Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 1 at Japan - From Tokyo to Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel, Nagoya.

December 2015 – Counting down to the days we travelled to Japan. But due to some last minute changes of itinerary, we cancelled one of our hotel’s reservations in Tokyo upon the arrival day and decided to travel to Nagoya on the same day as while.

Due to this last minute’s change, hotels in Tokyo were very expensive already especially it was on a Saturday night. After discussed with Hubby, he suggested to stay in Airbnb since it was only a stopover and a short night. But after took a bit of time to search around, I finally decided on a hostel booking. The price was very reasonable and so we booked it without hesitating.

Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel
2 X Mixed Dormitory for 7 People @ MYR 223.50

“Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel is located a 7 minute walk (600m) from the bullet train exit (Taiko-dori side) of Nagoya station. From Nagoya station, you can get anywhere you would like to go by train, subway, bus or bullet train.
100m away is the Willer Express bus stop to go to Osaka.”
- Description extracted from the website.

19 December 2016 -

We landed at Narita Airport, exchanged our JR passes, took the NEX to Shinagawa and then rushed to take the Tokaido Shinkansen with our reserved seats and time. Finally, we were in the bullet train to Nagoya. It was a pleasant flight experience with ANA and the officers at the JR East Travel Service Center were very helpful too! We had a smooth day on Day One and indeed Happy~

Glocal Nagoya Backpackers Hostel –

Indeed, it was really convenient. We walked our ways to the hostel by using the Google Map. So, it was not difficult to find. We reached a bit late on Saturday night but the hostel’s owner welcomed us personally. He is very friendly and nice guy. The hostel itself has no lifts. The owner even assisted us to carry our luggage all the way to the 4th floor where our room was located.

After checking-in, we walked out to nearby shops for our dinner. It was a cold night at Nagoya and it was very crowded too. It was tired but happy as we finally reached our first destination ahead our scheduled time. 

Our first stop-over and comfort stay at Nagoya before taking our train ride to Takayama early morning on the next day. It is a new hostel with very clean and well-equipped facilities. Highly recommended!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

打工妈咪之简单家庭菜 - Simple Meals at Home for my Family!

I started a simple Facebook Page almost two years ago to record some of the quick dishes which I prepared for my kids over the weekdays and sometimes on the weekends. A quick one, nothing too fancy, nothing too difficult!

I occasionally make some trips to wet market in the morning on weekends, and sometimes go to the nearby grocer for vegetables stock up.  Not really at all time organic, but I see what to buy on that’s week budget. They might be the simplest ingredients which I can pick up with no specific recipe in minds. At most times, I am cutting down some intake of meat at home besides stocking up pork and chicken ribs for soups and mincing up some meat with the pork I buy from the wet market. I will choose chicken breast meat at most time as it has no bones and easier for my kids to eat. It sounds like a bit too little choices for them, but so far I think they are adapting it well.

I try to stock up my ingredients once a week, and try to finish up all the ingredients I have bought in that week as well.

As a working mum, picking both my Boys up from the schools is also part of my job. So by the time I reach home, all I have are a short time to prepare dinner for them so that dinner can be served right on time when they feel hungry! I try to find some easy ways out. I do not invest on any new high-tech cookers as of now to help me to cut short my preparations and cooking time as it requires investment. Hehe…. So, all I have now with me is my rice cooker, my oven and my induction cooker.

If any mummies here have any simple and short recipes to share with me, all are welcomed! At the same, all of you are welcomed to share ideas and tips on my Facebook page as well. It is not easy to be so busy with two kids and to do most things all by myself. So I build up this small interest of mine. Nothing too great but it is good enough to keep me happy as a full time working mum!