Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Black Friday

Date: 14th June 2013

Well, it was not Friday, the 13th!
But how come I encountered so many bad news in just one day?!

Okay, things started with a super busy week at work as I had an international conference on 17th & 18th June. Almost every night I OT be it in the office or back at home just to make sure everything went smoothly for the conference. It was really one of the busiest week I had ever been through in one whole working year!

Just before I wanted to go back home to visit my sick Kimi on Friday during my lunch hour, I received a SMS from AirAsia and then followed by an email. It stated that:

Dear Valued Guest,
We refer to your flight D7 504 on [XXXXXX] scheduled to depart at 0750hrs from LCC Terminal, Kuala Lumpur.
We regret to inform you that the above flight has been cancelled.
This cancellation is due to commercial reasons.

How shall a normal person reacts when he/she receives this type of email or SMS? What will the first feeling you have at that moment of time?

I was really pissed off when I got that email. Most of all, it came on my busiest day! I informed Hubby on this matter. He was even angrier than me. He told me, next time, please don't ask him to take AirAsia anymore! To add on to that, he asked me, please settle this thing on that day itself or else just cancelled off the trip! At that moment, I was really sad and feeling down.

Rushing back to house to see Kimi who was sick on that week, fed him eat medicine, and then need to rush back to office after lunch hour was over.
Busying to find solutions in hoping that I can go to Korea as what I have planned earlier. Hubby was asking me to straight away cancel off the trip and find another place to go. But I told him I couldn't do that as my sister's family will be also at Korea waiting for us. No matter what, I MUST GO TO KOREA!

So, in such a busy day, I tried to settle it all by myself...

I wrote an email to AirAsia, informed them that no matter what, I must reach Korea at my selected date as my hotels had been booked earlier. I do not want to reach a day later as suggested by them. They replied to me saying that once they arranged it, they will get back to me.

Okay... so things seemed to be slightly on the brighter side. I did not have much time to think about what will happen next. So I continue with my busy work at office.

But not long after that, I received a call from my sister saying that my Mum lost her luggage during her holidays at China. She did not receive her luggage at the arrival hall. What a shocking news! As my parents hardly go for holidays, and this kind of thing actually happened during their holidays. I am sure my Mum will be quite sad over it and not much mood already for this holiday. We tried to contact the tour guide in hoping that she could assist my Mum on this matter and tried to help her to get back her luggage in the shortest time possible.

So, that's my challenges on that BLACK FRIDAY! Luckily all had been settled by now…

Kimi has recovered and back to school after one week of resting at home;
Air tickets have been arranged but we need to fly a day earlier, but can reach on the day I wish for;
Mum found back her luggage after 2 days in China...


Hopefully these kind of things don't happen too often on me. I am just worried my heart cannot take it! Hahaha...

Luckily Hubby did not grumble much on this matter. He just informed me, please do not ask him anything in regards to AirAsia anymore. Hehe... I think this one time experience is more than enough for him already.

Next thing to worry is the upgrading seats which I booked earlier. No news from them yet. What I received was an email from them stating:

We apologize for inconvenience caused to you.
Due to some technical issue, it is taking some time. We request you to be patient with us and we shall get back as soon as possible.
We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

I think that's the down side of flying with a low cost carrier. Just need to bear with it! No choice then... :) On the bright side, I still get to go Korea with my sister’s family ~ Happy!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Korea Trip – Hotels Searching (Part 2)

After booking for the Korea air tickets, the only thing I know is that, we are bringing the kids to the Lotte World. I sent an enquiry directly to Lotte World Hotel on the rooms I would like to have and the price for it. As this is a kids' travel group, so I opted for the Kid's Theme Room which is known as 'Character Room'.  
" Character Room, a fairy-tale world, is specially created for families with young children. The room has been designed under the theme of Lotty and Lorry, the lovable mascots of Lotte World Adventure. The bed, sofa, and even bathroom are done in bright and modern color palette and decorated with character amenities. Convenience facilities and services are geared towards the children. A night with the family in the Character Room will create warm and loving memories! "
Hope Kimi and Nico will love it!
Date: 12/11/2012

After some enquiries and confirmation, I finally made the booking in November last year. I was told by the Hotel's staff to join their membership so that I can enjoy the member's discounts and privileges at their hotel. I did as what they told me, and true enough, I got a 20% discounts for my room. They also informed me better to book the room early to avoid the increase of room's price in year 2013.
Under this Character Room's category, the hotel's guests can choose either the Lotte World view or another side view. And of course, I opted for the Lotte World view. I paid a little bit extra for that room view in hoping that my kids' stay in this hotel will be a memorable one!
Haha... And I actually booked this room without an official notice to my Hubby ~ He knew it after my booking. Hehe... So, there is no turning back for him! Luckily, when I notified him on this hotel's reservation, he did not gave me a negative remark... :)  
Price after a 20% discount for Year 2012's rate (without breakfast):
348,480 Won per night (approximately MYR973.00)

Maybe I will book the breakfast when the travelling date is nearer. Not yet decide on this. Perhaps will discuss it with my sister first and see how it goes.

I am very looking forward to stay in this colourful room with my boys. Hope they will have a nice stay here! Photos taken from the Hotel's website:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day Dining Out

Last Saturday, we had an early celebration for Father's day as the actual Father's Day weekend, I will be busy with work so might not be able to join the gathering. So after discussed, we had decided to celebrate it a week earlier.

We went to have the Japanese BBQ this round as suggested by my BIL. As mentioned by him earlier, this place is an open area and of course with the BBQ, the place should be hotter than dining in a restaurant. So, all of us went there with our simple casual wear so did my two little boys. True enough, it was really a 'hot' dining experience and all of us were sweating not even half way eating the food.
However, the sweats seemed to be quite worthwhile as the food we tried were rather simple and yet nice. We really had a very different experience of eating Japanese BBQ this round.

This little Japanese stall is tucked away behind a few rows of shop houses in Taman Desa, near to the Faber Tower. Seats are really limited and always full house (I heard from my BIL). I think perhaps of its affordable prices offer to their customers. The menu's price list range from RM5 to RM25 per portions. Of course the portion is not very big. So most of the food, we ordered in double portions so that were enough for everybody.

By looking at the pictures, I think they explained all. They have all sorts of pork & beef varieties and only one lamb dish. Intestines, lean meat, leg meat, tongue, belly, vegetables, ramen, japanese risotto, squids, mushrooms and beer are all in the menu. These were just part of our orders. As I were very busy looking after the two little boys, so the chances of taking photos were quite limited.

The men during the dinner with their beers! Hehe... We really had a very satisfying meal by looking at those empty plates we had on the table. The night is still young after the dinner. So after that we proceed to another dessert shop @ SS2 for second round! Nowadays, those older generations people really can eat a lot... Haha!

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 @ Taman Desa
Center Court, Plaza Faber,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.