughout the 3 days, Kimi poo-poo 2 to 3 times a day. This also hardly happened when Kimi is at home. So we also spent more time in finding baby rooms to clean him up. Haha, this Kimi, really know how to make full use of our time!

~ Kimi with the Christmas Trees ~

We had a wonderful Family Trip this round despite all the problems Kimi created for us. A quite challenging trip. Kimi really enjoyed himself very much. Exploring here and there to see the things he likes. His face expressions really made Hubby and I felt so happy and contented to have brought him with us. Of course, we are always looking forward to the next holidays again. Hope it can come real soon ~

More photos are viewable at HERE ^_^

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back to Pontian with Kimi ~

Date: 14th December 2010

I ended my December holidays by bringing Kimi back to Pontian and Singapore. The Singapore trip was planned some time ago when my cousin had confirmed on his wedding date. Then since we had decided to drive to Singapore, so I told Hubby I wanted to bring Kimi back to Pontian first to stay a few days before he picked me up from Pontian and headed to Singapore.

So, off I flew back to Pontian with Kimi. Luckily he was quite ok throughout the whole journey. What he did was only climbed up and down and then ate the muffin served by the air-stewardess. So, the one hour flight seemed to be passing quite fast. Thank God!

The few days in Pontian, Kimi met up his Uncle Samuel whom is only 4 years older than him... He came back from the US with my youngest auntie for holidays. Of course, not to forget, his little cousin as well, Jeff kor-kor. My 2nd sister is delivering soon in middle of January next year, so during CNY she will still on her confinement month, might not be able to meet her up then! So we make use of this time to catch up with each other :)

I had a super great time at Pontian. I made full use of everyday to eat most of the food I missed so much! We had a simple BBQ session at home too, at my Papa’s newly built up little hut ~ He built this up himself after he sold off his boat. I think my Dad is trying to occupy his time by building this so that he does not have the time to feel sad after the boat is sold ^_^

Kimi had his hair cut at my neighbour’s barber shop. It was a good experience for him as nowadays in KL, we hardly can find this type of barber shop. And the hair cut fee was only RM4.00! When Kimi grows up one day, perhaps this shop might not be there anymore. So this photo is a good memory for Kimi ~

Kimi really had a great time in Pontian with so many toys and cousin’s Jeff to entertain him everyday ~ Glad that he had so much fun !!

I am starting to miss those days that we spent in Pontian ~ I think Kimi too :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Burt's Bees Products for Kimi

When Kimi was a few months' old, we realized that he actually has very minor eczema on his legs. I think perhaps was partially inherited from me. Sigh! Seeing his skin like that, really feel real sad. I hope can help him to remove those skins away from him by putting it on me, but too bad, I cannot :(

So all these while, what I did was only to apply baby lotion on his legs after he takes his bath, so that his legs skin won't be so dry. Well, things are improving but I hope that he can be eczema-free one day.

I have been searching for different types of skin lotion which can cure eczema, we went to seek the Paediatrician advice, we did what we can. Finally, I found one baby cream, which can mosturize baby's skin and at the same time to treat ezcema problem for baby. I was so happy when I found this cream. So without thinking twice, I bought it so that I can test it on Kimi. Hope this cream can help Kimi to have a smooth skin soon :)

When I was in the shop, I happened to find this balm as well. I find it quite a useful one, so wish to share it. This look-alike lip balm shape of packaging, is a soothing balm for baby's skin which helps to relieve baby's bumps and bruises. It is very easy to apply on, just use it like a lip balm, apply directly on the skin which has bruises. The best is that it won't really dirty my hands or leave a strong smell on our hands (even though we wash our hands a few times). Some smell really makes me quite uncomfortable.

So from now onwards, this is another thing which needs to be with me all the time until Kimi can walk more stable without falling down or bumping into unnecessary things. Haha! But of course, I hope that he will not have any bruises in his learning to walk stage, but I think is quite difficult as once a while, I can see a small bruise on his legs ~

'Skin Cream' for RM62.80 and 'Baby Balm' for RM37.80

This is the shop at The Gardens branch which I bought those creams for Kimi. It is located next to the Cold Storage ~

~ 'All Better Balm' and 'Skin Cream' which I bought~

As of now, Burt's Bees has a total of 4 branches across KL and PJ. There are in The Curve, The Gardens, Sunway Pyramid and also Subang. I think I will be going back for more if those cream really work on Kimi! Thanks to the salesgirls there as well for patiently explained the products to me one by one!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kimi at 15 Months' Old ~

Kimi is in his 15 months' old this month. The time is really passing by super fast! Kimi can walk more stable now and sometimes does not want us to hold his hands while he is walking. Very naughty and mischievous! He likes to stop at the places where he wants to see things. He seems to be so curious over everything ~ So sometimes it is real hard to drag his legs to walk with us. Out of no choice, we also follow him to stop for a while.

Kimi can now say 'Ar lor' (Hello) when he picks up a phone or playing with his toy phone. He can say 'Bol' (Ball) when he sees a balloon or a ball. He is very excited whenever he sees a ball. Glad that he is starting to pick up a few single words. He can hold and put his head near to his Barney's head when we ask him to 'sayang' the Barney. Very funny when we see this!

