Monday, October 27, 2014

My Boys @ October 2014

October is a busy month for Hubby. Basically, he is working on every weekend in this month. Finally, we had one Deepavali off day from him and of course, we maximised it for our Boys. So, it was our Outing day again. Once a month outing which I have set for them in this Year and I hope can fulfill it on every month for them if possible.

We brought our boys to the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery which I had been wanting to bring them since a couple of months ago but no chance to do so until October. Going to KL on a public holiday is a good thing as traffic is always quite smooth. After breakfast, we proceed with our plans and parked our car at the Dataran Underground car park after received the advice from the KL City Gallery personnel. We paid RM6 parking fee during this visit.

A very nice place where I personally very like it! Luckily we were blessed with very good weather. We managed to visit all the places where I wanted to bring the Boys to explore during this KL Discovery Trip... And not long after our last stop, the rain finally poured down heavily! A Good & Happy Trip ^^

Note: I will blog about this Kuala Lumpur City Gallery in a separate blog post to further describe this hidden gem in KL!

Kimi and Nico @ Kuala Lumpur City Gallery –

Kimi and Nico @ Dataran Merdeka –

It is always very nice to see both of them play happily with each other. Of course, there are times when they quarrel and fight together! This is a really headache thing at some times but their smiles will melt the angry mood at most times. Hope they enjoy each other companion on this growing up journey!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love October ^^

October is my Birthday month and also is a shopping month for myself! Haha…. Due to some budget constraints, I try to cut down some unnecessary purchases. So this year I can consider myself being quite “obedient”.

I have been a Decleor’s patron for a couple of years. Being their customer, we are entitled for a Free Facial on a Birthday month and also a RM200 Birthday Voucher for purchasing Decleor’s products. This is one of the reasons why I love going there for the past years. Good service and wonderful Birthday gift for their customer... They really "invest" on their customer!

Okay, so I spent my Birthday vouchers on one of their products that I did not try before this (due to their expensive price tag) – The DECLEOR's new intelligent skincare range, Aroma Lisse. Luckily I have the Birthday vouchers. Hopes with this “small burnt” in the purse, I can smoothen my wrinkles bit by bit, day by day! Haha :)

Of course, not to forget the Burt’s Bees products which my Boys and I have been using over the years. But this round, I did not stock up a lot. I bought myself a hand cream and a lip balm. And I bought another type of skin cream for Kimi to try on his legs. According to the salesgirl, this cream can be used to treat rashes too. So “2 in 1” – A very good buy I supposed! Birthday Month is entitled for a 20% discounts on all products. HAPPY!

I had made used of my Membership Discounts on various purchases in this month so next month I think I need to save up for the December Christmas shopping spree. No more spending in November! I think I need to obediently sit at home on next month. Hehe ^^ Be good... Be good!