Monday, June 30, 2008

A busy weekend ~ Genting + Pontian, Johor

Last weekend, I busy until don really have time to rest... Friday, after parents-in-law reached Genting, they called me, said that they have two complimentary tickets to watch the circus 'Dreamz', asked us are we intersted or not. Wow, this is the circus that hubby and I would wanna watch long time ago, but the tickets are a bit pricey, so we never get to watch.. After got that call from my mum-in-law, I faster called up hubby and told him about this circus tickets. Without thinking twice, hubby told me over the phone, "Yes, let's go!"... So, after work, we rushed to Genting so that can make it for the show time at 9pm. Stayed one night at Genting after that...

28th June 2008 ~ This date is an important date for both of us... Both our families met up in Johor. Hubby's parents and grandma visited my parents in my hometown, Pontian, Johor.. So early in the morning, we woke up as early as 6 something, getting ready to go down KL from Genting at 7 something, dropped hubby's car at our PJ house, breakfast and then drove to Johor around 10am...

We reached Pontian about 1 something, chit-chatted at my house for a while before we proceed to have our lunch at around 2pm at Shangrilla Restaurant in Pontian Kecil. Had our very delicious lunch and warm gathering at the restaurant...

Keanlee's auntie's family from Singapore joined us later in the restaurant. After that, we headed back home. Hehehe.. then they visited our house, had a looked at my wooden, by the sea house...
Hubby's mum and grandma discussed the things that need to prepare for our wedding with my parents. They had a nice discussion over it as both mothers also very open and simple. So they have decided to make the ceremony not so complicated. Haha... good for me n hubby also. Both families listed down the things need to buy and prepare.. Me also donno what are all those things, all I remember is two bottles of honey, the rest, I forgot already.. Hehehe..

Really a very fruitful trip, I can see both parents also very happy face... Keep on smiling and laughing throught the whole discussion. :) I feel so lucky to have them. Thank you to my parents and also my parents-in-law!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nyonya Colors - One Utama

Today after fetching hubby from work, he suggested us to go to 'The Curve' for dinner. At first tot wanna go Sakae Sushi but traffic a bit jam, so we change our venue to One Utama. Initially wanna go to eat Japanese food, but on our way walking there, we passed by one nyonya food stall, saw a lot of people queuing up, so we also follow to eat there, want to give it a try. Hehehe...

Hubby ordered one dry curry mee and I ordered nasi lemak + chicken rendang... Very nice.. the nasi lemak also quite special, greenish in colour, seems like a bit pandan favour. We also ordered a few nyonya kuehs.. very delicious lor!!

A happy dinner with hubby... now watching drama at home with him. Tomorrow is Friday.. Hurray, weekend is arriving soon, and we are going to Pontian and Melaka...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My days after Sabah... Busy + busy

Life has been quite busy after I am back from Sabah... No time to write blog, no time to update my Sabah's stories here... Well, my Sabah photos are viewable in my Facebook, maybe for those who wanna view them, can go to my Facebook and have a look. Not a lot of photos, but at least I updated some for viewing. Hehehe...

Went to Genting with my hubby + my parents-in-law last weekend. Nothing much to do there except for visiting casino with hubby. We spent most of our time playing the Jackpot together. Hehehe, we had a nice dinner there as well and parents-in-law went to watch concert in Genting.
I am very looking forward for this weekend to come. Hubby and I are going to Johor with my parents-in-law. They wanna visit my parents. After that, we will stay one night at Melaka for a short trip before driving back to KL. Food in Melaka, here I come!! Hahaha..

Sunday, June 15, 2008

East Malaysia Education Fair (2nd Day)

I will update later when I am back from dinner... Too tired now after the education fair... Need some rest...
We had our breakfast at a local kopitiam and I has the local fried mee, 'tuaran mee'... delicious mee.. Aftre that we proceed to go to the education fair and start working again. Fair was ok, crowd was quite a lot in the morning... but then slow down a bit after around 3pm. However, the fair was still manageable. We packed everything around 5pm. And finally, the fair is over, and I can at least rest my brain a bit... Thanks to everyone who assisted in making this fair a success!!

At night after the fair, we had seafood porridge as dinner. Taste not bad.. hhehehe. Then proceed to the Sutera Harbour for sign-seeing... We had a memorable night at Sutera Harbour as all of us spent most of our time helping our beloved colleague to pick up her handphone's sim card and battery from the big longkang, which she accidentally dropped it while helping us to take photos... Hehehe... what a night!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

East Malaysia Education Fair (1st Day)

First day of our education fair in Sabah has over. Everything run smoothly today... Thank God!! Crowd was quite packed in the morning, some of the parents even came to wait outside the hall as early as 9 something in the morning. So supportive.. hehehe...

