Monday, November 28, 2011

Packing Hospital Bag

As my delivery date is getting nearer, I think it is time for me to pack my hospital bag. Since Week 35, my Gyane has informed me that I can deliver anytime from then. She asked me to get ready my things and wrote me an Admission Letter for hospital usage. She gave me her contact number so I can reach her at anytime. So I started to wash some my clothes bit by bit and then packed them into my hospital bag.

Well, let's see what I had prepared in my bag! Hope they are enough during my stay in the hospital...

For Mummy:
Sarung x 2 pieces
Pyjamas x 2 pieces
Breast Pads
Disposable Panties
Maternity Pads
Nursing Bra
Face Towel
Thermal Cup

For Baby:
Swaddle Blanket x 1 piece
Mittens & Booties
Baby Clothes x 2 pairs
Baby Napkins
Baby Wipes x 1 small packet
Baby Diapers

I still remembered during Kimi's time, I packed my hospital bag in a rush during midnight when I discovered I was about to deliver. Before rushing to the hospital, I quickly stuffed whatever I could think of into my hospital bag. So hopefully this time, I have enough time to prepare my bag so that I won’t repeat the same experience during the first delivery 2 years ago. Hope I won't leave out anything this time :)

Counting down the days....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Split Love?

My parents-in-law brought Kimi to KL on Tuesday. They had some things to do so they left Kimi with us. Spent a couple of days with Kimi in KL and so happened that I was also on MC. We brought Kimi together with us during the sudden visit to Gynae as I was not feeling well on Tuesday morning. Kimi saw his little brother from the scanning machine, clapped his hands and told us, 'Baby, Baby'... He looks so excited at that time. At that moment, I feel that, I am a blessed mother of two very soon!

Since I was on MC, so I had the chance of taking afternoon nap with Kimi at home and also spent more time bonding with him. I spent my time on teaching him to recognize some alphabets, building up toys bricks with him, watching his favourite cartoons together. I told myself, I must make full use of this 2 days. After this 2 days, I am not sure if I can have the same quality time with Kimi or not in the near future with the arrival of our Baby No. 2.

After sending him off this morning, a sudden sadness made me feel very uneasy. I am not too sure if I am going to see Kimi again in KL before I go for my delivery. The next time I see him either in KL or Taiping, I might be carrying another baby on my arms. Really very mixed feelings!

I suddenly have a feeling of I seem to be treating Kimi unfairly by having a 2nd baby at this time. I am not too sure if I am able to shower Kimi with 100% of my love as what I have been doing for the past 26 months with the arrival of our 2nd Baby soon. At this age of 2 years old, I am sure Kimi needs us a lot in guiding him to do the right thing. I am sure he needs us to be there when he wants to learn a new word. I am sure he needs us to be there to answer him when he is asking, 'Why this? Why that?'..... But with all these uncertainties, I am not too sure if I can cope well for both of them at the same time or not.

Perhaps I am a bit nervous when I think of I might be delivering anytime from now. Or perhaps I am too worry on how Kimi will react after the arrival of his new sibling. I seriously cannot describe the feelings I have in me right now... I know it is unfair to the Baby as well when I have these thoughts on my mind, but I just can’t stop thinking of it. Will I be splitting my loves between both of them? *Sigh* 

Baby, please bear with Mummy for a while. I think as of now, all I need is the transition period. Once the transition period is over, Mummy will be fine soon! Mummy promises to you, I will definitely shower you with tonnes of love equally as how I love your elder brother!! Muacks ~~

~ Family Photo of Three ~
I think most probably the next round we take the Family Photo, it will be four persons already.
~ Kimi with Daddy and Mummy ~

~ Kimi @ 26 months+ ~
I hope that everything can work out smoothly on me. And hope that I can be a good mother for Kimi and the little one who is arriving very soon.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Furniture for the Kids Room

After a few times of scouting around at the Furniture Fairs and shops before this, and today, after one whole day of shopping around for a few places to look for the kids' furniture, Hubby and I finally decided on Kimi's room bed and wardrobe. As the room is not very big as I can imagine, so we have very limited space on the room. We need to make full use of the space and cannot add too much furniture in it.

