Thursday, September 1, 2016

On Kimi 7th Birthday With Love!

A surprise idea to have a small Birthday Party at home for Kimi with only 48-hours of notice. Time is too short for Mummy to do more... Hence, some little preparations just 2 days before the Party Day!

These set of Display alphabets were bought from an online seller some years back, so couldn’t recall the pricing. Finally, the alphabets have a chance to be displayed out on a Party Table. On a side note, Mummy searched them out high and low from the store room. HAHA! Luckily I get to dig it out...

After a short discussion with Kimi on Sunday night itself, he had decided to get himself the PokemonGo Theme. So, on that night after putting the boys to sleep, Mummy stayed up at night for a couple of hours, searched some Poke Balls images, downloaded the Pokemon Font type and then designed out the Party Tags! The next day, I got it printed out in colour on a normal A4-Size white paper. I glued them on the Party Paper Bags. Simple and yet looking good!
Blue Polka Dots Paper Bags - RM2.10 x 8 = RM16.80
Balloon Buzz at One Utama Shopping Centre.

Then, I came across the Pokemons free printable images from some websites. Mummy got it printed out from a stationary shop nearby our house. 
A4-Size Papers - RM0.40 x 3 = RM1.20
Colour Printing - RM2.00 x 3 = RM6.00

The Pokemons images were printed out, cut and glued on the Vitagen for Decorations. Mummy is very satisfied with the outcome!

The balance of the Coloured Pokemons were used to do a simple and small Party Table's Banner. Mummy glued them on a red ribbon and taped up the both sides.

Well, Mummy was lucky enough to get to order a Themed Birthday Cake just ONE day before the collection date. I knew I couldn't be fussy on the choices on this very last minute orders, but the outcome was beyond my expectations ^^ It was really a Cute Pikachu Birthday Cake! Mummy was very satisfied. Next is to be decorated with the toppers... ❤❤!

Birthday Cake - RM104.00 
Sponge Layered Cake (Chocolate and Vanilla) with Pikachu Design and Alphabets Sugar Toppers. 
From Thyme Bakery and Cafe, Aman Suria Branch.

This Birthday Party was not in our plans initially so we had also informed Kimi that we wouldn't be able to buy him a birthday present this round. But Mummy feels that the celebrations won't be a complete one without a present. So I got Kimi a story book and wrapped it nicely. Well, this is definitely not the fanciest present which he can imagine of, but for sure is a surprise for him!

Story Book - RM14.90
Wrapping Paper - RM2.10

Birthday Balloons to bright up the walls! Mummy only bought three balloons just to make it feel more like a BIrthday Party. These three balloons are very good enough to make the Birthday Boy happy!

Birthday Balloons - RM15.10 
Balloon Buzz at One Utama Shopping Centre.

Mummy accidentally bumped into this Pikachu Balloon during a morning wet market visit at SS2 but the balloon air went off when it reached home! So, I taped it as Party Table banner...Not so perfect though and my Birthday Boy asked me why the Pikachu Balloon did not look like a balloon? Aiyooo...!

Pikachu Balloon - RM6.00
One of the stalls at SS2 Pasar Pagi. 

Special thanks to my MIL for her very Delicious Food ^^ They were really thumbs-UP!

Side Dishes and the Sweeties Bar !

Happy 7th Birthday to my First-Born, Kimi ^^ We LOVE You!