Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Memories Recollection - Year 2013

2013 has been a short year... But it seems like many years have passed within the year! Happy Final Day of 2013 ^^

Nothing really big happened in this year… Not much surprises too! A peaceful year indeed :) Blessed Year!

As Hubby's Grandma passed away in Year 2012, so our Chinese New Year in Year 2013 seemed to be a quiet one. Not many relatives back to Taiping so our reunion lunch at restaurant was not really crowded. Only two tables of relatives. Hope in Year 2014 will be a better one with more people joining us in the reunion lunch ~

~ The Boys First trip to Legoland ~

Our First Family Local Trip in April to Langkawi Island. This is Nico's first aeroplane experience. Glad that he enjoyed the trip too!

Our First Siblings Photo took at The Picture Company in August. I am truly blessed with them with me. They play a very big role in my growing up memories! 

~ Siblings and I ~

Our Family Overseas Trip to Korea in September. Luckily both boys were quite well behaved throughout the whole trip. A warm and memorable trip for Kimi and Nico. Seeing them HAPPY is my blessing!

A memorable Birthday Dinner for my maternal Grandma back at Pontian in September. All my cousins were back for Grandma's birthday this year. Below is our Sisters Team!

~ Maternal Ah-Ma and I ~

I had a memorable birthday celebrations at office in October. A very good lunch with a bunch of colleagues. Very delicious food treat by Bosses.

~ Me on my 33rd Birthday Luncheon ~

Hubby bought me a sumptuous Birthday Lunch too. Thanks Hubby for the delicious food! I know you are a super busy man. Thank you for the time!

I think when a person grows older, the time spend on families seems to be shorter. Year 2013 really seems to be a very short year for me. In a twitch of eyes, today is the last day of Year 2013. I really wish I have more time to spend for my myself, my boys, my families and most of all, for my parents...  LIFE IS SHORT! I want to cherish every single one of them a lot... a lot! I LOVE YOU ALL ~

~ My Family of Four ~