Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend with Kimi at Taiping

Actually last weekend we did not plan to go back to Taiping to visit Kimi, as he was here in KL the week before. However, after discussed with Hubby, he decided to drive me back to see Kimi Smile It was really very nice of him. He was on evening shift’s week and needed to work until 1am. But he drove me back after his work at 1am and reached Taiping at 3am++. Hubby, thanks for the effort! Although I know you also wanted to see Kimi so much, I really appreciate the effort of you wanting to drive me back to Taiping, despite your tiring shift work for the whole week…

Saturday morning, we brought Kimi to visit his paediatrician. This round we wanted to let him have the AH1N1 flu vaccine. After some discussions and advice from the paed, we decided on the jab! Kimi was very brave. He only ‘Ouch’ and cried for a few sounds when the needle went into his thigh. Not long after that, he was ok already and started to play with the paed and nurse while we were discussing some other matters with the paed… Oh ya, Kimi weighs 11.4kgs at his 1 year, 5 months and 3 weeks’ old ~

Kimi did not develop any fever symptoms on the same day after the jab. So we decided to bring him out ‘kai-kai’ lor… This is his FAV time! We went to Taiping Lake, but I think 10 minutes after we reached, the rains started to pour down a bit. So we faster ran to our car and decided to go to another venue.



We drove to Taiping Sentral, brought Kimi to the mini indoor play ground there. Kimi enjoyed himself soooo much with so many balls for him to throw! This is the first time Kimi goes to such an indoor play ground. Glad that he likes it very much! But the poor Mummy chase him until very tired lor…. Kimi has unlimited of energy during playing time!!

Kimi at the indoor Play Ground


Kimi at A&W – Dinner with Daddy and Mummy


A couple of short video clips on Kimi’s fun-filled day ~

After this, Mummy won’t be able to see you for 3 weeks. Mummy will be busy travelling around for work during weekends. I will definitely be missing you and hope you won’t forget me ya ~~ See you soon… Mummy LOVES You!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Day @ Genting

Date: 20th February 2011

~ A day with LOADS of FUN and SWEET Memories ~

page5Last weekend, Kimi was here in KL, so his Daddy decided to bring him to Genting for a One-Day Family trip ~ Kimi enjoyed his outdoor rides a lot! He was very happy the whole day. We really enjoyed this trip very much!!

Kimi knows how to pose himself nowadays ~ He will stand there to let you take his photo and then run to you, look at the camera on his face, and then smiles himself while pointing to the camera. So cute of him!

~ Photo Album on Our Lovely Memories at Genting ~

It was very our happiness to see Kimi enjoys himself so much!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rakuzen @ Empire Gallery

Yesterday I went to meet one of my good gal-friends at the Empire Shopping Gallery. This was my first time there. Before this, I heard from friends that one of the restaurants there, ‘Rakuzen’, served very nice Japanese food. I didn’t plan to eat Japanese food initially, but when I reached there, my friend suggested us to eat there. I was ok with it so she went in to look for a place for two persons.

Just imagine!! It was fully seated on a weekday. We couldn’t get a place when we walked in there, so waited for a while before we got ourselves a place. So good business even on a weekday!

Since only 2
of us, we didn’t order much food, scare cannot finished them up. So we ordered a set and 2 sushi rolls only.


Top Left:
Ebiten Tobiko Roll – RM16
(This is not so delicious. I think can choose no to order in the future.)

Top Right:
Dragon Roll - RM 28
(This is very delicious and crunchy!!)

Chicken Teriyaki with Sushi set - RM 38 
(I cannot really remember the actual name of this set and price, but I think the price range is around there. However, the chicken teriyaki is not delicious at all, but the sushi is ok.)

Overall, I personally feel that the food is a bit pricey. The price we have paid, I think we can get better quality of food. Maybe we did not order their signature dish to try. But compare to the Yuzu Japanese Restaurant I went before this, I would prefer Yuzu more a bit.

However, a nice chatting session I had with my gal-friend. That is the most important part of the dinner!! I had a great night out Smile

Restaurant: Rakuzen @ Empire Shopping Gallery
Address: UG17 Upper Ground, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 603-5635 9818 / 603-5635 9858

Friday, February 18, 2011

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant, KLCC

Today I went to KLCC for a meeting with boss. After the meeting, he asked me to go for lunch with him. He suggested to go to the 'Yuzu Japanese Restaurant'... So nice of him ya! I have been hearing good feedbacks from friends on this restaurant but not yet have a chance to visit it yet. So when boss suggested that, I smiled happily in my heart. Hehe :) Finally get to try it lor!

It was not yet lunch hour when we reached. So we were the only one table in the restaurant. But while we were waiting for our food to be served, more people walked in to have their lunches there... So the ambience looks livelier a bit.

This Yuzu in KLCC is the 2nd branch after The Gardens. As I did not bring my camera with me to this meeting, so I used my mobile phone to take the photos. Not very clear but I think should be good enough for me to upload in my blog.


We ordered Set Lunch for ourselves. It costs RM32 per set and very big portion. Really very worth to order. We almost couldn’t finished up the food. This meal was sooo FULL ~


Besides the 2 Set Lunches, Boss ordered 2 side orders as well. This bitter gourd dish is indeed very delicious! Although we were very full, we still managed to finish up this pot of bitter gourd. Highly recommended!! It is priced at RM15.00. The other sushi roll costs RM26.00. I couldn’t recall the roll name but it tasted very delicious as well. Even my boss also said the food not bad! The green tea cost RM1.00 per cup. Same like others Japanese Restaurant, it is refillable. The total bill is under RM150 (including service charge and tax). The pricing is quite reasonable compare to the quality of food they serve.