We compare the designs, we compare the pricing and we compare the sizes that can fit into the room. This is what we have chosen after one whole day of surveying around. Both of us find this design suits us the most for now.

We did not get the whole set of this as the room couldn't fit in all. We only bought 2 single beds and one wardrobe to fit into the room. One bed for Kimi and one bed for our future baby. We are still undecided on whether to get the study table or not, will see how later when we move into the house. Hopefully the room will look nice as what is shown in the picture.

There are a lot of designs displayed in the shop. More designs are viewable at:
. They have a lot cute and nice furniture designs for baby / kids rooms. The shop also sells wall decorations and educational toys too. Besides getting the kids furniture, we bought some toys for Kimi too after saw the discounts! A very worth buy!

One more thing done for our future 'home-sweet-home'! Very happy ~

Friday, November 18, 2011

@ Week 35

Today, Hubby accompanied me to my bi-monthly check-up. I am currently at Week 35. Time flies very fast! It has been 35 weeks since I got pregnant. If this baby decides to meet us at the same time as his elder brother, it means that I have 2 more weeks from now to welcome his arrival. Isn't it fast?

During the previous check-up at Week 33, our baby still refused to turn his head down making us a bit worry on what if he still did not turn at Week 35. Gynae asked me to continue with the exercise at home. I have been worrying for 2 weeks. Keep on thinking, 'What if baby still does not turn his head down at Week 35?' 'What if this and what if that?' Hubby keeps reassure me that everything will be fine, asks me not to worry so much. But I just can't stop worrying.

So before today's check-up, every night when I was lying on the bed, I always reminded our baby, 'Mummy is doing the exercise now. Please be good ya... Don't forget to turn your head down.' Hope that baby hears what I am saying :)

Today's check-up was very smooth. Everything is under control. And our baby finally has decided to turn his head down. When Gynae touched my tummy, she smiled to me and informed me, seemed like the baby's head had turned down. And then she scanned and confirmed it again. Phew.... When Hubby and I heard this, we were actually quite relieved and at least I no need to worry so much now. Gynae told us that I can deliver anytime from now... Baby is at his good weight. He is currently now weighing 2.9kgs. Everything is just fine. At least, at this moment, c-sec is not in the options list. Thank God! I always hope for a normal delivery and I wish it really will be!

My next check-up will be at Week 37.... Two more weeks from now. Gynae told me that during the next check-up, she will check on my cervix to see is it ready for delivery. If everything goes smoothly, no high blood pressure, etc... I can get ready for my delivery anytime after Week 37! She asked me to save her contact number and passed me the hospital admission form just in case I suddenly need them before the next check-up.

Wow, I am getting near to the arrival day of our 2nd Little One ~ Anxious and excited MOOD are now ON! I must really make good use of this few weeks to do the things I want to do before the arrival of this 2nd baby. Life will definitely be so much busier with 2 kids around!

~ Baby's First Present which I received today from my cousin ~ 
This 2nd pregnancy is a little bit different compare to Kimi's time. I do not have much swollen on face, legs or body. This makes me easier to walk. Although sleepy at some times, it is still manageable and not so tiring unless I busy doing housework or cooking. After the housework or cooking, I need to rest for some time before I gain back my energy. Otherwise, the back will feel real tired and pain.
~ My legs picture taken at Week 33 after my pedicure session ~

I am always a fat lady... Hehe... So my legs even though not pregnant, also look a bit 'meat-meat'. But if compare during my 1st pregnancy, this pair of legs was so much better now. At least it looks normal to me for a pregnant lady.

I do not know if I have calculated wrongly, this pregnancy, as of now, I only gained around 8kgs of weight. During Kimi's time, I total gained 15kgs!!

Anyway, despite all these changes in my body and some unforeseen circumstances before this, I really enjoy my pregnancy's journey. I love the way baby moves in my tummy, I love the way he reacts to me when I touch my tummy, and most of all, I love the 'beautiful' me when I have the baby IN me!!

From today onwards, I must really treasure the remaining days which I have for this 2nd pregnancy's journey ~ In a few more weeks’ time, I am going to lead a normal life soon….

