Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our future home-sweet-home!

I actually saw some banners hanging around Bandar Utama areas for a few weeks, promoting on a property called 'Laman Ara Utama' and got to know there are some promotions activites around over the weekend. This property actual location is behind Centrepoint, neighbouring Bandar Utama.

As my parents and sisters were all in KL this weekend, so I also didn't really think of dropping by the sales office to have a look since I was busy bringing them around. But it was so happened that I saw the sales office's small signboard by the roadside near Taman Megah on Saturday, so after discussed with hubby, we decided to drop by to have a look while my parents were resting at our home in the afternoon after some shopping sprees.

Surprisingly, the sales office was quite crowded when we reached on Saturday noon... As there are only a total of 45 units, 4th floors, and come with 2 carparks, so I think this low density concept drew most of the crowd over there. After the explanations by the sales team, after viewing the layout, etc., actually hubby and I were quite interested in it as we have been looking for a place to buy within this area for some time already. But we still undecided, and do not wish to make decision on the spot. So we brought back the booklet and brochure to slowly think over it for one more day, before we actually made any decision.

Hubby brought me to the actual site to have a look again so we drove to Centrepoint. It needs to pass by a small road before the actual site (to be frank which initially I was a bit not so keen on it). But after some discussions with parents, after some deep thinking, after counting out our budget... Finally, we decided to buy based on location, instead of choosing a cheaper house, which might be a bit far away from PJ.

So, TODAY, 31st of May 2009, hubby and I have chosen our future home!!
Hurray and finally, we bought it ~~

The sales office actually closed at 5pm today and we reached there at around 4.30pm. When we reached, still can see some crowd over there. The initial unit that we wanted to buy, was sold off yesterday. So, we bought the next door unit as not much choices left for us to choose... Hehehe... but still not bad la, got to choose one unit at Level 3~~

Below are some pictures from the booklet. Really hope it can turn out to be as nice as what it shows in the picture (although I know it might be varies sometimes). Hehehe.... But of course, we need to be more positive thinking :)

Well, expected completion date will be by end of 2011, so still a long way more to go. But this also indirectly can let us slowly save up for the renovation fees and furniture expenses (hope so la). Ya, some might said that the developer might be a small company which donno is it can be trusted or not, but, hubby and I ended up decided to buy it. Really hope and pray hard that our money won't into the drains after 3 years' time... So, wish us good luck ya!!

More details on the property can be read at:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Baby Shirt ~

Today hubby and I went to One Utama for dinner... After dinner, hubby said wanna accompanied me to find some maternity wears as most of my current working wears cannot fit me already. So off we walked to the maternity wear's shop which I quite like located at the new wing. On our way to the shop, we so happened to pass by the 'Gap Kids' shop which is also currently having sales for One Card members. It is 30% discount storewide from now till 29th May (6pm - 10pm). So we walked in to have a look. There were some parents in the shop, perhaps searching for some good deals too ~~

After browsing through some babies' clothes, we happened to find one that we quite like it and the colour also quite nice, not too colourful. After comparing a few designs, we finally bought it! Hehehe... but I chose to buy one of the size for 3-6 months so that can keep for my baby perhaps to wear during CNY next year... Although seems like still a bit long way more to go before CNY is coming, the discounts are really very tempting. And most of all, hubby agreed to buy it for baby. I am a little bit surprised but smiling happily inside my heart ~~ Thanks ya, hubby :)

So baby, must remember to thank your daddy ya! Hope you will also like your first baby shirt that mummy and daddy have chosen for you ~~

Oh ya, a little piece of information to share which I got it from my email:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cooking Assam Fish

Tonight, I prepared some assam fish to bring to office tomorrow for my colleagues to eat during lunch. Haha.. first time cooked in such a big portion, so I think the taste a bit not up to standard, a bit too watery... I personally feel that it is not sour enough. But hopefully my colleagues will like it ~~

Tomorrow I will also cut some japanese cucumber and boil a few hard-boiled eggs to go with the assam fish. Hope can have an enjoyable lunch at office tomorrow ~~

First Baby Toys ~ The Arrival of New Toys

Hurray! The toys which I purchased online last week have arrived at my office today ~~ So happy :) I showed the toys to my colleagues and they also felt very cute... Hehehe... Very bright colours and materials also not bad. I quite satisfied with the toys. It has a small little mirror, has sounds too when you press on it ~~ Hopes my baby will like it too ^_^

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Trys!

