Friday, March 20, 2015

Family @ Phuket : Upside Down House (Baan Teelanka)

December 2014 - This round of Family trip to Phuket was a free and easy trip. No must-do thing for us, no must-go place to visit… no fixed plans! After reading through some traveller’s blogs, I got to know about this Baan Teelanka. Well, looks unique to me, as it is an Upside Down House! Baan Teelanka opened in April 2014 and it is one of the most innovative and original attractions on Phuket Island for now. It is located on the Bypass Road on the northern outskirts of Phuket Town.

Baan Teelanka is a three-storey house built leaning on its roof and the layout of it looks like a standard house to me from outside. It has bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen, etc. and the only difference is that you look as though you are walking on the ceiling! Hehe :) Initially, I was a bit not getting used to it, but the ‘weirdness’ feeling went off soon as everything looked so special to me!

Some of the photos I had turned it so that it looked normal on the screen. In fact, they were all took in an upside down manner!

They have a team of dedicated staff station there, helping you to take photos (outside the building), teaching you how to take the photos in a correct way (inside the building) so that you get to capture the ‘uniqueness’ of the upside down display.

This is not a huge house so the time spends here might not be long. You can explore the A-Maze-in-Phuket, which is behind this Baan Teelanka. However, when we reached there it was already late evening, hence we did not have time to explore The Garden Maze with my Boys. We only managed to visit the Upside Down House during this trip.

A new experience for the Boys with all the things displays in an upside down way and they look ‘amazed’!

Admission Fee:
THB 250 (Adult)
THB 150 (4—11 yrs)

Open Daily, 10am – 6pm.

Address: Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Family @ Phuket : Anantara Vacation Club

December 2014 – We finally travelled for holidays! A very long-awaited trip… Yeah ^^

Due to Hubby’s busy work schedule, we did not plan for any family trips to overseas in Year 2014.  This Phuket trip came out of sudden and really made me very looking forward to it!

This round we chose the Anantara Vacation Club @ Phuket Mai Khao to stay in.

[Anantara Vacation Club’s brand new signature resort in northwest Phuket offers a truly indulgent tropical escape, yet is only 15 minutes from Phuket International Airport and a short drive from the bustling beaches of the south. The resort’s luxurious choice of Apartment Suites and Pool Villas are designed with couples, families and friends in mind. All feature a generous living space and each is equipped with a kitchen, large refrigerator, cooking top and utensils, as well as a clothes washing machine and dryer, to create a convenient home away from home. Just a few minutes’ walk away is the tranquil sun kissed sands of Mai Khao – Phuket’s longest beach.]
– Extracted from the Anantara Vacation Club’s official website.

The very beautiful landscape + the spacious rooms + the unlimited Club’s activities for the family, making this trip to Phuket a very meaningful one! The Boys enjoyed to the fullest, making this trip a more relaxing one for Hubby and I. We have more time to chat over breakfast... We have more quality time to spend throughout the days with the kids!

The photos took at the Club explained everything on the above. Fish-feeding, Cycling, Kids Club, Kids Playground, etc….

Beautiful Landscape ^^

Activities at the Vacation Club ^^

However, this Vacation Club is located one-hour’s drive from the Patong Beach. If you are someone looking for parties at night or pubs or shoppings activities around Patong area, this Vacation Club might not suit you. The travelling time of one hour to and fro might annoys you. You might need to wake up earlier to travel to Patong for some Islands Hopping activities. Be prepare for this!

A short Family Weekend Getaway of 4 Days 3 Nights ended our Blessed Year in 2014! Although it was really a short one, this trip gave Hubby a good rest without any disturbance. It provided to us a totally different holidays experience ^^ 

The time spends with Family is the Best time of all ♡♡!