Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aussino Babies for your Little One

This morning when I checked my email at office, got an email from Aussino, subject is 'Aussino Babies for your Little One'. After opening up the email, got to know that Aussino is now having sales on the babies products. I forwarded the email to hubby and told him about this sales advertisement. So after hubby is back from work, we decided to drive to Ikano to have a look and see whether is there anything can buy for our baby or not. Aussino at Ikano is so much bigger as compare to One Utama branch, so the things there have more varieties also.

After searching around, hehe.. really donno what need to buy. Suddenly recalled that my sister told me I should get my baby a blanket. So we went to find the blanket. Wow, really on big sales ler! It is real cheap so I thought can buy a few sets. But I think because it is on sales, so not many designs available. I ended up only get to buy one set for my baby only. I saw the Mickey Mouse design has the last set, so I bought it for my nephew, Jeff. He very likes Mickey Mouse this cartoon character a lot ~~ Then I saw the bib set for baby, saw a few very cute designs, but I chose this 'little moo-moo' for my baby... Hehe..

After walked out from Aussino, I gave my sister a call, told her about this sales. She also said is very cheap, asked me should also buy some towels for my baby since now very worth to buy because of the big sales. She said Aussino's things the quality are quite good, so can buy more. After listened to her, hubby and I walked back to the shop again, searching for baby's towels. Towels have more designs than the blankets. So I bought 2 sets...

Some of the Aussino things can be expensive at times, so very looking forward everytime when they are having sales... Although the things there are really very cheap now during sales, hubby and I wish to buy different brands so that our baby can try on different products. Mmmm, I think perhaps the next thing to buy should be the comforter set or pillows ^_^

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sister's Trip to Macau

Hubby and I just got back from fetching my sister's one family from LCCT. They are back from Macau. Here the weather is so hot, according to them, Macau is so cooling, nice weather!

Delicious Portuguese Egg Tarts all the way from Macau... Yummy! Although a bit soft already, coz need to travel so far, but it still tastes very nice ~~

My sis and her hubby bought this for us as present ~ This adds up to my piggy coin box collections in my house already. Haha... Thank you ya!!

Mother's Day is coming soon. Before my sis went to Macau, I reminded her if can buy one present back for mum to give to her on Mother's Day. Our mum likes to have different types of lipstick, so I told sis, if can perhaps buy one lipstick back. So sis got this, according to the salesgirl is the latest stocks. I do not know much about lipsticks, just know that my mum likes those cannot wear off easily one, can last longer one and the packaging more unique one. Sis got this Shiseido's brand, I think should be good enough kua.
Hope our mum will like it ~~

We are going out for dinner later. I already got the dinner's place booked. Very looking forward to the dinner ^_^

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My weekend ~

My sister's one family was here in KL on last Friday, stayed at my place for one night before they flew to Maacu for holidays. Hubby and I supposed to be in this trip as well, but because I am pregnant now, so hubby cancelled all the trips that I need to fly. There goes all my air tickets, be it local or outstation ~~

My sis and her adorable little Jeff at One Utama... Jeff is really very cute, just started to be able to walk by himself for about one week. When he saw this Mickey Mouse backdrop, he walked himself there and clapped his hands while staring at the mickey mouse cake... So I took the opportunity to take a pic of him with my sis.
The next day morning, they took 6.30am flight to Macau lor!! Will be back on Tuesday. So nice ~

Saturday - Hubby has something to do in KL. He asked me to go with him so that I won't be so bored stay alone at home. So I followed him. While he went to do his things, me had my breakfast tea at Secret Recipe, reading the newspaper and magazines. Hehehe.. so relaxing coz sitting on a big sofa by myself :) After hubby is done, we went to to KLCC for some window shopping.

My light breakfast while waiting for hubby - Chicken curry puff and english tea.

Sunday - Hubby needs to wake up at 8am to work today. So since I nothing to do, I went to market to eat breakfast and bought some veges to cook for tonight's dinner. After got back home settled down the food, I continued watched my drama then took an afternoon nap.