Today, after hubby fetched me to Bangsar to buy the supplements, we headed to Hartamas Shopping Centre. Hubby said wanna bring me to try out the dessert shop ~ Bonny's Kitchen ~ which was recommended by 'Ho Chiak!', one of the 8TV programmes...

As I cannot take too sweet things, so I ordered the 'Milk with Ginger'. This is a dessert serves in hot and looks like 'tau fu fa'. It tastes nice for me as it is not very sweet and the texture is very soft. Hubby ordered for himself 'Sago with Kiwi Fruit'. He said this is a very refreshing dessert at such a hot weather. I think perhaps we will come back here once in a while as the desserts here have a lot of varieties for us to slowly try one by one...

After the dessert, we have a walk at the shops, and passed by one small shop selling fruit juices. We happen to see one combination of juice which is a mix of cucumber and honeydew. This combination of juice can help to improve the skin complexion and also reduce heat for the body. Nowadays the weather in KL is very hot. Perhaps this should be the juice that we need now to make us feel more cooling. So we headed to the supermarket at ground floor and bought the fruits needed. Hehehe... :) After our dinner, I blended the juice. The taste is quite acceptable... Can do it more often ~~

NeuroGain® PB - Dietary Supplement

After getting the advice from a friend of mine who is working as a nutritionist and also another fren of mine, I decided to change the fish oil supplements that I am currently eating now to another brand called 'NeuroGain PB'. My sister also took the same supplement last time when she was pregnant. So, after informed hubby about what my friends had told me regarding the previous fish oil supplements which I bought earlier, I decided to make a trip to the pharmacy and buy the recommended brand by my friends. But surprisingly, after a few pharmacy trips, I cannot get to find the brand as said. After telling Lynette on this (the friend of mine who is the one encourages me to change the current fish oil), she told me to make a trip to Bangsar and buy at one of the pharmacy there. She told me, this pharmacy sold the cheapest 'NeuroGain PB' supplements.

Supposed wanted to drive there myself yesterday after my work, but hubby insisted on fetching me there. So today only have the time to go to Bangsar as hubby needs to work on yesterday night. He drove me there in the afternoon after he had rest enough from last night's working...

Finally, I got to buy this at the pharmacy named AA Pharmacy Sdn Bhd which is located opposite the Bangsar Village Shopping Centre. This pharmacy is a double-storey corner shoplot and it really sells a lot of supplements and vitamins, and most of all, price are cheaper than outside!!

I bought this at RM44.00 at this pharmacy, whereas it is sold at RM63.90 at another pharmacy which I happened to pass by this afternoon too.... What a different in price!

So, for those who wish to buy any vitamins, can drop by this pharmacy to have a look. Perhaps can get to grab some good deals from there ~~

AA Pharmacy Sdn Bhd

No. 38, Persiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden,
, Kuala Lumpur

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Online Purchase Toys For My Baby

Last few days, I googled around and so accidentally found out one online store selling educational toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers... It is indeed a very colourful website, with a lot of toys for me to browse and search. Before this, I didn't even know that a baby actually needs all these things, until I found this website. It really makes me open up my eyes and cannot resist not to purchase anything from there ~~ Hahaha...

I wish to share this website with all the mums-to-be, or perhaps already a mother now ~ You all can browse through it and perhaps can get some good deals from here. Website: Hope you all enjoy your shopping here!

