Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nico Calls Me ‘Ma-Ma’!

Date: 22nd February 2014

I heard Nico called me 'Ma-Ma'! The best ever gift! 

Finally, Nico is able to call me ‘Ma-Ma’ clearly. Although he is slow in this, it is never too late for me. He can now bring his milk bottle for me after he finishes his milk and call me ‘Ma-Ma’, and then put the milk bottle into the basin himself to show to me. Really touched by this!

~ Nico @ 2 Years, 2 Months & 2 Weeks' Old ~

Nico actually has been slow in speech. He can only speak a few simple words and at most times, he is still with his baby languages. He is very talkative, but I am unable to understand him unless he uses actions to tell me what he is trying to say. 

He is a cheerful boy. He can laugh over a small little actions and is satisfied as long as we feed him food. But Nico is a little bit different from Kimi. He does not really like yogurts and sour food/fruits whereas Kimi loves yogurts and cheese a lot!

He is very sticky to me. Eat, Sleep, Bath, Change, etc…. all need me! Except for play. He can play with Kimi at most time to maximum level of craziness. Haha! The blessed part is both of them love each other very much and Kimi can take care of Nico very well. As long as I ask Kimi to help me to do certain things for Nico, he so far never says NO to me. Brotherhood LOVE! Hope it can be maintained... Hehe :)

Can’t wait for this weekend to see Nico again!

Monday, February 17, 2014

My Boys @ February 2014

Date: 7th February 2014

I spent one whole week in Pontian to celebrate Chinese New Year with my families. Since I had plenty of time in Pontian, my sisters decided to bring out for an afternoon tea at Johor. Planned out of a sudden, so I didn’t bring along my camera. We ended up used our own smart phones to take the beautiful venue @ Just Want Coffee, The Garden. The very IN venue now in Johor. 

A very nice and cosy afternoon tea venue, and we had a great chat over nothing! Haha… Although with the four boys around, it was much merrier and of course, messier, however, we enjoyed the afternoon together… A very hard to come by chance for us!

Sisters @ Afternoon Tea ^^

My Boys @ February 2014 ^^

Their Happy & Funny Faces... !

My BEST shot of the month @ Mummy & Boys FUN Time!

A HAPPY Outing for all of us!
Hope we can go out together more often in the near future.