Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Day Out for Nico with Mummy

Date: 21.07.2015

Mummy had a date with Nico~ Yes, only the two of us, on this date, for this short day trip!

All along, as parents, we tend to give the best to our first kid. He/She has the first-hand clothes, first-hand shoes, first-hand in everything he/she uses. To the kid, everything is so neat and beautiful, everything seems to have Daddy and Mummy by his/her side to accompany him/her on every moves.

However, I might not be one of these parents as Kimi grew up at PIL’s house until he was 18 months. Some of his “First” I might have missed it. However, we give to him the best that we can afford. Clean clothes, nice shoes, better school, and the lists go on…. And this is the advantage of a First Child at home! To us, he/she is our everything! We provide to him what we feel are the best for him. 

Then comes to Kid No.2! We gave birth to Nico... With two kids, expenses rise up, the time needs to spend with them double up, housework never-ending, etc… Daddy and Mummy work harder so that our living expenses are covered, so that, we can provide to both the kids, a better living environment. At times, no doubt, we neglected the No.2. Nico was sent back from PIL’s house to us when he was almost 3 years at a much later age than Kimi. So, we also missed out a few of his “First”. The time spent for him was lesser too. For this, I always feel the guilt. I wish I can give him more time, more love, more patience...!

On this day, Mummy had decided to do something different with Nico, which I did before with Kimi some years back ~A short day trip for Nico with Mummy~! As Nico’s speech is still slow, so some words or things he still cannot express himself yet. All I get from his answer on where to go was to SIT BUS! So Mummy fulfilled his request on this! And he was really very excited throughout his journey in the bus. Glad that he enjoyed it very much!

A great experience for Nico… Sweet Memories for the little Growing Up Boy! Mummy captured his different expressions during the Happy Outing with him~ Hope he has a GREAT DAY out. Do remember this always… Mummy LOVES You!

Nico @ 3 Years & 7 Months+

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Family @ Bali : KU DE TA, Seminyak

Day 1 – Dinner (Upon arrival)

This Family Trip in April 2015 mainly was to attend Hubby’s cousin Wedding Ceremony and of course, it was also our Family short Holidays for the Year as well!

Ku De Ta - I read about this restaurant accidentally through a blog and immediately I made a reservation online 3 weeks before my travelling date. I got to know that it was not easy to get a table here so early reservation was highly recommended.

A very beautiful place in the heart of Seminyak;
A very appealing dining experience in Bali;
A very gorgeous beachside setting along with sun beds to enjoy the sun sets!

We arrived Bali a bit late on that Day 1. We rushed to Ku De Ta after we had checked-in to our hotel rooms but we were still late. We only got to enjoy a little bit of the sunset view once we arrived at Ku De Ta before the sky turned dark. It was a little bit disappointing for me as my main purpose was to be there to view the sunset! However, they served delicious food as our group enjoyed every single dish that we ordered. It was very crowded with patrons and yet their service was very good (minus out the loud music for me…)!

If you happen to be at Bali and wish to have a different dining experience, do make a reservation and pay KU DE TA a visit… You will be amazed!

Ku De Ta Bali
Opening Hours: 08:00 - midnight
Location: Seminyak Beach
Tel: +62 361 73 6969.
Price Range: Above Average

KU DE TA has a smart casual dress code.
After 4.00pm, singlets, board shorts, surf or sport branded apparel are not permitted.