Monday, January 30, 2012

Shoot for Fun @ CNY 2012

This year Chinese New Year, we did not plan to back Pontian on Day 2 (初二) of CNY because we have a newborn baby with us. To travel from Taiping back to Johor, at least needs 7 hours' drive (if without any traffic jam). It will be a bit tiring for me to sit too long in the car and a long journey for both my boys. This year, we have a longer week for CNY in Taiping so I took some photos for fun with my 3 Boyfriends!

~ Our Family Photo on CNY Day 1 ~
It is SUPER difficult nowadays to ask Kimi to look at the camera when taking pictures... And this is what happen when we ask him to pose in front of camera... Cry ~ Really headache ~ Haha!

~ Mummy and Nico on CNY Day 1 ~

~ Daddy with his 2 Boys at relatives house ~

~ Mummy with my 2 Boys on CNY Day 2 ~

~ Our must eat food during Chinese New Year celebrations @ Taiping ~
* Mee Suah with Egg for our Breakfast *
* Sweet Dessert *

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Prosperous Dragon Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone!

May this Dragon Year bring us loads of HAPPINESS and most of all, be HEALTHY always!

I hope that both my sons can always be Daddy and Mummy's good boys so that I can get to sleep more :) Haha, what a 'lazy' wish ~

This Dragon year is another special year for us, as we are looking forward to move into our own Home-Sweet-Home soon! We have been waiting for this day to arrive for a few years already and finally, it is coming very soon in this year. What a GREAT year for us!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nico's Full Moon Celebrations

Date: 7th January 2012

Today we celebrated Nico's Full Moon!

It was a happy day for all of us. House was full with relatives. Nico had his hair cutting ceremony, bathing ceremony and also prayers at home in the morning. It was then followed by a simple luncheon at home, food cooked by the confinement auntie. After that, Hubby and I together with MIL went to a nearby temple to pray. We thanked God for my smooth delivery! It was already late afternoon when everything settled down.

Before we proceed to the restaurant for the dinner, we brought Nico to a nearby shopping complex for a walk. This is one of the tradition things needs to do during the full moon ceremony day.

This round, we decided to have dinner with relatives at a local restaurant to celebrate Nico's Full Moon. This dinner was also a get-together with relatives and Grandma (who is Nico's Great-Grandma). Ah Ma was the happiest person on that night. To see her in such a happy mood, we felt glad too. We really with to cherish our days with Ah Ma. We want to see her happy and healthy always!
Some Highlights of the Night!
* Nico in Great-Grandma's Arms *

* Some of the Food Served on that Night *
We ordered 'Buddha Jumps Over The Wall' for Grandma to eat. This was my first time eating this dish, not bad though ~ Most important, is Ah Ma likes it!

This set of shirts was a gift from Nico's maternal grandparents.
He needs to wear it on his Full Moon day.

After one whole day of celebrating, this is Nico in his tired mood.
He fell asleep before I managed to change him in his pyjamas :)

Nico, we hope you can grow up to be a healthy and happy boy!

Daddy, Mummy and brother Kimi LOVE you ^_^