Saturday, August 30, 2008

Breakfast with Sis and her Hubby

Today, after my sis checked out from the hotel they stayed in KL, she came and find me eat breakfast together. I brought them to a Dim Sum shop. When we reached, it was very crowded. We need to queue to wait for our turns. But then, it really worth the time to queue up. The dim sum there are very delicious and a lot of varieties!! We were too busy eating, so didn't take a lot of photos on the dim sum varieties... Haha.. Only managed to shot a few varieties of dim sum...

Venue: Restoran Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn. Bhd., Damansara Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 603-7729 6866

29th Of The Year ~ Avril Lavigne Concert

29th August 2008 ~ This date marks our 4th Years of annivesary.. Yes, hubby and I have been dating and together for 4 years already, how time flies. This date we celebrated it by watching Avril Lavigne's concert together at Stadium Merdeka. After fetched hubby from work, we rushed to Stadium Merdeka to meet up my sis and her hubby as well. They were here all the way from Johor joining us for the concert.

On the way to the stadium, KL roads were quite jam. Maybe it is a Friday or maybe our Merdeka celebrations are around the corner, on the roads were quite packed with cars. So we parked our car quite a distance away, so we walked to the stadium to avoid the jam after the concert. We reached the stadium about 7.30pm. When we reached, it was drizzling. But luckily the rain stopped before the concert started.

Concert begins around 9.15pm. Hey~Hey~You~You, I can be your Girlfriend!! Avril Lavigne sang!!!! Boombastic ~ Superb ~ All the audience shouted like crazy... I can see her fans are from all ages, young, mature and old... The whole concert ended around 10.45pm...

*Just a little comment, maybe the venue is in Malaysia, or maybe there are some restrictions for her to perform. Hubby and I still find that the concert can be better, Avril can be more boombastic!!

Thank you, dear, for fulfilling your promise to bring me to watch Avril Lavigne's concert. And it is even a memorable one, as it falls on 29th August 2008... ~

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Cousin cum Godbrother's Convocation

After viewing the house, I rested a while at home. It was heavy rain... I waited for the rain to slow down a bit, then I drove out to attend my cousin's convocation at Wisma MCA in KL. As usual, UTAR's convocation is forever crowded with lots of people. Luckily rain stopped and he managed to take photos with his friends outside the hall. I became his cameraman following him around. Hehehe...

Below are photos of me and my cousin + family:

Viewing Our 'Future Home'...

This morning, hubby and I, and Stevent (our friend) and Chong Han (our cousin) went to view our future house again... Scout-scout and view it for fun and see if the price affordable or not. Stevent is also interested to buy near this area, so he joined us in the viewing. As for Chong Han, I got him to join us so that he can help me to see the structure of the house, whether ok or not... He knows better in this than us because he is in the renovation line.

Well, after viewing it, conclusion is, hubby and I very like it. We viewed the townhouse type (Haha... as we cannot afford to buy the terrace link house at opposite the townhouse). After seeing the 2 units, both of us like more on the upper part of the house as the structure looks nicer. The bottom part of the townhouse built-up area is smaller, so we don't really like it. Hope the agent can get us a good bargain...

Attached are some photos of the house:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Celebrate@NilaiUC ~ Glitter & Dazzle

Last night I went to attend Nilai University College '10th Years Anniversary Dinner' at Sime Darby Convention Centre with my dear hubby. A lot of people was there and their students as well. As I was sitting with a bunch of other medias, so I didn't shot our dinner's food photos... But as the venue was at Sime Darby Convention Centre, the food there never let me down as usual... Nice dinner + beautiful ambience ~ I like this place so much!!

There was one time, I even think of having my wedding banquet there, but then, KL is not a suitable place to hold our wedding banquet as it is not convenient for our relatives to travel. So I opted out this venue...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Taiping Leisure Trip (Day 2 & 3)

On Saturday, hubby and I went to eat 'Lai Fun' for breakfast. As we woke up a bit late, so couldn't make it for the famous stall at the Pokok Assam's wet market. That stall, you need to go as early as 8.00am... If later than that, sorry lor... no more 'lai fun' for you to eat already. Hehehe... Only left those normal mee hoon and mee for you...

Because we woke up late, so we went to town to eat the 'lai fun'. The stall we went was owned by another sister (one family) just that they operate at different venues. Taste about the same la... But most people prefer the one at the Pokok Assam's wet market. According to the locals, the taste is much more better! You can try it out yourself and taste the difference!!

Before adding in the Chilli paste ~ This chilli paste is specially made for the soup

Add in the Chilli paste

After mix up the chilli in the soup

After our breakfast, we went back home to rest for a while... Think-think seem like nothing much to do, so we drove to Penang with hubby's parents. Thought of going to Penang to buy hubby's dad his birthday dinner there... While on the way to Penang, we stopped by Parit Buntar to have our lunch. This food stall is a bit isolated but a lot of people eating lunch there when we reached. Well, the surroundings do not really look clean, but is ok la.. we are there for the good food ma, so who cares?? Eat first and think later... :)

Ok, after our lunch (really very nice ler, although the place like a bit not clean la...), we drove to Penang. We went to hubby's auntie house in Penang. Chatted for a while and took a rest there, then we all drove to Tanjung Bungah to eat the western food for dinner. According to hubby's brother, we need to be there early so that we do not need to queue for very long to wait for the food. When we reached, really quite a lot of people already... Well, the western food ok la, not really superbly good but then price are reasonable. Can consider worth the trip to drive all the way there lor...

Hubby's Sirloin Steak

I ordered for myself 'Chicken Cordon Bleu'

To my surprise, my short Penang's trip (I was there only there for a few hours), I accidentally bumped into my good buddy, Joachim, at the dinner place. What a coincidence... We had a quick chat as I was rushing off. After dinner, we went back hubby's auntie house for a while before driving back to Taiping. When we reached Taiping, it was quite late already...

Day 3 (Sunday) - As the night before, we slept quite late, so Sunday morning we also woke up quite late. Hehehe... so hubby's parents 'tapao' Taiping famous 'kai-see meen' for us as breakfast. So thoughtful of them... After breakfast, we had a short break, then lunch again. We are meeting hubby's grandma, uncle and auntie for lunch. Haha, our schedules are soOoo tight up. Seem like eating non-stop!! After our sumptuous and warm lunch together, we went back home to rest and packing up, getting ready to go back KL to watch the badminton match at 8.30pm... I wanna support Malaysia!!

Taiping Leisure Trip (Day 1)

As planned earlier, after my Hari Informasi, hubby and I took one day off on Friday. We drove back to Taiping on Thursday night after work... Spent our 3 days 3 nights in Taiping to rest our brains a bit + settle some wedding preparations things.

Friday, after our breakfast, we went to hubby's grandma house to pay her a visit and chit-chat for a while. Then, we went to the florist to settle our wedding hall decorations stuffs. Hubby, mum-in-law and I went to chose the colour themes and flower arch for the wedding's dinner hall. After that, we 'tapao' our lunch back home and eat. Not long after my lunch. we had a short afternoon nap. After that, we went to Taiping Lake to have a walk while breathing the fresh air in Taiping. Very leisurely walk, hubby brought me around to see the beautiful Taiping Lake. We stopped by some beautiful spots to shot some photos throughout the walking journey along the lake...

After the walk, we went back home, bathed and getting ready to go to Sepetang for seafood dinner. Quite a long journey, I think about half an hour's drive from hubby's house... Hehehe... too concentrate on eating the seafood so not many photos I have taken... Just a few only :)