Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY Reunion Dinner at Taiping

This is my first CNY in Taiping, very looking forward to it as everything also seems so new to me. Have been wondering, how the reunion dinner will be like, how hubby's family celebrate CNY, is it as crowded as my house in Pontian?? Hubby's relatives almost as big as mine in Pontian, so quite happening as well. Just that their take angpow sessions are quite normal, unlike ours in Pontian. Angpows are distributed on first day of CNY, not the CNY's eve.

On the New Year's eve, we had two reunion dinners. One in the afternoon with all the family members, hubby's grandma, uncles, aunties and cousins... At night we had another one, this round with hubby's family. This year, his aunties from Singapore and Penang also joining us, so whole house very crowded with relatives and food. Hehehe...

I think MIL woke up very early that day, busy preparing food for the whole day. I helped out some small-small things, hehehe, as I also donno what I can be of help... A lot of food, a few types of soups, got 'tong shui' too... Ate the whole day non-stop. Haha :)

Reunion Gathering at a restaurant - Steamboat Lunch ~~
Hubby and I went to Taiping Lake with his little cousins in the evening before another reunion dinner at night ~~
Reunion dinner at hubby's house at night. Table a bit small, so most food was put at the side. Hehehe, my camera cannot fit in all.

CNY + A LOT of FOOD = FATS.... Wuahahaha....

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year - The Year of the Ox

This year Chinese New Year - The Year of the Ox, my first time celebrating New Year in hubby's house... This year, feelings are quite different. First time not at home celebrating New Year with my parents and grandma, first time back in Taiping celebrating it with hubby and his family, first time give out red packets (hong bao), first time hoping this new year can really brings me lots of good lucks and good news, hope for a lot of sales and helping the company I am currently working with earn lots of big money, and really hope that, I can bring a lot of happiness to the people surrounding me ~~

Really feel very happy can be in Taiping, celebrating New Year together with hubby, although quite far away from my house, although parents are not with me, although missing those relatives back in Pontian alot-alot and the celebrations we used to have together... I am really missing it, but lucky I have hubby here with me, makes me feel that this year Chinese New Year can be very warm too.. He has a big group of very caring and close relatives (same as my house) makes me feel very at home. Just that celebrations here not be as noisy as in Pontian, but still consider ok la, coz got a few kids running here and there.

I got some photos taken today, but not yet transfer to the computer. I will update more on the photos again perhaps I am back to KL and perhaps some more stories about my celebrations here in Taiping.

Today I went to Taiping Lake with hubby again before we start our reunion dinner at his house. The lake really has a very nice surrounding, make people feel very calm when you are there...

This New Year, I hope to have a better life, hope can have a new family member join in our family. Hahaha ~~ Hope both parents can stay healthily... Hope hubby and I can be forever happy and blissful...

Happy Ox Year 2009 !!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

CNY Decors at The Curve

Today after dinner, nothing much to do, since already finished my CNY shopping. So I decided to ask hubby bring me go to The Curve to see their CNY decors there... As we reached there quite late, about 9pm, so not very difficult to find a parking lot. The decors quite different from the others, not those super red type.. Quite unique ~~ But compare to their last year CNY decors, I think the decors this year should be a lower budget CNY theme, not as grand as last year...

Small celebrations ~~

Yesterday was hubby's birthday, as a Chinese, we should also celebrate our chinese birthday ma. Hehehe... This add to a reason for me to be able to have a dinner celebration and to go for some window shopping. As it is hubby's birthday, so I volunteer myself to buy him a simple dinner. We chose to go The Gardens as hubby need to help his friend to do some things there.

After settled with his things, I chose a simple yet quite crowded venue to eat. It is a Korean food stall, located at The Gardens, LG floor, name 'KohYang Korean Country Delights'. Never tried this stall before, so I decided to have it a try since the price also quite affordable...