After hubby settled his work, he brought me to One Utama, hehe, for a walk and have my tea time there. After scouting around, we chose a shop called 'Molten Lava', somewhere near Cold Storage, to sit down and have our tea plus snacks. Not a very big shop, so the food there also not a lot of varieties. We ordered a cup of hot lemongrass, one peanut butter toast and their signature food there 'Chocolate Dip'. It tastes delicious when you eat it hot and dip it with chocolate. Haha, I personally feel the taste has a little bit like our chinese 'you char keow', just that the look is very different only ^_^

After that I backed home to cook our dinner for tonight. It seems like almost 2 weeks I didn't cook proper dinner at home, since the day which I had stomach pain at night after dinner. Hubby doesn't really wants me to cook, if I cook, also cook some simple meals like mee soup, etc. So today, since I am quite free, so I decided to have some home-cooked food at home lor ~~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jack and the Beanstalk

I remembered, when I was young, the English fairy tales that I like the most, were neither Cinderalla nor Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I remembered when I was in school, I like Jack and The Beanstalk the most. Really donno why I like this story a lot and can remember the story till now. Hehe... So I bought the same fairy tale story book from The Smart Kids Fair recently for my baby. This is the first story book that I bought for my baby. I like this Ladybird's brand fairy tale books very much, they have very good quality of printing, very nice product. When I small kid time, my parents also bought these for me to read. I have quite a number the same brand of the story books when small time but I think all also donated out already, since already so many years ago.... So I think I need to slowly collect the series again and in the future can let my kids to read them ~~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My First Facial after I am Pregnant

Ever since I got pregnant, donno is it I give myself excuses to be lazy, or maybe I am really tired and feel lazy to do some things… I stopped using all those skin care products which I used to use before I got pregnant. What I did was only like walk in to Guardian or Watson, simply chose one facial foam just for a normal daily face wash. No toner, no moisturizer, nothing at all… Just feel lazy wanna use so many things on face. So I leave all those skin care products that I have in a box. Hehehe, luckily all are finishing very-very soon der, left a little bit only, else waste all my money again. Moreover so many months didn’t use it, I also scare wanna use them back. Donno later how my face will turn into. Hahaha…

So yesterday really cannot stand my current way of doing things, finding excuses to be lazy, so I called up the facial centre which I used to go (I have not been going there since January, before CNY), so lucky that I got myself an appointment time after work. Normally is hard to make appointment there on the last minute ~~

After had my facial, I have a chat with the consultant there, telling her that I might not be doing facial so often from now onwards perhaps after my delivery. So was asking her anything that I can use or not, to protect my face skin. She recommended and explained to me a few types, and I ended up buying this, which should be the one that I am looking for...

[Age Defence Cream] – Functions: Whitening, uplifting, defends skin cells against harmful UV, targets on dark spots and blemishes, and most of all, protects the skin from external pollutants.

Seriously, I do not know if this cream really has so many functions or not, but no harm gives it a try lor ~~ I need to keep on reminding myself, don't forget to use!!

I am quite a lazy person, so really hope that with this cream can actually helps to improve my face skin gradually. This cream needs to use on day and night but I am wondering, am I able to do that? Hehe... perhaps I will start to try on this weekend. Well, this cream comes with a pricey tag as well, so I am really hoping that I am not wasting my money and time by investing in this product lor… :) I need to be more hardworking in using it.

Besides, I also bought one cleansing gel and one aloe repair gel from them. This aloe repair gel is very useful der… Besides I use it to moisture the skin, but also, if you accidentally got some minor burns or cut, can use this to apply also. I used it before in these ways. A very soothing gel. This product is one of the products that I always will replenish the stock once I finished at home. But as for the cleanser, this is the first time I use this, I do not know how good it is. This cleanser comes with a very strong citrus smell, I quite like it la. But before these, those other cleansers I used to buy before so-so only. Perhaps also because I am lazy la… didn’t use it properly ~~ Really hope this round I can be more obedient, use it more often :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gathering at Sunway Pyramid

Today after work, I had a small dinner gathering at Sunway Pyramid with four of my friends. These group of friends I got to know through internet, hehe.. sharing a lot of wedding tips through online over the past one year plus-plus. Most of them had the same bridal house with me. We had dinner at Esquire Kitchen, food so-so only la ... So didn't snap the food photos. Today we came out to share our wedding photos, some shared their actual wedding day photos too... Had a very nice chat over the dinner. I think this might be the 2nd time I met them up, most of the time we shared our things online ~~ Really had a fun time with them as I really learn a lot of things from them all these while. In the future, perhaps can share more about baby tips too...

