Monday, June 15, 2015

Family @ Phuket : Coral Island and Raya Island

This Family Trip was meant for our two Boys so the Islands Hopping tours that we chose were without any kayaking or canoeing activities... Mainly was to visit the islands for sand playing and water activities!

Coral Island - This is indeed a very nice beach with very clear water. Perhaps not many tourists visit here, so the water still look very clear. We reached there quite early so it was not so crowded yet. We enjoyed walking by the beach, doing nothing, only water and sand play for the Boys!

Raya Island - Sandy White Beach & Clear Blue Water... Indeed Beautiful with the Blue Sky! We were lucky indeed. On that day, it was not really very hot in the afternoon. It was really very good weather for Beach activities. Hubby was able to try out Snorkeling activities at the Raya Island while the Boys took a short nap in the boat and Mummy, the photographer!

Lunch - Perhaps we were too hungry, the food all seemed so delicious to us... We finished up everything served on the table!

The weather was very good for us during our Islands Hopping trip on Day 3. However, on our way back from the island to the shore, we met with very heavy rains & strong waves. It was quite an unforgettable experience, as we needed to put our full trust on our speedboat driver's skills and also our tour guide in bringing us back safely to the shore. The tour guide seemed to be able to read the weather forecast through his experience and called us back to the speedboat one hour before the initial gathering time, just right before the heavy rains poured down! The credits went to the very good tour agency that we joined in. Their team really did a very good job in this incident. Thank God for protecting us throughout the whole trip! Indeed a very "memorable" experience for us! 

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