Monday, June 23, 2014

My Boys @ June 2014

A hectic working month of June is finally over!

And now... I can sit down to jot down my boys’ memories in June. Thanks for my supportive PIL for helping me to send Nico down to KL for us during our busy weeks so that we could spend more time with Nico. And Nico is always so looking forward to his visits in KL (according to my PIL)! He will get very excited in the car and never want to nap throughout the whole journey from Taiping to KL…

Date: 8 June 2014

We made an adventurous visit to the Dinoscovery at Avenue K. Kimi enjoyed the Treasure Hunt very much to search for the dinosaurs specimens hidden throughout the exhibition. A new and educational place for family outing!

My Boys @ Dinoscovery –

Date: 22 June 2014

Kimi had his School’s Sports Carnival on Sunday. We had decided to also bring Nico to support his Kor-kor on this event. Our Family of Four…. Off we go! Nico was very excited throughout the whole morning... And Kimi had a lot fun with his teachers and friends too! We had a great day on the beach, with the sand and water play together with the boys. Although tired, it was a fun and great outing! On this day, the weather was so good for us... Not too sunny! We were really lucky at least it was not too hot for the boys...

My Boys @ Sunway Lagoon –

The first half-year is going to be over very soon. Supposed to fetch Nico back to KL to stay with us starting from July has yet to be materialized. Hope we are able to fetch him back to KL soon in the next few months… I am so looking forward for this day to arrive!

Hope to watch them smile on every single day ^^