Whenever we want to go out, he knows where to sit and ask us to wear his shoes for him to get ready to go out with us. He knows how to lift up his legs so that we can put on the shoes for him more easily. Then off he walks near to the door to wait for us.

I am really happy over all these little things that Kimi learns and picks up day by day...

~ Kimi at 15 Months ~

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Dinner

Date: 5th December 2010

Hubby planned to bring Kimi and I to Genting for a short trip on Sunday. He said wanted to buy me dinner at 'The Olive' to celebrate our wedding anniversary one day earlier. Haha... Since he had the intention to celebrate this special day with me, so I of course happily agreed to him.

He booked a table of 3 initially. However PIL were in KL with one of their nieces on last weekend for the purpose of visiting the KLIMS 2010, so we changed the booking to a table for 6 persons. Hehe... First time had the celebrations with so many people, I just felt a litle bit awkward. Hope that PIL wouldn't mind celebrating it together with us.

As they had some light food before the dinner, so we did not order a lot of main dishes. As usual, Kimi was not co-operating at all. The whole night he climbed up and down, walked in and out... We had a hard time settling him over the dinner. Luckily PIL were very good, they helped us to take care of Kimi so that both of us could have a nice dinner together :) Really need to thank them for their help!

The restaurant knew that we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. So they prepared a cake for us as well over the dinner. It was so thoughtful of them! Somemore kept on helped us take photos too... Really very good service ~ Hehe... So, six of us clapped our hands when we welcomed the cake, and MIL suggested that Hubby and I to blow and cut the cake together, really made me a bit 'pai-seh'. It was really a very warm dinner together with all of them. They make me realize that to celebrate any occasions the more, the merrier is always the best! The food also seemed to be more yummy too!

Happy Wedding Anniversry to BOTH of us! Hubby, Thank you for this wonderful and delicious dinner ~ I really appreciate your effort :)

More dinner photos are viewable HERE!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

~ Storybook of Kimi ~

November last year, we walked into The Picture Company to sign up for their one-year membership with the intention of capturing Kimi's growing up photos. Time really passes very fast! It has been a year and the membership has expired in November 2010. So, we went to The Picture Company last Sunday to capture a few more shots before the membership expired. Hehe! We want to make full use of the membership fee ;)

We did not manage to take more photos as Kimi was not co-operative at all!! Nowadays, he is very active and naughty. He was no longer like last time, kept quiet and sat there for the photographer to shot him. Now, he was sooooo busy playing with the toys in the studio. So we only managed to capture a few nice ones on that day...

After the photo shooting session, we browsed back all the folders and photos which we had taken over the past one year... A lot of sweet memories and special moments which we had with Kimi in the studio. From capturing him as a little baby, with his tiny little hands and feet, to capturing the moment where he can stand and walk, it really makes us feel so happy to have him with us :) Life is so much different with the existence of Kimi. Even the photographer who had been with us over the past one year, was so amazed on how Kimi developed and grew up to be from a baby to a toddler now.

If we are not renewing the membership, all the photos which we had taken for the past one year will be deleted from their system soon. So, Hubby and I have decided to make a storybook for Kimi to be one of his photos' collections ~ Although he does now know what are the photos all about for now, however, when he grows up later, I am sure he will smile sweetly in his heart when he is browsing through the photos one day ^_^ As for the membership, whether to renew or not, will decide later on...

~ The Front and Back Cover ~
These are the most recent photos which we took on last Sunday.....

~ Kimi at 12 Weeks' Old ~

~ Kimi at 12 Weeks' Old and during Chinese New Year 2010 ~

~ Family Photos when Kimi is One Year Old ~
Even the Photographer also felt that Kimi looks more like his Daddy... Aiyo!

~ Kimi on Different Looks ~

~ Kimi Sits & Stands and Our Most Recent Family Portrait ~

We really wish to thank all the photographers there for helping us to capture so many wonderful moments of Kimi! Thank you so much ~ We really love all the photos!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fuel Stainless Steel Thermal Containers

As Kimi grows older, the quantity of solid food he is taking everyday is getting more compare to drinking milk. I am slowly trying to let him rely lesser on formula milk and have more solid food as his main meals. So whenever we go out with him, if we plan to have a longer day at outside, I will usually prepare some food for him to bring out with us as well, instead of keep on let him relying on drinking milk.

However, I have been looking for a thermal container for some time, but couldn't get one which I find is suitable. Nearly want to give up and simply get one first will do. But luckily, early last month when I was doing some window shoppings, I saw this container at one of the departmental stores. Finally I got to buy one which fit into my requirements. Hehe... So HAPPY!!

~ Fuel Stainless Steel Thermal Containers ~

"Trudeau's practical and innovative thermal containers will allow your food and beverages to stay hot or cold for several hours". It has a little loop on the side which allows you attach it to a lunch bag. It serves as an extra insurance against loosing these containers.

I personally find this container quite a good product because it is an eco-friendly and BPA Free container. It can be washed and reused over and over again. Most of all, it can keep the food hot for a couple of hours and comes with a foldable spoon too. On the top part of the container can store some dry snacks as well. Good for Kimi!!

I choose the green colour one to buy for Kimi :) Now whenever we go out, this is one of the must bring thing to go with us. A very useful container to keep Kimi occupied ~

More information about the range of its products can be read at: