Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kolo Photo Albums

We have been searching for a suitable photo album to store Kimi's photos which we took in The Picture Company for the past one year. We developed the photos into different sizes, so it was a bit difficult to get an album which can fit them up all.

Hubby has been searching online to find a solution and finally he showed to me this site: He said the photo albums look nice and asked me to survey on it. There is a 'Live Chat' function on the website. I registered myself and spoke to the sales agent there. I discussed the requirements I need for the photos albums. The sales agents explained to me the types of photo albums available and let me know the type which fit into my requirements. After a couple of times of discussions, I finally decided on the model to buy. But sad to know that they do not ship outside from the US. They do have a Kolo Dealer in Malaysia, but they only carry a minimum of 40% of the Kolo products selection.

Store in Malaysia: Cziplee Books & Stationery (Bangsar)
Address: 39, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-2287 7699

Luckily, I suddenly thought of brother who was at the US on a business trip. So I faster MSN him to get him buy for me. He ordered online and got the photo albums shipped to the hotel where he was staying. So happy! I finally got to buy the photo albums which we wanted.

Last Friday, he came to KL to visit me over the weekend and brought those photo albums for me! Very satisfied ~ Like the book cover and the texture of the papers very much!

i) Newport Scrapbook (11" x 14")
ii) Catalina (8.75" x 7.75")

I was advised by the sales agents to also buy the 'Photo Corners' and 'Photo Mounts' together. I need to use it together with the Newport series of photo albums.

“Photo corners attach to the edge of the image and are visible while flipping through the album. Photo tape is traced around the back of the image and pasted onto the page.”

After spending some time putting the ‘photo corners' on the photos, I started to stick them on the photo albums... This is how the album looks like ~

~ Newport Scrapbook ~

~ Catalina ~

Will feed in more photos in the albums soon :) I also bought the refills together so that I can put in more photos (just in case the existing pages not enough) ~ Thanks to my beloved brother for bringing them all the way back for me. It must be slightly heavier for you in your luggage ~ Thanks ya!! We very satisfied with the photo albums Smile 

For those who happen to be in Bangsar, can drop by the Kolo Dealer’s shop to have a look at the series of the photo albums...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mother's Corn Baby Products

Last Friday, I went to the Smart Kids Fair with my colleague. Our company was invited by the organizer to attend the Opening Ceremony. After the ceremony, we walked around the Fair.

After a few rounds, I saw a booth which sold some toddlers stuffs. Initially I was more interested with their chairs but I ended up bought these for Kimi!

I very like their designs and usage especially the '4-Way Snack Cup Set'. I find it really very useful. When I bought back and let Kimi used it, everyone was praising me for buying the snack cup back! Even Hubby also said I got Kimi a good buy! Hehe.... I am so Happy!

These products are all BPA Free and have also obtained container safety certification. They are all made of corn. A series of environmental-friendly product! I really like those products a lot. So I bought a few types to let Kimi tries them out. Hope can add on more in the future! Hehe :)

Kimi's tiny little hands in the snack cup ~

The silicon lid for snack cup can prevent bigger pieces of baby biscuits to fall out from the cup even when you turn the cup upside down. Of course, you don't put in those tiny crumbs in it. You may end up picking those tiny crumbs ya ~

I let Kimi to try eating by himself using the spoon with the 'Happy Meal Plate'. He seems like enjoying his meal by eating from the spoon himself. But I need to clean up the mess he left for me after that. But I cleaned them up happily too! Hope Kimi can have more HAPPY MEALS in the future ~ So delighted to see Kimi enjoys his meals all the time. Mummy will try to prepare more food for you so that you can have more varieties ya Smile 

1) Mother's Corn 'Happy Meal Plate': RM49.90
2) Mother's Corn 'Self Spoon and Fork Set': RM 22.90
3) Mother's Corn '4 Way Snack Cup Set': RM65.90

I got 10% discounts when I bought them during the Fair. A good deal I have!
Hope Kimi can make full use of them by practising to use them more often ~

For more information on the products, do visit:

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Miss Kimi !

It is only a few hours after I sent Kimi off this afternoon, but I am already missing him very much. It was really sour at heart when we sent him off this afternoon and he was crying in the car when we waved him ‘Bye-Bye’…. This was the first time we saw him acted in this way. Never did happen before… He used to enjoy his car rides every time, but today, he cried in the car! Not too sure why this happened, but I was telling myself, I think Kimi misses us too as much as we miss him ~

I was feeling a little bit blue when I reached home, don’t know what can I do for tonight, so I decided to write blog putting up some of Kimi’s photos took on last weekend. He is getting more and more playful. Hehe!