After showing to hubby this website, after browsed through a few items, I decided to buy some cheap and cute ones first at this moment, to check out the quality of the things sold at this website, before the next round of purchasing again :) I think hubby is going to faint if he reads this ^_^

So finally, I chose these 2 items to buy:
1 x Stroller/Crib Curl Around Toy - Cow

Price at RM29.90
Product Description:
From birth and above. These spiral toys provide hours of fun and stimulation for baby. Colours, textures and sound provide total sensory experiences. Features : Crickle paper, squeaker, rattle and baby's laughter sound in the dangling 4 legs. Easily attached to stroller, crib and cot. Meet international safety requirements ( EN71 part 1, 2 & 3 and ASTM certified )

1 x Elephant Wrist and Ankle Rattle

Price at RM9.90
Product Description:
Wrist and ankle rattles - toys you can hear, feel, see, grab - toys for active infants. This rattle comes with a cute little elephant in bright colors and shapes to feel.

It can be used as wrist or ankle rattle and in stroller. It has bright attractive and contrast colours to promote/stimulate baby's sensory development. This toy helps to encourage your child's sensory exploration through fun and engaging play time. Bright and high contrast colors stimulate hand-eye cordination and help build baby's imagination.

I think both the prices are quite affordable and hubby agrees to let me purchase it! Hurray ~~

Baby, today mummy bought you some new toys worr... This is your first set of toys that mummy chose for you. Hope you will like it ya ~~

* Note: The 2 pictures above and the products' descriptions are extracted from

Saturday, May 16, 2009

21st Weeks of Pregnancy

Last Thursday, when I woke up preparing myself to go to work that time, suddenly got the urge of wearing a set of maternity wear to work. Hehe.. Tummy is getting a bit bigger now, so my normal working wear is also getting tighter now... So I picked up one of the sets which I got to see if I look ok on it. The shirt was actually I bought some time ago, even before I am pregnant, but never think of wearing it, so now the chance is here, since I am fatter now, so I think the shirt should be look ok on me.

My look at my 21st weeks of pregnancy ~~
This morning, I went to the gynae, as arranged earlier, to have a thorough blood test for the sugar level in my body. The whole process took about 3+ hours, and I need to fast the night before. I went with an empty stomach, took the urine and blood test for the first time. Everything was normal. Then I was asked by the nurse to drink a glass of glucose water (very super-duper sweet one), and come back after one hour for another test. Then 2nd test repeated (this round my sugar level in me was very high), and rest for one hour, then finally the 3rd test... After all the tests are done, gynae informed me about my test results, and guided me on what I should do... Luckily, I am tested normal, sugar level not really very high (didn't over the limit), so no need to be under any medications, just that I need to be careful on the food and drinks consumption in the future. Try not to drink too sweet things and perhaps try to cut down some rice... Ok, will listen to gynae's advice ~~

After the test, hubby brought me to Babyland at SS2. Before this, I heard from my fren that the things are cheaper if there are sales. So we decided to go there and have a look. Hubby and I actually went to a few shops to survey for a swaddle blanket price before this, but all are quite expensive. As I do not really think that a swaddle blanket needs to be so expensive, so I hope can get a good deal at the shop. We were so lucky that the swaddle blanket selling at Babyland now is having sales at 30% discount. So we bought one, finally... Hope it is useful for our baby.

Before discount price at RM39.90 ~ After discount price at RM27.95. I think so far this should be the cheapest swaddle blanket that I can find...
I started taking calcium pills at my 20th weeks of pregnancy. Gynae suggested to me to take this brand since I had my leg cramps the other day. Besides, a few of my frens and my sister advised me that I should also be taking some fish oil pills. After discussed with hubby, we decided to buy one and eat since they said is good for the baby.
Today, my sister also went to Jusco to help both of us buy the Avent products. She has the 30% discount voucher from Jusco because of the anniversary celebrations at Jusco. She told me is very good deal, so she helped herself and I to buy some things there too... Now the things are with her at Johor, will upload them when I get it at the end of the month.

Baby... today daddy and mummy bought you some new things lor ~~ Hope it will be useful to you ya!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feeling baby moves...

