Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Boys @ April 2014

Date: 19 April 2014

Our April's Family Trip to Genting Highlands... A short 2 days 1 night weekend get-away trip. This round, we had decided to stop by the Strawberry Park and Lavender Farm for Kimi to eat his favourite strawberries and for Nico to walk around.

When Kimi reached the park, he told me:
"Mummy, I one year come here... I two years old come here... I three years old come here... I four years old come here... And now I five years old come here... We every time also come here, but I still like to come here!"
Hahaha... I think even Kimi also realizes that we visit Genting Highlands quite often too! He uses his way to explain to us our frequency to Genting Highlands (always come here).

A cooling trip up hill but the weather was rather on the hot side at the Strawberry Park. However, the boys really enjoyed a lot choosing and cutting the fresh and red strawberries! And most of all, they can run around the place as they like.

My Boys @ Strawberry Park ^^

It was really a happy day for us as both our boys really enjoyed each other companion very much! Nico will just follow whatever his Kor-Kor does... Really cute!

@ The Lavender Farm ^^

A Family-Oriented Weekend ~ A Happy Get-Together Trip... During this trip, the boys really went crazy playing around for the whole two days!

To Hubby and the Boys' Pa-pa, we Thank You for your time! We really enjoyed ourselves very much ^^

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fun Printz @ IPC Shopping Center

Tomorrow Kimi is going for his School’s Field Trip. So I insisted him to go to bed early so that he can wake up early on tomorrow morning to catch the bus.

Haha… And now, I have time to blog!

I want to share a place where Mummies can print Stickers Labels and Iron-On Labels for their kids. This stall is located at IPC Shopping Center (2nd Floor). It is just opposite to the Popular Book Store.

Stall’s Name: FUN PRINTZ

I personally very like the concept of the stall. I can customise stickers, labels, luggage tags and iron-on labels on shirts. The price is fixed at RM14.90 for all standard design. It is only the size and quantities that make the different. If you want to customise the labels with Cartoon Characters, you need to top up RM5.00 for the customisation. The stall has a lot of different cartoon characters to choose from. I think you name it, they have it! Really a lot of choices.

Initially I thought I only want to take the standard design (which they have aeroplane, car, umbrella, etc. of shapes or just a normal rectangular label shape), but at the end, Kimi chose for himself the Slugterra cartoon character. And Mummy chose for Nico the Minion cartoon character. Hehe… Since Nico is coming back soon to KL for his Nursery’s life, so I prepare the labels earlier for him (to be used later on).

As Kimi’s school once in a while need to label their school shirts. So instead of keep on going to do name stitching on the shirt, I have also decided to customise the Iron-On labels as well. The salesgirl is kind enough to let me have 2 different names on the Iron-On labels but with the same design. So I did it for Kimi and Nico as well. Iron-On Labels are priced at RM49.90 per set (Customised cartoon character needs to top up RM5.00). As I used back the same cartoon character, so I no need pay for this extra RM5.00.

The outcome of the label after I have ironed it on Kimi's shirt... Very nice! Kimi loves it so much. He keeps on ... WOW! WOW! after seeing the label on his shirt.

So, besides using the conventional way of printing out Sticker Labels for your kids, now Mummies out there can have another choice to do it. Well, at least I am convinced and I am a satisfied customer! 

Total Amount Spent: RM89.70