We went to have dinner with my Ah Ma and Uncles’ Family. Ah Ma came from Johor to stay for a couple of weeks, so one of my uncles came from Penang to visit her too ~ We had dinner together on Saturday night so I brought Kimi with me Smile

~ Kimi with his food! ~



~ My Ah Ma (left) with my Grandfather’s Sister (right) ~


~ Kimi with his Young Uncles ~



~ Kimi with Mummy ~


~ Kimi Have Loads of Fun with his Young Uncles ~

The Yummy Food we had on the dinner can view HERE!

Really hope two more weeks faster come!! Cannot wait to see Kimi again ~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Annual Education Fairs

It has been such a long time since I wrote about my work life… Every year, we need to travel to East Malaysia at least once, for the Education Fair over there. This year I only made it to go Kota Kinabalu as I was stationed to be in KL instead of Kuching for another Education Fair which was going on at the same time.

It is really a great experience whenever I go for fairs. When you are giving the correct information on where and what to study to the students, you will feel very happy, isn’t it? Especially to those who are still do not know where to head, or do not even know how their future will be like… I like my job in the sense that besides a normal marketing portfolio, I once a while can guide those teenagers who are not so sure about their future on the correct pathway to choose their tertiary education. I really hope that their parents hard-earned money won’t go into drains and at the end of the day, they graduate will proudly and be confident of themselves! Nowadays education fees are not cheap OK! So please do make sure that we use our parents’ money wisely ~

~ Me at the recent StudyMalaysia Education Fair on Mac 2011 at Kota Kinabalu ~

IMG_0425 (2)

IMG_0446 (2)

Besides going for Education Fairs in KL or outstations, I also once a while need to attend conferences and seminars… We have the a table space there to promote our company products. Haha, to be frank, I enjoy the coffee sessions most of the time! As sometimes the conference might not have a lot of crowd, so being there the whole day can really feel super bored ~ So to pass by time, besides networking with our neighbours and participations during the events, I fill up the time with coffee in my stomach… So, coffee overdose things do happen once a while! Hehe Smile

~ Me at the recent Education Conference on April 2011 at
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa ~


~ Me with my colleague ~



Luckily we get to go out from office once a while to run events and fairs, else will be super bored to sit in the office all the time…

If any of you have any enquiries on where and what to study, can always visit our company’s website: We have very comprehensive information in it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Fun-Filled Weekend

1Last weekend, I meet up with some new friends (Hubby’s colleagues) and my old friends… A very fun weekend!

Saturday I followed Hubby to the BBQ session with his colleagues which is held quarterly. I prepared some ‘kuehs’ to bring over besides some other BBQ things which were in our list to prepare them.

Our BBQ session started around 8pm after the fire was lit! Thanks to Hubby’s hardworking colleagues whom prepared all the foodies and also hosting all of US at their house. We had a GREAT night!


This chubby little pretty girl is Hubby’s colleague daughter. She is about 4 months younger than Kimi. Too bad, both of them didn’t have chance to meet up. Otherwise would be more fun then… She just started learnt to walk by herself. Very cute girl!!


~ BBQ Session ~


Sunday I went to meet up two of my old friends for lunch… After the lunch, we had a small birthday celebrations for Wendy (although it was a bit too early). 

Happy Birthday, Wendy! May all your wishes come true ~



It was a pity that Kimi was not in KL. Otherwise he can meet up with Hazel mei-mei ~
I had a happy gathering ~ Really brighten up my weekend Smile
How I wish Kimi was here too with us…. He missed out some fun!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My CookBook, Sunway Giza

I have read article on My CookBook recently commenting on their good food served. So today my friends and I decided to give it a try after my recommendations.

~ The restaurant’s decors ~


The menu does not have a lot of choices… As one of my friends didn’t make it to come, only two of us, so we didn’t order their appetizers, worried we couldn’t finish them up. So we ordered one main course each for ourselves and a drink ~

~ Our drinks ~
Sour Plum @ RM5.90 and Cucumber + Plum @ RM6.90
Not bad the taste, quite refreshing!


~ Our Main Dish ~
Barley Pandan Rice with Chicken Curry @ RM15.90


~ Our Main Dish ~
King Prawn Noodles in Prawn Bisque served
with 45-minute Poached Egg
@ RM26.90
(Highly recommended by the waitress)

king prawn

Both main dishes tasted OK… Nothing big to ‘Ummppph’ about. The curry chicken’s gravy is a bit too thick. The King Prawn Noodles to me tasted more like the Malay style ‘Mee Udang’ which we can find at the Northern part of Malaysia. But overall, the soup is delicious.

