Sunday, February 19, 2012

House Renovation @ Week 1

After 3 months of getting our house's keys, the renovation works finally started on last Monday. We have a hard time getting contractor for us but anyway, despite all the challenges we face, the renovation work can finally start. Phew, what a relief! Hope we can move in soon to our own 'home-sweet-home'!!

Progress @ Week 1:

We have a small back yard. This back yard is supposed to place washing machine or turns it into a wet kitchen. But after the discussions with the interior designer, we have decided to remove it and turns it into a combine kitchen (wet + dry kitchen) due to the limited space we have in the house. 

My small kitchen in the progress.... It is not really the size that I can imagine of. When I go on site to view it, only I get to know, I have small kitchen. But Hubby is trying his best to make the space is 'big' enough to put in all the things which I want to be in my dream kitchen :) Well, I hope so... Let's see then!

We removed the toilet door in the children's room. We need more space to put in the furniture for the children. By removing the toilet door, we have one more wall space to make full use of it. So after this, the living room's toilet which is also linked to the children's room can only be accessible at one side. Well, this is a small toilet. Luckily is for the children to use :)

Some of the facilities we have in the condo:

As of Week 1, we are quite satisfied with the work progress from the contractor. Hope they can continue to work on time for us.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Full Moon Gift Packs

I wanted to share this since Nico's Full Moon ceremony but then drag until now only manage to post this up.
* The photos were taken by my colleague while I was in Taiping. Thanks to her so that I can share these photos in my blog ~

I did my confinement in Taiping, so I had been thinking of a way on how to give away the full moon packs to my friends back in KL. I missed out this during Kimi's time and I felt bad about it. So I told myself, this round, I must think of a way on how to send these full moon gift packs to my KL friends although I was in Taiping.

Before this, I googled and found a few shops. I went to Baby Fair also got to know a couple of contacts. But then cannot get one which I like. Finally, when I delivered Nico, the hospital did give me a bag of presents for Baby. In the bag, I found a few brochures and one of them was the leaflets to introduce full moon gift packs. Without hesitating, I gone through the whole leaflet and browsed through their website. Very satisfied with the food choices that they offer with reasonable price too. It has a lot of different menus to fit into your budget. After deciding on what to buy, I gave the shop a call.

The whole process was very easy. The sales person picked up the call, taking down my orders and contact numbers. She informed me that payment is to be made during delivery time. If I wish to add on my order or to cancel the order, it needs to be done 3 days before the delivery date. If purchase above RM250.00, there is no delivery charge.

I ordered a few types of food so that my colleagues can have different taste :) There are almond cakes, fruit tarts, 'nasi kunyit' with curry chicken, mushroom glutinous rice, honey roasted chicken and baked herbal chicken. All the sets come with red eggs and 'ang ku' kuehs.

They were very punctual on the delivery date. My colleague helped me to make the payment on the spot. Most importantly was that they enjoyed the food a lot! I do not have the 'salted chicken' photos with me, but my colleague informs me that it is very delicious.
I am a satisfied customer so I would like to share this information in my blog. More information on the menus and pricing are available at this website:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Nico @ 2 months & 3 days old

Date: 12th February 2012

Today we brought Nico for his 2nd month's jab [Triple Antigen/Polio/Hib] and to do his Rotavirus vaccine as well.

Nico did his urine and blood test on last Wednesday at Pantai Hospital. We wanted to get a 2nd opinion, so we brought Nico back in KL to see the Paed which attended to him during his birth time. So this round, we collected his urine and blood test report which he did earlier last week from the doctor. As his Paediatrician's clinic is not opened on a Sunday at Pantai Hospital, so we go to his clinic at Sri Petaling. It was so crowded! Aiyo, next time I think I won't visit the Paed on a Sunday!

Thank God that finally, everything turns out fine! Just that need to keep on monitor Nico. The doctor explained to us on the test results and also let us know what need to do for Nico. If he suddenly has very high fever, we must inform the doctor immediately.

Hopefully when he is back to Taiping, the Paediatrician at Taiping won't ask Nico to eat antibiotics again. He is still so small. It really makes me feel heart pain whenever I feed him with antibiotics. Sigh!

13th Feb: This is my achievement of 2 months and 4 days' old :)

Nico is 6.5 kgs @ 2 months and 3 days' old ~

Nico's paed informs us that Nico's weight is above average at this moment.... Haha ~ Hubby says this is the results from all the 'good' food I have been eating all these while!

Nico's head has the dry scalp since he was 6 weeks' old. Although it is not as serious as during Kimi's time, Hubby wants Nico to get some proper treatments instead of letting it recover by itself. During Kimi's time, confinement lady treated it by applied some medicated oil. It took so long to recover. So this time, we want Nico to have the right treatment on this

This is how it looks like ~

Paediatrician prescribed this cream for us to apply 3 times daily. He informs us, once the scalp recovers, we need to apply olive oil on the affected areas.