Food overall was very satisfying... No wonder there is a crowd there. Hubby ordered his favourite food again lor, as usual, the 'donno wat name', all I know is rice with lots of different side dishes in it der.. Need to mix them all to make it taste even nicer before you eat. This stall names it as 'Bi Bim Bab'. Is it the same name in every Korean food restaurant ler?? Heheheh... Me also donno much. Haha... :) The one I ordered also very delicious. I like the soup very much... As for the rice, it is first time I see lor, normally I see is white rice, but this one is purple colour der, with some beans in it.. I also donno what is that, but taste real nice!!

After the dinner, we have a walk at The Gardens, and see their CNY decors, quite simple yet nice ~~ Not to forget, to drop by Isetan too. Wuahaha... is their Members' Day for this week... Managed to grab some cheap things there too... :)

Some CNY decors at Mid Valley which were taken a few days before ~~

Thursday, January 15, 2009

海角七號 (Cape No. 7 OST)

海角七號 - This movie came a bit late, not as early as shown in Taiwan. But is ok, we still get to watch it... Highly recommended... A Taiwanese film which becomes the third best-selling film in Taiwan's history, knocking out Jurassic Park: The Lost World and falling behind only two others (Titanic and Jurassic Park). So 'keng' lor!!

The movie had a story began from 1945. From the beginning to almost end, the movie has scenes of a Japanese man aboard a ship, reading love letters written to the woman he is leaving behind in Taiwan.

I donno how to write a movie review.. Not as good as others, but is indeed a movie worth watching. My hubby is not a very romantic person, nor sentimental also... But he watched this movie for 3 times!! Just imagine, the story behind this movie not only attracts me, but can attract him soooo much, which really surprises me.

Both of us love this movie so much till keep on spending time finding this movie OST for quite some time, in a few CD shops, been to a few places also, but all sold out!! Alamak... so good selling ler ~~ Hubby nearly planned to buy it online, but I stopped him from doing so la, like too 'kua chang' ler. Today we went and tried our luck again. Finally, the new stocks just arrived, and we just grabbed it first without think twice about the price. It costs RM59.90 ~ Quite a expensive price to pay for an OST... but really worth it. Very nice songs in it with very nice packaging too...
Good job to the team of Cape No. 7 for producing such a good movie!! Perhaps some might find it quite bored to watch, but I really like it and hubby enjoys the movie very much too ~~

Monday, January 12, 2009

Song: 同时幸福 by 罗忆诗

Happened to everytime listening to this song from a local radio station, sometimes when I am driving to and off from work. Seriously, I really wish to congratulate her for her passion in music and finally realising her dreams of becoming a singer since secondary school. She was one year my junior I think and Lit Han's good fren personally. This song is really very nice to listen to especially the lyrics in it, very meaningful....

Congrats, YiShi, for your good music!! Hope to listen more musics from you in the near future ~~

This song I would like to recommend is:
同时幸福 by 罗忆诗

偶尔的惊喜 该以浪漫爲主

丢给下屋檐 让心跳加速到不知检点
有个拥抱 能造就一整片的蓝天
世界很大 渺小的两个人能够遇见
这种幸福 是因爲两人同时幸福



丢给下屋檐 让心跳加速到不知检点
有个拥抱 能造就一整片的蓝天
有些秘密 只属于相恋的两人之间
有时幸福 正因爲(同时幸福)
有一双手 温暖的像黑暗中的光线
有些感觉 深刻地停留在那时间
世界很大 渺小的两个人能够遇见
这种幸福 是因爲我们同时幸福

DoDuDo DoDuDo DoDuDo
DaLaDa DaLaDa DaLaDa

丢给下屋檐 让心跳加速到不知检点
有个拥抱 能造就一整片的蓝天
有些秘密 只属于相恋的两人之间
有时幸福 正因爲(同时幸福)
有一双手 温暖的像黑暗中的光线
有些感觉 深刻地停留在那时间
世界很大 渺小的两个人能够遇见
这种幸福 是因爲我们同时幸福
(同时幸福 同时幸福)

I would specially dedicated this song to a friend of mine, perhaps after listening to this song, both of you will be treasuring each other more, perhaps, treat relationship more seriously... Really hope that one day, I can attend your wedding dinner together with my hubby...