I remembered somewhere around 3rd week of March that period, I kept on telling hubby... 'Dear, I think there are some movements inside my tummy, donno what is that worr?' Is it I am too hungry, or perhaps, it was just some belly rumblings?? It felt like a butterfly in there at first .... Really cannot figure out what is that all about ~~ This is my first time pregnancy, so a lot of things actually still in the guessing part :)

After some time, after talking to some mums-to-be, after my ultrasound with gynae, I finally know what is it all about... Hehe.. It is my baby moving in me!! I actually felt my baby movements when I was at my 13+ weeks of pregnancy, the feelings are awesome! I have been telling hubby how I feel about the movements, and hopes that hubby can feel it too...

Now, I feel the movements when I am sitting or even lying quietly... Last nite, I was telling hubby again that our baby seemed to move non-stop whole day yesterday, making me a bit not so comfortable over it. Then hubby reacted by telling the baby... 'Baby arr.. must kuai-kuai ya, don't make your mummy uncomfortable'. Hahaha... then one strange thing happened! Our baby gave me a big kick which I think this was the first time he kicked me so hard. Heheh.. must be responding to his dad's voice from the kicking.

Well, we are so glad to know that baby is moving actively in me ~~ Wish our baby forever healthy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My trip back Pontian

Last Friday nite, after work, I followed my cousin's car back to Pontian for my grandma's 80th birthday celebrations on Saturday. It was a nice gathering as usual, with all my relatives get-together and cracking jokes.. Ah ma is 80 years old this year, and Sunday is Mother's Day, so we have 2 celebrations at the same time.

On Saturday morning, as quite a number of our relatives are gathered at my house for the night's dinner, so mum prepared her signature's dish ~ Popiah ~ to serve them. Mum likes to do this when there is a big gathering so that easier to eat although the cutting vegetables preparations might take time. I actually hardly eat popiah at outside coz we are all so used to my mum's popiah, so do our cousins... One of my cousins can eat about 10+ pieces at one time!

This morning, before I am back to KL, I managed to shot some photos behind my house. The trees behind my house are now 'botak' already because of the strong waves from time to time... We used to be cannot see the island at the opposite when I was small, but now the island can be seen from my house...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

20th Weeks of Pregnancy

Middle of last night, suddenly woke up because of leg cramps... This is my first experience, so I did not know what can be done. So I woke up hubby, told him that my leg very pain because of the cramps, got him to do some light massage for me. Once the cramps stopped, I slowly falled back into sleep, but the leg still seemed like couldn't be lay straight.

This morning woke up, I thought I can go to work, but the muscle still a bit pain, made me couldn't really walked normally. So I think better don't go to office and climb the staircase, so I applied MC from boss to rest at home.

Hubby also took leave to accompany me. He suggested since I am supposed to go for my monthly check-up this Saturday, but I am going back Johor for the weekend and is a public holiday, clinic will be closed, so might as well we go today for the monthly check-up and can also consult gynae on the leg cramps.

When we were at the clinic, after the urine test and another blood test, my sugar level has gone down, not as serious as last month, but then still a bit on the high side although the blood reading was ok (did not exceed the dangerous zone). But gynae suggested to me, to be safe, better take a thorough test so that can have more accurate results to know whether do I need to be under medication or not. So I fix the date to be on next Saturday, as the test needs me to be at the clinic for the whole morning (the process might takes a few hours) and I need to fast from 12 midnite the day before.

I informed gynae about my leg cramps. She said it should be the time for me to start taking the calcium pills. She told me to eat one per day. If the leg cramps seems serious to me, I need to take the calcium pills twice a day.

She also told me, I am now in my week 20th of pregnancy. How time flies! Hehehe... So I went for the ultrasound scan again, normal procedures for everytime check-up. Everything is normal for the baby, heart-beat, etc. But perhaps this round, gynae didn't show us the 3D scan, so we couldn't really see the face clearly. Gynae said my baby is growing healthily in me after she scanned all the parts and read through the results for me. She showed me everything through the scan, and informed hubby and I that the baby's sex can be known already. Asked us do we wish to know or not? Hahaha... Of course la!


