Friday, January 21, 2011

CNY Decors at The Pavilion

We went back to office today for 'Spring Cleaning' although it was a public holiday. This was pre-arranged by Boss so that we can replace one day of compulsory leave during the CNY. Good also, this can help us save up one day leave :)

After work, I drove to KL to meet my auntie whom came from Johor. She was here for a short trip. I brought her to The Pavilion for some CNY shoppings ~ Hehe.... I feel that the CNY decors at The Pavilion is the most beautiful of all and with loads of CNY feels!! I very like the decors here compare to the rest of the shopping malls ^_^ Very happy to see those beautiful flowers around.

Hehe... I asked my cousin to help me shot this photo ~ Very colourful!!
Dong-Dong-Chiang ~ Chinese New Year is coming soon!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy-Go-Lucky Kimi!

Last weekend, we went back to Taiping to visit Kimi. A short 2 days trip only as Hubby needs to work on Friday night. The moment we opened the door, Kimi saw his Daddy and shouted out loud, 'Pa-Pa'!! Aiyoyo, I think he misses his Daddy more than his Mummy ~

We had a happy weekend at Taiping with Kimi. Two weeks didn't see him, Kimi seemed like grew taller a bit. While I was in the room changing his pyjamas for him, I on the radio and played his children songs for him. Haha... this cheerful Kimi, while listening to the song, while laughing himself on the bed. Really funny! A simple children song can make him so happy already ^_^

So, I repeated the song for him and recorded a short video clip on his laughters ~

Kimi, we shall see you again in 2 more weeks' time! Be a good boy in Taiping ya :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Outing to Petaling Street for CNY Shoppings ~

This weekend as I needed to work on the Saturday, so we didn't go back Taiping to visit Kimi. So this morning, Hubby and I went to go to Petaling Street for a short trip to get see the CNY decors and to feel the CNY mood. Finally, I think I have finished buying all the things that I need for this coming CNY ~ So happy!!

When we were in Petaling Street, after shopped for some CNY things, we also joined in the queue to eat the famous 'Koon Kee' wantan mee ~ While we were waiting under the hot sun, we bought a few pieces of the 'mi jiang kueh' to eat first. Not very nice but then can temporary filled up our stomach first :) I hardly eat wantan mee in KL but then this wantan mee I feel is one of the types which I still can accept to eat. Of course, it definitely cannot compare to the one I have in Pontian... Hehe ^_^ Both the wantan mee are so much different in the colour and taste as well!!

The 'Mi Jiang Kueh' stall and some of the CNY goodies which I have bought in Petaling Street ~

Iced Coffee and Green Tea cake we had in one of the shops before we came back home ~

Of course, not to forget to buy my favourite Mango Swiss Roll whenever I am in Petaling Street! This swiss roll, so far, is still rated No. 1 in my preferred list.. Haha ~ My must eat food if I happen to be there... Yummy!

We had a fruitful and fun-filled outing today ~ Too bad, Kimi is not here to share the fun with us...

It is ok, 5 more working days before we can meet up Kimi again. Mummy bought some CNY decors for you to see on this coming weekend ya ;)

Baby, see you soon!