Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy 1st Chinese Birthday to Kimi!

Hello Everyone, I am Kimi Ong Jun Syuen, my Daddy and Mummy's little precious!!

Today is my 1st Chinese Birthday ~ According to the Lunar Calendar, I am ONE Year Old today ~ Ho~ho~ho…

So today, after my Daddy was back from work in the morning, my Mummy changed me with my new clothes and shoes... So everyone, am I handsome in this new outfit?
Yoo, Dad and Mum, I am ready to go 'kai-kai' lor ~~

In my Mummy’s car on the way to Mid Valley ~

Today we had breakfast at McD… My Daddy’s mummy said today I can eat a little bit of different food. Hurray, today I got to try a little bit of pancakes and chicken ~ Yummy!

Then, my ‘Pa’ and ‘Ma’ brought me to take my Happy Rides ~

As today is my Chinese calendar’s 1st Birthday, so my Mummy’s mum said I needed to do this… Out of the 3 things, ‘Pen’, ‘Book’ and ‘Calculator’, I need to choose one of them. So I ended up chose a Pen for myself… So, Ah Ma, what does this means?? You also haven’t tell my mummy wor :) Aiyoyo ~~

After my Daddy rested enough (as he is working on night shift this week), so I finally got to see and blow my Birthday Cake at night. Aiyo, I waited the whole day just for this...

My Daddy likes to call me ‘Honey Bee’ all the time, so my Mummy ordered this ‘Honey Bee’ cake for me. It is CUTE, right? Hehe… got red eggs also ~ We are Chinese ma… so follow a bit of Chinese tradition lor ^_^

This is my Happy Family photo ~

Daddy and Mummy Sing Birthday Song for Me ~

Before I go to sleep, my Daddy and Mummy give me an 'Ang Pow' as birthday present... Thanks ya, Dad and Mum! I will save up the money in my Piggy Bank :)

I am really very happy today… I had a great family day ~ And it is time for me to sleep now. Good night everyone! Sweet dreams ya ~

Friday, August 20, 2010

~ Hubby vs Kimi ~

Few months ago, I received a MMS from Hubby's cousin, and got a shocked when I looked at it. When my first look at the MMS, the picture really looks alike Kimi. Hehe :) Then only got to know from Hubby's cousin, the baby inside that picture was my Hubby which was taken 27 years ago. Wow!

Then after that, I browsed some of Kimi's photos, and happened to find one similar picture ~

27 years ago, Hubby's 'Da Ku-Ku' carried him on her arms... 27 years later, Kimi's 'Da Ku-Po' carried him on her arms too... Do both of them look alike? I personally feel that they really look alike ^_^ Like Father, Like Son ~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kimi on Solid Food Experience ~

Nowadays I hardly took Kimi's daily photos. Perhaps work and Kimi keep me busy everyday. So his recent photos also getting lesser these few weeks. However, I managed to shot a few of Kimi's 'Super Blur Look' photos after he woke up from his afternoon nap. Normally, when he wakes up from his nap, he will sit up on the bed, and uses his 'blur-blur look and silly smile' to look at me who is sitting next to the bed to settle my office work. He will stare at me for a few seconds before he crawls towards me to ask me to carry him or play with him.

These looks and smiles really warm my heart everyday!

Kimi starts taking fruits puree, yogurt, egg yolks and cheese. Since I am at home, sometimes I will prepare them myself. Otherwise, I will buy those ready-made type from the supermarket.

One of the Fruits Puree which I prepare for Kimi ~
I slice and cook the apple first before I blend them to feed Kimi...

Here is a little video to share on how to make fruit puree for babies:

Occasionally, I will buy some fresh fruits and plain yogurt to mix them up for Kimi. One of the Yogurt which I prepare for Kimi ~ Same thing, I cook the strawberry first and the blend it before I mix them up with the plain yogurt. This is a healthier way to feed Kimi.

Haha, however, sometimes I do also feed Kimi with the ready-made Fruits Yogurt which can be bought at the supermarket. I bought some mini cheese cubes from the supermarket as well. Will let Kimi tries out some Cheesy Recipes soon ~ Hope he will like it too!!

Recently, I start to let Kimi try out egg yolks too. I steam the eggs yolks and mix them up with the vegetables mash to let Kimi tries on it. He seems to be can take it. For now, it is time for Kimi to try on eggs starting from his 11 months onwards according to his paediatrician. It shall start with eggs yolk first at 11 months and then egg white at his one year old. If he is allergic to eggs, this means that Kimi might not be suitable to take a new jab during his 12-13 months' old. Hope that my little Kimi is egg tolerant. Hehe :)

Last weekend when PIL and Ah Ma were here in KL, they brought Kimi some new things. Hubby's Grandma sew a set of pillow, bolster and blanket for Kimi by herself. Oh gosh, Kimi's great-grandma at her age of 80++, still took her effort to sew all these for Kimi. Really appreciate it a lot! She said Kimi is going to be a big boy soon, so those tiny little pillows and bolster which he had might not be so suitable for him soon. So, she prepared these for Kimi to use in the near future. It is so thoughtful of her ~~