The door opened at 11am sharp, public and students reached quite early, not bad though... Our booth also quite packed with people. However, crowd started to slow down a bit around after 4pm. Anyway, still ok, at least I have some chance to move around to visit my exhibitors.

I had my first public presentation today, presenting our company's website. A short presentation, but with some crowd around. Not bad though and hope the crowd tomorrow will be as much as well.

Dinner was served to all the exhibitors arouund 5 something. A simple and yet warm dinner as I could some friendly faces around while eating the food. After all, one day has passed and I am waiting for the next day to come. Hope it can be as smooth as I wish it can be...

Later will be going out again for seafood dinner. Will share some photos if I manage to shot the seafood varieties that I can get to taste.

Missing my hubby who is now in KL... Wish he is here too to share my satisfactions which I got from organizing this education fair. I manage to promote my website information to Sabah, to the students here who need it. Hope the fair can be improved from time to time, and of course, all the best to me tomorrow again!!

Photos from my seafood dinner trip:

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Sabah Trip (Day 1)

It is 10.00 am now and I am on AK 5104 flying to Kota Kinabalu from KL by AirAsia. No internet access of course in an aeroplane, but I am writing my blog first so that I can upload later when I can online.

We started our journey very early, 7.10am and we reached LCCT at 8am. Things were all ok, unloaded all our luggage from the cabs and ready to check-in.

Joewiz and Reyna were on the check-in counter queuing up and waiting for the rest to arrive. Check-in process was not so smooth as we bumped into a bunch of super, super impolite foreigners…. Just wondering, which country are they from?? They kept on insisted of saying us cut queue, this and that… until the AirAsia’s officer came and assist us. He was a nice guy though, helping us to solve the problem by asking us to go to the next counter for checking-in. Well, as we are going to Kota Kinabalu for the Education Fairs, we have lots of things with us. Ended up, boss paid extra for the excess of luggage fees… After all these, we rushed to the boarding entrance as time was running out. When we reached, it was such a long line, and as usual, we queue for it as it is free seating in AirAsia.

Now waiting for the air-stewardess to serve the food. We did not have any breakfast this morning as the check-in process took soOooo long… Haih, there goes my McD breakfast at LCCT. I missed it...

So hungry now… Going to be my turn soon…. Hope the food faster reach me, hahaha.. I am sitting here ready with my money to buy the nasi lemak. Hehehe.. Hope when the trolley reaches me, nasi lemak is still available.

What a start for, Friday, the 13th… Hehehe, let’s pray for the Education Fair tomorrow can be run smoothly… Hope our exhibitors are satisfied with our arrangements and services.. Sabah, here I come!!!

Gigantic Ais Kacang as dessert during lunch... We had our lunch at one of the restaurant next to the apartment we are staying. Food was delicious. We filled up our stomach and get ready to work lorr!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Shopping weekend with hubby and in-laws

This weekend hubby's parents came to KL to visit us. We went to see a few condo units with them, seeking for their opinions... Hubby likes Casa Tropicana, so do I.. Will wait for the agent to come back to us on the pricing. Hopefully can get a good deal lor..

Then we went to have a shopping spree!!! We went to One Utama yesterday. Bought quite a few shirts and tie. Hubby bought himself a light pink stripe shirt to match with my pink gown, and I got myself a pair of wedding shoes at Salabianca to match with my pink Evening Gown as well. Mum-in-law said this shoes very beautiful, so we bought it without thinking twice. Hahaha..

Today we went to Mid Valley, purposely to find mum-in-law's dress for my wedding. She bought herself a greenish dress at Salabianca to match with my father-in-law green stripes shirt. Hehehe.. And she also bought herself a matching shoes at the same shop. Her dress quite unique lor and beautiful..

Eat and shop for 2 days... A happy weekend with my in-laws... Hope they will visit us more often.. Hehehe.. we going out for dinner soon...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Farewell Dinner for Carmen

After work today, some of our colleagues + my brother + Ah Wei n gf, we had a small and warm farewell party for Carmen. We had our quick dinner at Nasi Kandar Sedap at Aman Suria to fill up our stomach first before we went to the Dessert's Bar at Casa Tropicana.

By looking at the menu, all also seem like very delicious to me! Hehe.. we ordered lots of dessert to eat... Choco fondue la, Mangorita la, Tofu Margarita.. and some other smoothies.. very-very nice lor.. Nice ambience + comfortable sofa. Hehehe.. hopefully can come back here again with my hubby next time. He couldn't make it today, what a waste.. He busy working today. Until now also not yet back from office...

Carmen, our ex-colleague, is going to become the air-stewardess for Emirates Airline. I am soOo proud of you.. Carmen, all the best to you in your future undertakings!!! And, hope you really can find your happiness in this new job... Take care ya... I will be missing you...