So the gynae pointed at the baby and told us the baby is a BOY! We seen it. I think with four pairs of eyes in the room, this news should be confirmed kua... Hehehe... Even the nurse also said so. After hearing the news, hubby and I were very excited as we can start planning on what to buy for our baby already. Before this, we didn't really shopping much for our baby coz it seems like still too early. Now since we know is a baby boy, we can start to find the colour theme already ~~

Again, I wish my baby can continue to grow healthily in me! Daddy and Mummy always prays for you, hope that you can always be healthy... We shall see you again in another month. Really can't wait for the day to come...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fish Porridge at Taiping

Ever since pregnant, I think the only food that I keep on thinking wants to eat, should be the fish porridge. Since young, I always get to eat very fresh fish porridge at home, which makes me doesn't feel like trying any of the fish porridge selling in KL or searching around to find a nice one.

When I was at Taiping over the weekend with hubby, I suddenly recalled that my dad told me before, he went to a shop and tried out their seafood porridge which was quite nice when he came to Taiping to attend my wedding on last December. As I explain the shop to hubby, he seems like does not really know which shop is that, all he knows is the place should be in Matang. So I asked MIL about it. She knows which shop is that, and even told me that last time our ex-PM and his wife been there to eat before as well.

So before driving back to KL on Monday, hubby brought me there to eat the fish porridge which I have been longing for ~~ The shop has a lot of fresh seafood to choose from, to see which one you wish to add in your porridge or mee.

This shop's boss also sells a lot of antique stuffs. A lot of older things can be seen there... old clocks, old notes, old iron, etc...

Seafood Mee (with baby shark meat in it) & Fried Fish ~~

Seafood Porridge - the super delicious and yummy porridge. We also added in some prawns, and the fish meat is really very fresh... No wonder even my dad also said nice coz he hardly eats seafood at outside since we are from a fishing village.

Finally, I got to eat the fish porridge which I have been craving for... I really had a very satisfying lunch ~~ Hope can come back here more often. Haha!

Preparing for the New Baby: Checklist 1

Today I was browsing through some websites, wanna find some checklists so that I know what need to get/buy while waiting for our baby to arrive in September... Then I saw one which I found it quite ok, so thought of posting it up for my future reference.

This checklist is for the feeding purposes. I will update more again once I compile the checklist for some other purposes... ^_^

Bottle Feeding
□ Steriliser
□ Feeding Bottles & Teats: 4-6 bottles (4 and 8 ounce size)
□ Bottle Brush
□ Pacifier & Pacifier Attacher
□ Pacifier Holder
□ Bottles Drying Racks
□ Formula Milk Dispenser

Breast Feeding
□ Breast Pump
□ Breast Milk Storage Container
□ Bottle & Food Warmer
□ Breast Pad
□ Nursing Pillow
□ Nipple Cream
□ Nipple Protector
□ 2 nursing bras

Basic bottles

These come in two sizes:
i) the smaller 120mls/4oz bottles are more suitable for newborns who can only take a little milk at a time

ii) the larger 225mls/8oz bottles are better for older babies who can easily down a large feed.

Each bottle generally comes with a teat and a lid.

Mmmm... anything else that I left out?? Hehehe...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Homemade Nyonya Laksa

Labour day that weekend, hubby and I decided to come back to Taiping to spend our long weekend as well as to see if need to buy any things to stock up for our future baby in Taiping or not.

I think because of the long weekend, hubby's grandma decided to come to our house to cook her speciality 'Nyonya Laksa' for her grandchildren, as quite a number of hubby's cousins are back too.. So on Friday, we got to eat the very delicious laksa which grandma hardly cooked nowadays.

Grandma reached our house as early as 9 something to get ready the things with the help of MIL. MIL prepared and cleaned the prawns and fish a day before so that grandma no need to cook in a rush. As hubby and I were out for breakfast after grandma reached, so didn't manage to see how they prepare the laksa... Too bad, I didn't get to learn any skills from grandma.

Some of the ingredients for the Laksa:

Wow, the super delicious 'Nyonya Laksa' is ready to be served!!

Isn't it look so tempting to you?? Hehehe.... We really enjoyed it very much ~~ Yummy-yummy ^_^