I am sure Kimi will have sweet-sweet dreams when he hugs them to sleep that time.
Thanks ya, Ah Ma!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Xiao Fei Yang '小肥羊' Steamboat (Uptown Branch)

PIL and Ah Ma were here in KL since last Saturday to stay for a few days. They purposely came down to help me take care of Kimi while I need to go in office for a couple of days to settle some work. Really appreciate them for their thoughtfulness and make the effort of travelling down all the way from Taiping just to help me look after Kimi. Hehe, they can also use this chance to come and visit their precious grandson too ~

Yesterday was FIL's birthday, so we brought him to eat his favourite steamboat. This round we decided to go to this steamboat shop which we wanted to try for a long time but never get to find a time to go. So on Sunday afternoon, hubby drove out to do the booking for the night time dinner. This shop even during weekdays also quite crowded. So I told hubby is better to make a reservation first to avoid the long queue.

We went there at 6pm, the restaurant was about 3-4 tables only, but guess what, by 7pm, the whole restaurant was so full with people and there were also some people outside there queuing up. Gosh! Luckily we were there early ~

We ordered the combination of soup as steamboat base: Herbal Chicken Soup and Ma La '麻辣汤' Peppercorn Seed Soup ~ The soup is indeed very tasty! We were told by the waitress there that the soup was boiled using chicken, pork, mutton and of course their own 'secret recipe' of herbs and spices. All of us like the soup very much :)

This soup combination is priced at RM22.

They do have a lot of choices on the food menu, but I find that the price is a bit on the expensive side. We even need to pay RM1 for each set of sterilized utensils set that we used. Anyway, since it is for hygienic purpose, I think the customers won't really mind paying for it. Else the crowd also won't be that many almost everyday ^_^

I like their sliced pork and hand-made noodles the most. The chef sliced the meat till very thin and arranged them nicely on the plate. Looks very tempting! The noodles texture is very nice to eat also. Yummy!

Overall, it was a nice dinner as we were very satisfied with the food. Just that it is a pricey compare to some steamboat restaurants nearby, but it is really worth to make a trip there to give it a try!

Restaurant: Xiao Fei Yang '小肥羊' Steamboat (Uptown Branch)
Tel: 03-7728 7633

Remember to be there early on a weekend, or call up to make a reservation ya, if you do not want to wait for too long ~

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kimi is 11 Months' Old Today ~

Date: 6th August 2010

Kimi is 11 months’ old today. One more month to go, he is going to be ONE Year Old soon ~ My little baby Kimi is slowly marching into his toddler phase soon. As a mummy, I really wish time can really slow down for a bit, so that I can have more time to prepare my very best for him.

At 11 months, Kimi is growing out his 5th tooth and weighs at 10.5kgs.

Kimi has more time with me more than his Daddy. But he is closer to his Daddy than his Mummy. Every time when he needs someone to pamper him or to play with him, Daddy is always his No. 1 choice. Well, I also do not understand why Kimi likes his Daddy more than me. Perhaps he knows, I once a while will scold him whenever he does something wrong. And perhaps he can sense that his Daddy hardly show face to him, only Mummy will show to him some black face occasionally. He will crawl and move closer to sleep with his Daddy at most nights and only once a while will come to me. But, whenever he needs to be fed, whenever he needs food and when he needs a sleep, he will definitely come to me. Haha, I do not know how to describe it, but Kimi seems to know, how to differentiate things now. He sometimes seems to know how to do the right thing at the right time. Hehe, is my self-imagination level too high? He seems to understand what we are trying to tell him and he knows whom he can turn to whenever he needs different things at different time.

But of course, he can be very naughty and disobedient at times. Really makes me very angry. He can be very playful until the level of refusing to take his afternoon naps once a while. And now, he does not want to sleep in his ‘sarong’ anymore. So I need to sing more lullaby songs to make him sleep. Hehe, so sometimes when he refuse to fall asleep, it can be real tiring for me to keep on continue to sing for him until he sleeps.

However, although tiring and sometimes a bit frustrating and discouraging when I cannot handle Kimi well, he can really bright up my every day! Cannot really describe how the feelings are like, but Kimi can always has his ways to make my day a good one ~ I might not be the BEST Mum for Kimi, but I am trying and learning to be a better Mum every single day!

We are going to throw a mini party for Kimi on his One-Year Old Birthday. Still do not know what are things that need to be planned, but at least his birthday cake was ordered and the venue was booked! Hopefully the birthday party can turn out be a nice and memorable one for Kimi ^_^ Counting down to the arrival of this day!

I browsed back some photos when I was writing this blog post. So decided to walk down the memory lane and chose some of Kimi’s monthly photos since he was born until now he is 11 months’ old to post up in my blog ~

~ Kimi 11 Months' of Memory Lane ~

Need to really admit that Kimi is growing up to be a big boy soon. He is no longer the small little baby which Mummy can use only one hand to hold him up 11 months ago... Time flies!