This is Nico's nasal spray. He has been having stuffy nose since my confinement time and it never recovers until now. So doctor gives us this nasal spray to ease Nico's discomfort. It clears mucus from the nose to help with breathing. It is the physiological seawater micro spray so we can spray a few times into Nico's nose in a day. Doctor informs us that this spray won't cause any harm to the baby as it is made from seawater.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Houses Lightings Sdn. Bhd.

Hubby has been sourcing for cheaper Downlights to buy for our new house quite some time already. After a few rounds of looking around and comparing prices, designs and the quality, he finally bought the Downlights at this 'Houses Lightings Sdn. Bhd.'

Today we made a trip all the way to Puchong to buy the lights. It was really crowded in the shop. I think the customers are aware of the shop's reasonable pricing, that's why it is full of people. They have a lot of varieties, designs, etc. From the salespersons to the assistants who assist you to check your goods and carry your goods to the car are all very friendly. Very good service! But one thing is the prices there are NETT. I think perhaps because they have marked the prices to be lower than other shops, so not much bargains can be done!

Yeah... Another mission is done for our house. A very fruitful trip! Perhaps we will come back here again to choose for other types of lights in the near future.

With a baby with us today, not that easy to get more things done in a crowded shop like this :)

Shop: Houses Lightings Sdn. Bhd.
Address: No. 33 & 35, Jalan BPU 6, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: 012-266 3790 / 03-5882 3790
Close on Monday.

Note: This shop sells cheaper ceiling fans too in case you are looking for fans ~

Saturday, February 11, 2012

小霸王 (Xiao Bar Wang)

Today Hubby and I visited the new Food Street at Old Wing to find out what's new there. I still remembered 2 months+ ago before I went for my maternity leaves, the Food Street was still in renovating phase. And now, it is full of new FOOD stalls and shops! All look Yummy!!

After walked one round, we chose this '小霸王 (Xiao Bar Wang)'. It serves authentic Taiwanese street snacks. As we have Nico we us, so we chose the least crowded shop to eat. It was a good choice although the shop was not as crowded as compare to the rest of other food stalls there. The food look delicious and taste more like home-cooked food to me. I personally like the Mee Suah which I ordered. Will definitely come back and try other varieties again!

For more information about the food here can visit:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kid's E World, The Gardens

Date: 5th February 2012

I always wanted to bring Kimi to this Kid's E World since they started their operations last year. But at that time I was pregnant, so to bring Kimi there will be a difficult task for me to play with him inside the playground. Moreover if he plays alone, I doubt it will be fun. Going to playground to have fun, the more, the merrier!

Finally, Kimi's cousins are visiting us in KL last Sunday, so my sister and I decided to bring the kids to have their fun time there together.

Kid's E World, The Gardens
Address: FF-202, Fourth Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City.

Kimi is having his FUN time! He really enjoys the playground a lot ~
Jeff and Jaden are having their FUN time too....
I together with my 2 sons, Kimi and Nico ~
My 2nd Sister with her 2 sons & my youngest Sister ~
< The two happiest kids on that day, Kimi and Jeff >
The admission fee is RM50 per day (Weekend & Holidays - 10am to 10pm). We reached at around 9pm so we only managed to spend one hour there. It was a bit waste on the admission fee that we had paid. Not worth! Hehe.... Next time must spend a longer time there to make full use of all the toys and facilities!!

Note: Everyone who goes in MUST wear socks. Please do remember to bring your own socks. Otherwise, they are charging RM5 per pair of socks.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nico @ Day 40 & Day 60

Nico boy is growing up healthily for the past 2 months despite having his urine infection. Mummy and Nico need to go in and out hospital often to do his urine test to monitor the infection to make sure that it does not get worse. Hope he can recover soon from the infection so that Mummy no need to worry so much for him.

Nico's Growing Up:
@ Day 40: He is weighing at 5.4kg.
@ Day 60: He is weighing at 6.4kg.

Nico can respond to our voices when he was @ Week 4. He can smile back to us and once a while smile with some sounds. He likes to play a lot. When we talk to him, he will turn around his head to locate our voices. A chatty boy :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Happy Birthday to my dearest Hubby!!
I wish you have a great year ahead.... A year with lesser to worry, more time to rest, and most of all, can always be HAPPY and HEALTHY :) WE LOVE YOU ♥
~ From Your Lovely Wife, Kimi and Nico ~

Dear, today is your birthday and I am not able to celebrate it together with you... This year, I choose to go back Pontian to spend more time with my families and leave you alone at KL. Hope you don't mind ya ~ Wondering how's your birthday celebrations without us today??

A year ago, I secretly bought this birthday present for you and only informed you on this trip a few months later after I have bought it. Your wife me can only afford to fly you with AirAsia. Hehe :) Hope you will like it ~

Not too sure if this trip is going to be a successful one or not. I wish that everything will turn out fine so that we can go for this birthday trip together.
See you tomorrow!