Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11.11.2013 - Our 6th Anniversary

11.11.2013 ~ 6 years ago we signed on the dotted line and vowed to each other on this very special day... The day when we both said 'I DO'! I am glad that I have walked together with you, to make me realized what is called HAPPINESS... Hubby, THANKS for everything!

Hubby... Well, I was a bit disappointed when you informed me that you needed to stay back in office to do some work and wouldn't be able to make it back to have dinner with me on this special. I had guessed as much earlier, so I actually planned and did some preparations before hand. Bought the ingredients and got ready the sauce. I thought I could cook it for you on the actual day on 11.11, however, it was postponed to the next day due to your busy work schedule.

No delicious dinner at outside... What I cooked was just a simple meal at home... The biggest satisfaction on this day was to see you ate up all the food, finished them and told me, 'Good job, dear!'

Belated Anniversary Dinner for Hubby @ Home ^^
Looks like we are in Japan :)

~ Baked Unagi; Curry Chicken Rice; Miso Soup; Chawanmushi; Green Salad with crab meat ~

Hehe.... My anniversary wish is perhaps we can have this meal next year in the real Japan! Hahaha ^^
Dream ~ Dream ~ Dream ~