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pregnancy Portraits by The Picture Company

Last weekend, when I was at The Picture Company, One Utama, taking some Family Portraits with Kimi and Hubby, I got an invitation from one of the photographers there to invite me to be part of their training. The senior photographers there will have a training session on Glam Photography Training and they need a pregnant lady to be their training model. Well, I think this is a chance that hard to come by, so I agree to them without really think twice on what should I do during the training session.

Haha... So, I headed to Pavillion KL, where they were going to have their trainings there. A few senior photographers were there, together with their Boss and the trainer. At first, I feel a bit awkward to be in the room with so many people. Luckily one of the photographers, Ms. Inga, whom I have known her for a couple of years was there in the group as well, which made me feel much at ease. She was the one in The Picture Company, who took Kimi's Growing Up's portraits since Kimi was 12 weeks' old. Time flies!!

So, I was there standing, sitting and posing for their trainings. It was a great experience for me with a bunch of very friendly photographers. The trainer was very helpful too.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone of them! Without such a chance, I think I won't be able to have such wonderful pregnancy portraits... Thanks for the sweet memories all of you have created for my 2nd Little One which Hubby and I are expecting him to arrive in this coming December!

Some of the photos to share…
<< Me @ Week 34 >>

It is a bit difficult for me to be on this lying down pose ~
Luckily the outcome turns out Good ~


I am a HAPPY Mummy!
I personally love this SHOT a lot!
Aiyo... My stretch marks!! Hope they will go off very soon ~
~ My Favourite Shot ~

Thanks to the photographers!! Although the photos are part of your trainings, I know all of you have put loads of effort on shooting them. You have made me look beautiful during my pregnancy's journey ~ Another sweet experience I have together with The Picture Company!

Thanks to you, my dearest Baby, Mummy looks beautiful with you IN me!
Really can’t wait to see you soon in December ~

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.2011 ~ A Special Date On Our 4th Anniversary ~

11.11.2011 ~ 4 years ago, we vowed to each other on this very special day ~
Dear... I am so glad that I have hold on to you, to make me understand what is called LOVE... Glad that I have walked together with you, to make me realize what is called HAPPINESS... Thanks for everything! I know you have been working hard for an 'easy-maintenance' wife like me and a Family of FOUR very soon ~ Hehe :)

Happy 4th Anniversary to BOTH of us!!
This year the date is more unique ~ 11.11.11 ~ A very wonderful date with all the wonderful things taking place. Our 4th Year Anniversary falls on today and we received our BEST Present on today too! A DOUBLE celebrations! We collected the KEYS to our ‘Home-Sweet-Home’ :) Finally, we have a home for ourselves ~ Thanks Dear, for this lovely present!! Thanks for building up our ‘Love Nest’ together with me :)

As promised, Hubby spent a bit of his busy schedule to have this anniversary dinner with me. As he needs to go to work later at night, so we went to a nearby place for dinner. After discussing and scouting around, we chose this Restaurant named 'Tapis Rouge' located at The Strand, Kota Damansara.

Nice ambiance with delicious food... When we reached, we were the only table in the restaurant. I jokingly told Hubby, "It looked like you had booked the whole place for just the 2 of us!" Haha ~ Perhaps it is still new, so not many people visit the place yet.

Hubby wants to eat steak and I want to eat spaghetti. After browsed through the menu, we have decided to sit down as they served both the food we wanted to eat.
Hubby’s Set: Tenderloin Steak ~

My set: Salmon Fillet Spaghetti ~

Our appetizers, drinks and dessert…
~ Trio Crostini, Tempura Calamari & Tiramisu Tapis ~

~ The Restaurant ~
And, this is ME @ Week 34 ~

~ Hubby and I on 11.11.11 ~
Thanks for your time and the wonderful dinner!

Overall, the foods are very delicious and service is very good too! Hubby said he was very satisfied and the foods were all nicely cooked. You have been working hard, so you deserve a good meal! After all, to me, what matters the most is the time you can spend with me. To me, food is still secondary… Thanks for everything, Hubby!