I personally like this part in the song the most:

世界很大 渺小的两个人能够遇见
这种幸福 是因为我们同时幸福


Monday, January 5, 2009

The Day I Hold my Cymbidium ~~

One month has passed...
Yet I am still missing it ~~

6th Dec 2008 - My prettiest day in life... Really feel like wanna write down everything, so that I can clearly remember what happened on this day, how hubby went through all the stages from my 'ji muis' and finally made it to pass the beautiful cymbidium bouquet to me... How my Pe-pe made hubby sing a chinese song for me (although only one line which he managed to sing), How I make myself to look beautiful on that day, how I hugged my parents and hold my tears from rolling down (I really wanna be a pretty bride, so the tears keep on roll in my eyes, and I control them from keep on rolling down)... HOw my dad told hubby, remember to take good care of my daugther ya.... A lot of HOWS on this and that... I really wanna remember them no matter how time flies ~~ That's why I think I blog it so that I can read it one day..

I woke up quite early on that morning, I think about 6.30am, as I need to make-up and get ready. My make-up artist slept with me the night before so made things easier. The nite before, the 'tai kum che' was at the hotel about 12am something, did the comb hair ceremony for me till about 1am something. On that night, mum and dad feed me with 'Tang Yuan'. I was told to swallow them instead of chewing them. That night although tired, I still want to make myself beautiful for the next day... Hehehe, I think this should be what a woman's nature kua.. To capture any moments that she can just to be beautiful ~~

Hubby and his gangs reached the hotel I think about 9.10am.. Quite early but we were all already ready at hotel. On that morning, a few games were played but I think my wedding shud be one of the easiest games of all... Hubby was asked to sing a chinese song, to fold paper birds and to sign the Love cheques for me. Not really very difficult tasks la, since his 'brothers' also a lot helping out... But of course the Love cheques need all his own signatures! So he needs to sign one by one by himself ~~

After everything, hubby came to upstairs and fetched me together with the cymbidium bouquet... He lifted up my veil and gave me a kiss, and I put on his corsage for him. At the moment, I should be the happiest woman, married to a man, who loves me and will take care of me for the rest of my life. After all the group photos taken with parents, siblings, relatives and friends, I gave my parents a hug before I left the hotel. I had some tears on my eyes, which I tried to control them from rolling down a lot. Same goes to my mum, I saw some tears on her too... Thank You, Dad and Mum! That's all I can say, coz I know, the more I say out, the more tears will roll down. So I try not to say a lot of words... But don't worry, they are all tears of HAPPINESS! I know my parents are very happy for me, that I have found the someone whom I love and can spend the rest of my life with ~~

"Pa and Ma, thank you!"

Our Wedding Car Plate ~

Dear Hubby, if you are reading this blog one day, don't forget what you have SIGNED on the Love cheques!! Hahaha.... :) Don't forget what you have deposited in the 'Bank Of Love' to me ya ~~

One month has passed, and I am still missing this day, everyday.. ^_^

Thursday, January 1, 2009

~ Happy New Year 2009 ~

Happy New Year to Everyone!!
May this new year 2009 can bring to all of US good health and happy everyday ~~

Later I am going back to Pontian... Hehehe, first time go back after I am married, so cannot be too late. My parents are waiting at home for me. Tonight we have Yummy dinner together!!

Well, I will upload my photos for last night New Year celebrations at One Utama when I am back from Pontian...

Ok, ciao first. Need to pack some things to bring back Pontian ~~ Once again, wishing everyone a SUPER prosperous NEW YEAR!!!