Our lovely photos of busy eating and sharing our wedding pictures in the restaurant ~~ After dinner, we stopped a couple of places to shot our group photos ~~

From the photos, can see I seem to start gaining weight already. Baby is growing in me, and hope can continue to grow healthily in me.

Really enjoyed today's gathering. Although most of the time we communicate through online, when we met up today, I just feel like knowing each other for quite some time already. Hahaha... I think that's what we call 'woman' :) Can just chat non-stop for nothing ~~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shoppings for Our Baby ~

Today, hubby brought me to Mid Valley to see the Property Fair. It was quite disappointed as the fair is really very small. We didn't get to see anything that we like. All the properties also seem like located very far away.

Then, we went for our window shopping, scouting around to see are there any things that we can start to buy to welcome our future newborn baby. Hehe.. perhaps it seems like still a bit too early, but it is good to start early so that we can slowly buy and can slowly spend the money. Since we do not know the baby sex yet, so a lot of things cannot start to buy yet especially baby's clothes...

On the way walking to Isetan, we passed by a Robinsons stall, where the salesgirls are there to promote their membership card. Since it is for free, so I decided to sign up without thinking twice :)... But I need to walk to Robinsons to collect the original card plus the discount vouchers. So, we went to Isetan first. As Isetan sales are just over, so the backpack that we initially planned to buy, didn't get to buy there ~~

Then we walked to Robinsons to collect my membership card. So happened that now is their sales period. Hubby saw the backpack that we wanted to buy to put our baby things is now at 20% discount. Before this at Isetan, it was only 10% discount. So the discount is more. So lucky that we didn't get to buy at Isetan. Now with the extra 10% discount at Robinsons and my discount voucher, it can really save up quite a lot of money.

This is a very useful backpack. Hubby saw this 'Allerhand' backpack some time ago at Isetan, but it was quite pricey, so we were hesitating to buy it at that time. But after hubby came back home and read more about this bag on internet, he decided to buy it to put our baby things in the future. We chose the Sunflower theme one, as not many colours are left for backpack design and each colour only has one piece there.

This bag comes with:
* 1 removable changing mat / seating pad
* 2 elastic pockets - storage of spare cloth, wet wipes, 3-6 diapers (depends on age size), wet wipes etc.
* Big lining zip pocket - secure storage for daily / travel essentials
* extra zip pocket - storage for small items
* mobile phone pocket
* long strap with spring hook for keys
* 2 padded easy to wipe clean holder for cups, food jars or containers
* 1 detachable insulated bottle holder - keeps stored items cold or warm
* 1 detachable petit pocket with clip for pacifier, tether, candy, toys etc. - inside PVC lined to wipe clean
* 1 detachable PVC pouch - for items which leak or might spill
* 1 detachable First Aid Pouch - for band aid, medicine, nail scissor etc.

More information about the 'Allerhand' Bags can be read at:

As the bag also come with a bottle holder, so hubby and I decided to buy a thermos flask to fit into it since we also need to buy one later. Since now got sales and discount voucher at Robinsons, so we bought it now first. Hehehe.. can save quite some money also. So we took the bag to see which thermos flask size can fit into it. Finally, after surveying for a few models and sizes, and with the recommendations from the salesgirl, we bought the 'La Gourmet' brand. The salesgirl very friendly, even taught us how to use the thermos correctly, and it comes with a 3 years warranty. Not bad deal though ~~

Actually I never expect can buy anything from Robinsons, because this is only my 2nd time to walk in since their opening. I prefer to shop at Isetan as things there are cheaper if compare to Robinsons. But now, I personally feel that, when Robinsons is having sales, I think some of the things there are also very worth to buy :)

So baby, you need to thank your uncle (your mummy's brother) and daddy for buying these 2 things for you ya ~~ These are your first presents from us!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

16th Weeks of Pregnancy

Date: 9th April 2009

This morning I woke up, headaches still didn't get any better... So hubby decided to bring me to the gynae to have a check-up since we also supposed to go there for my monthly check-up on this Saturday.