But I personally feel that the portion is not big. Haha… maybe I am a big eater or perhaps I was too hungry at that time. But then again, for the price that we have paid, I am not too sure, is it for the quality of the food or the restaurant’s ambience? Both also nothing much to shout about. My friend and I share the same thinking that the food there are a bit over-priced.

If I ever walk into this restaurant again, perhaps I should try the food that is not highly recommended by the waiters there… Perhaps the normal food there taste even nicer than the ones which are recommended. We paid RM61.15 for this meal which include 10% of service charge. But I think I got a bit out of service here so the 10% charge does not seem reasonable to me during this visit ~

Anyway, still not too sure, will I walk into this restaurant again??

Restaurant: My CookBook
Address: A-12, Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara
Tel: 03-6140 6113

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kimi’s First Trip to Melaka

Date: 19th March 2011

PIL sent Kimi back to KL on that weekend for the coming Hong Kong trip. As what they have planned out, they are going to meet MIL’s sister family in Melaka on this day. Hubby and I had no plans on the Saturday, so we last minute decided to follow them for a day tour. They were going there for a 2-days trip.

When we reached Melaka, it was raining very heavily. We couldn’t even walked down from the car to the Hotel. So we waited for some time in the car while waiting for the rain to slow down.

After checking-in to the Hotel located in Jonkers Street, we walked to a nearby restaurant for a simple lunch while waiting for Hubby’s aunt family to arrive from Singapore.

~ Our lunch venue ~
We had the chicken rice balls….


It was still drizzling after our lunch… We couldn’t walk too far with Kimi.  So we went to the shop next door to have Cendol. FIL said it was very delicious ~

After that PIL went to walk around and we brought Kimi back to the Hotel to rest since it was raining… We wouldn’t want him to catch a flu under the rain since he will be travelling soon again.

~ Kimi and his Daddy Had Fun in the Hotel since we couldn’t go anywhere also ~

The hotel serves free flow of coffee and tea at their lobby. So I had my cup of coffee there while Kimi was playing with his magazine…


Finally we managed to go out after the rain and met up the rest of them!!
And Kimi started his play time again…

~ Kimi with Daddy and Mummy at Outdoor ~
Kimi likes to point to things which he finds interesting. So it is very difficult to capture a nice photo with him nowadays…


~ Our Yummy Food for the Day ~
*Chicken Rice Balls at Hoe Kee, Assam Fish, Cendol and Nyonya Food*
All from Jonkers Street as it was raining the whole day… Too lazy to drive out and we need to drive back to KL after the dinner ~


~ My MIL and her eldest sister at the
Restaurant Peranakan Town House ~


~ Hubby’s little cousin at the Restaurant ~

Hey boy, you look so serious!! Hehe… SMILE Smile

After the dinner, they continue to walk at the Jonkers Street while three of us drove back to KL…. A wet and short Melaka trip but ENJOYABLE!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hong Kong Family Trip: Day 4 & 5 to The Disneyland

Date: 25th & 26th March 2011

Our very-looking forward days have finally arrived…. After our FOODFUL breakfast at Shenzhen, we checked out from the Hotel and travel back to Hong Kong.

~ Busy Kimi is helping out to move luggage ~


We had a bit of unforeseen circumstances during the travelling back to Hong Kong, so the time we reached the Disneyland was a bit late. By the time we arrived and checked-in to the hotel, it was already 4.00pm. Wasted a bit of time during the journey, so we didn’t manage to spend long in the Disneyland. Only managed to snap some photos there and then rushed back to the hotel for our buffet dinner.

This was the happiest moment for Kimi throughout the whole trip. He enjoyed the dinner a lot as he got to play with the Mickey, Minnie and the Piglet!! He had soOoo much fun time there…

~ Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel ~

~ Photos with the Disney Cartoon Characters during the Dinner ~

~ Our Buffet Dinner and Breakfast ~

~ Our Family at Hong Kong Disneyland ~

~ Kimi is posing himself for the camera ~
Mummy likes this photo the most!!


~ Kimi in his sleeping robe and admires at himself in the mirror ~


Although I don’t think we make full use of our time at the Disneyland, I hope Kimi really enjoys himself during this trip. He is too small to know anything now and too young to remember this trip, but I hope with the photos that we have for him, are good enough for him to recollect the memories when he grows older later…

HK Disneyland

Our Hong Kong Family Trip ended with this Disneyland Fun Time ~ Hope can come back to Kong Kong soon again so that I have more time to do shopping! Haha Smile