Overall, it was indeed a super satisfying lunch!
Definitely will go back again for more Smile ~~

Restaurant: Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
Address: Suria KLCC, Ramlee Mall, 4th Floor.
Tel: 603-2161 4176
Fax: 603-2161 4169
Business Hours: 11.30 am to 10.00 pm

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sudden Valentine's Day Dinner

Today, after Kimi went off in the afternoon with PIL back to Taiping, Hubby asked me, ‘Dear ar, tomorrow is Valentine's Day right?' Gosh... what type of question is this? You should have realized it what.... since I kept on hinting you on the arrival of this day. Haha!!

Anyway, Hubby is not someone who will make a big thing out of this type of 'special' occasions... So I am not expecting anything from him also. I replied to him and said, 'Yes la, tomorrow is the Valentine's Day la... you also not free, so no point asking it right?' But then he replied to me and said, 'OK la, tonight I bring out for a better dinner ya :)' Hehehe... So I smiled sweetly in my heart... at least there is a dinner for me.

This weekend he is working on stand-by mode, so cannot go anyway far. But he said should be able to bring me go to The Gardens for a while. Yippie! He said wanted to eat the Thai food there, but we ended up walked into a Japanese restaurant for a try.

Hubby chose this 'Sushi Tei' at Mid Valley. As we arrived around 5pm, it was still a bit early for dinner, so it was not difficult to get ourselves a seat. They do serve Valentine's Bento set, but we opted to choose the type of sushi we would like to eat.

Here are our food ~~ Some forgot to take pictures as both of us were too busy eating...

Thanks Hubby for the dinner! Although it was a sudden and quick one, I really appreciate it ^_^

Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Pontian

Date: 4th February 2011

Today is CNY 2nd Day... My day to go back my Mum's house! Hurray... But then the journey from Taiping to Pontian take about 7 hours by car. We had Kimi with us, so the journey took slightly longer. After settled him in the morning, we started our car at around 11.30am... Then we took a short stop in KL before continued to drive back to Pontian. By the time we reached Pontian, it was almost 9pm already. So late!! The reunion dinner we had in a local restaurant also almost finishing. But luckily they kept some food for us! Haha :) Even though late and very tired from the long journey, it was really GREAT to be back at home ~ As usual, we had our non-stop jokes chatting the whole night among cousins.

This was the only photo we took in the restaurant... Too tired to snap photos and were too busy eating! Hehe :)

Date: 5th February 2011

Today we went to visit Shin Ru and Jaden. This day was her birthday as well. So we celebrated it with her in her house. She cannot come out during her confinement, so we brought the cake to her :) Happy Birthday to my dearest Sis!

Around evening time, we had another birthday celebrations again! This time is to celebrate my cousin, Zhi Shan and my youngest sister, Shin Ann, their 21st Birthday! Both of their birthdays also fall on the month of February. We had a small celebration in my house at our newly built 'Big-Big House'. This 'Big-Big House' is the name for the little hut which my dad built behind our house. Haha, little Jeff is the one naming it! What a cute name :)

And the night continues with all the jokes and drinks again!!

Happy times always pass by very fast! Very soon is the 5th of Chinese New Year and we need to go back KL to start work again!

Really hope the next Chinese New Year faster come again ^_^

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hubby's Birthday Party

This year Chinese New Year (3rd February) falls on the same date as Hubby's Birthday... So MIL and I decided to throw a small birthday party at home to celebrate this double occasions! We invited our relatives and a few of hubby's friends.

This party really need to thank MIL for preparing all the good food for us. She cooked a big pot of 'Lam Mee' and some other food to serve our guests. We ordered some Indian food and 'chee chiong fun' as well to serve our guests who were on vegetarian on that day (Chu 1). BIL rolled some Sushi for us too... So nice!! Yummy ~~

~ Kimi before the Birthday Party starts. He joins in the crowd to watch 'Despicable Me'. This movie is Kimi's No. 1 Favourite! ~

~ The Yummy-Licious Food! ~

~ Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Daddy, Happy Birthday to You! Not many cake shops open on CNY 1st Day, so I ordered the Strawberry Cheesecake from Secret Recipe for my dearest Hubby ~

~ Hubby's Friends and Our Guests on that night ~

We celebrated Hubby's cousin Birthday on that night too. Her birthday falls on the next day! Happy Birthday to Hui See ~ All the best to You!!

~ Kimi during the CNY at Taiping ~

Kimi is the happiest person on that night... He played on the piano and danced on the birthday party night! Run here and there, playing hide-and-seek! And tried out different food from different people... Haha!

On that night, we have 'Live Band' also by Hubby's uncles... Very nice in-prompt-to performance! Singers - Uncles, Pianist - Cousin, Pianist Helper - KIMI !! Hehe :) We really had a fun night ^_^

Thanks everyone for coming!! Your presence really made the night so much merrier!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebrations at Taiping

Hubby and I had a long week before CNY celebrations. We drove back to Taiping on Sunday morning. Our lovely son was so happy when he saw us. Kept on laugh and laugh and laugh... And then ran to hug us. We were also very happy to see him as well.

We spent a couple of quality days with Kimi before CNY arrived. This year Chinese New Year eve, as usual, we went to have our reunion lunch with Hubby's Grandma and relatives at a local hotel. We had very delicious 'Pun Choi' and Fried Noodles. Kimi was so busy running around with the rest of his little cousins ~

~ Our Family Photo + Kimi before the Reunion Lunch starts ~

At night, we had our reunion dinner at home ourselves... MIL prepared a lot of food, very delicious soup and dessert for us as well. Thanks a lot! I helped her fried some prawn crackers to serve our guests during the CNY days. This CNY really eats a lot! Haha :)

~ Some of the CNY delicious foodies! ~

Wish for every Chinese New Year to be a HAPPY one always!!