As usual, the check-up will start with an urine test. The nurse found out that the sugar level level in my body seems like quite high. So need to go for another blood test. Then she asked me what I had eaten in the morning as breakfast. She advised me next time if coming for check-up try to eat some light food is better. She asked me not to worry too much, the sugar level is high on this day perhaps due to the food I had eaten in the morning. So I went into the gynae's room for check-up. She asked me to control my food a bit, not to eat too sweet things. Then, the next month come again, she will do a simple test for me. If the sugar level is still on the high side, then I need to run another thorough test again to see if I need to be on medication or not.

Then I had my ultrasound scanning. This round besides the usual scanning I did before this, the gynae gave my baby a 3D scan. With this, hubby and I can quite clearly see the baby's little hands and legs and head and body... So amazing ler ~~ Really happy to see the baby is growing, so does hubby. But the sex of the baby is still unknown yet, gynae said is still early, ask us don too 'kan chiong'. Hehehe :)

From this picture, the baby seems like hiding the face with the 2 little hands ~~ Hehe, perhaps our baby is still not yet ready to see us yet... ^_^After that, the gynae took my blood for another test again. The blood test this round is to check whether the baby has any down syndrome symptoms or not. Gynae said I am now on my 16th weeks of pregnancy, it is time to do this test for now. The report we can only know when I go for the next monthly check-up. But I am seriously pray for the baby to be growing healthily in me ~~ Hope everything will be fine.

My little one at the week 16: Over the past three weeks your astounding growing baby has managed to stretch yet another 2 full inches (totaling about 4.5 inches) and weighs around 3.5 ounces.
More article about Fetal development in pregnancy week 16 can be read at:

Friday, April 10, 2009

MC at Home

I had been having headache since Wednesday morning, perhaps due to the unpredictable weather here... Thursday morning when I woke up, still didn't feel better, so hubby asked me to take MC and rest at home. He then also took leave to accompany me at home. My gynae gave me a 2 days MC, said I might be overworked or over-stress with work, asked me to rest more, don't stare at computer for too long. But since this morning I woke up, the headache is not as serious as yesterday, so I decided to go to work....

Yesterday didn't go to work, so got some time to prepare dinner at home. I tried one new dish that I never cook before and my brother and hubby said not bad, good try worr... :) Alamak, I forgot to take a picture of the soup ~~

My new dish - Steamed Pork with Salted Fish
Steamed Prawns
Fried Long Beans with Minced Pork

I will update my monthly gynae check-up in another blog entry perhaps tomorrow ~~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bak Kut Teh at Home

Today is Sunday, nowadays I tend to cook myself on a Sunday so that I can eat some home-cooked food at home. Try to cook my own food so that my baby can also grow healthily in me by eating lesser at outside... Most of my friends have their mums to cook for them at home during their pregnancy, which makes me very envy of them because they can eat mum's home-cooked food. But is ok la, although my cooking is not as good as my mum, at least it is healthier than eating everyday at outside, taking more msg indirectly.

Today I went to my Sunday marketing, buying some pork and vegetables. I decided to cook 'bak kut teh' for dinner, so I bought all the ingredients needed at market. Actually I also do not know can a pregnant lady eat 'bak kut teh' or not, I just cook whatever I feel I want to eat and convenient for me. Hehehe....

After settling all the pork, washing the vegetables and marinated some meat for tomorrow's dinner, I also cleaned up my toilet. There goes my Sunday morning. Then hubby fetched me to tapao our lunch, mee rojak ~~ Yummy!

Then is my afternoon nap time before I started to prepare for dinner of the night ~~ I put the 'bak kut teh' to boil for about 2 hours with some mushrooms and garlics. Then fried the vegetables, prepared the rest of the side dishes needed such as tau hu pok and of course the 'you char keow'. Below is our dinner for tonight. My brother praised me for the food and said it was delicious. Hehehe, giving me a sense of satisfaction ~~