Friday, October 30, 2009

Kimi's Stroller and Car Seat

Last night, baby Kimi received his present from a bunch of his mummy's friends. This round is an infant stroller from Combi. A BIG Thank You to my buddies ~ Stevent, Ai Ling, Lee Ping, Toon Eng, Lian Sim, Poh Chie, Mei Yee, Kuang Yee, Sunny, Charles and Earlson!!! Thank you for such a big gift ~~ Baby Kimi really appreciates it!!

I still not yet open up the stroller to take a picture. So I got these pictures from the internet...

This model comes with 3 colours: Orange, Blue and Pink. I choose blue colour because orange colour already out of stock. I think Blue colour should be more on an unisex colour instead of choosing pink ^_^

Besides, baby Kimi got his infant car seat present from hubby's bother and his gf. Thank you to both of them!! The car seat is in dark blue colour. The picture as shown below is taken from the internet as well...

Baby Kimi is so fortunate to have so many uncles and ah-yis to dote on him ~~ Baby Kimi will try on the stroller and car seat very soon :)

~ Thank you to All of you!! ~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~ Kimi Smiles ~

These few days I am alone with Kimi at home. It seems like a few days I didn't take any photos for Kimi. Just now after dinner, I saw him was so energetic playing with his daddy, so I took a couple of his photos. Today, baby Kimi is now 7 weeks old. Last week, he is starting can smile back a bit to us when we play with him. Before this, he only knows how to smile when he is having his sweet dreams or sometimes when I am feeding him. Hubby and I are so excited when we see Kimi smiles back to us. Hehe :) He can play with us already... Perhaps it is time for us to buy some toys for him ^_^

~ This photo is taken today when Kimi is 7 weeks old ~

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dearest Brother's Convocation

Working in an online media company for so many years, have been attended numerous convocation by different educational institutions as media to cover the event, but this round, I couldn't attend my own brother's convocation as baby Kimi was with me. I need to take care of him. But I went to the One World Hotel with hubby and baby Kimi after the convocation ceremony ended to send our wishes to him. When we reached, it was already 12pm. Just in time that the ceremony ended and we met up our parents, siblings and cousins there.

Everything was in a rush, as my brother wanted to make it on time to rush to return his robe and then take the bus back to Penang at 3.30pm. So after we reached the hotel, we rushed to SS2 again, to take our family photo at a photo studio there. Too bad, baby Kimi was sleeping during the time we took the family photo, so couldn't really see his face. But really hope that the family photo will turn out nice ~~

~ The only photo which I managed to take with my brother before we left the hotel ~

Alan, you really made us proud! I can see mum and dad are really happy when they attended your convocation. I am sure they feel excited as well when they see you on the stage, receiving your scroll and delivering your speech as a Valedictorian during the convocation ceremony. Congratulations to you once again!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Pontian Stay

So fast, time flies very fast ~~ One week is going to end very soon, tomorrow I will be going back to KL with baby Kimi already. One week at Pontian, Kimi has a lot of new experiences. Really enjoy our stay here. Hope when he is back to KL, he can get use to KL lifestyle with only me at home with him during day time. Not as crowded as when at Pontian with grandparents, great-grandma, aunties and uncles around.

I think the next round baby Kimi back to Pontian, perhaps will be Chinese New Year time already... Hope he is able to fly back to Pontian together with us ~~

~ Baby Kimi at Pontian ~

As for me, during this one week stay, I had eaten most of the food which I missed for a long time already. One of them is this dessert, in Hokkien we call it as 'Lik Tau Suan'. This dessert must go with 'You Char Keow' to make it a perfect match. In KL, it is very difficult for me to find this dessert to eat. This time back Pontian, I finally get to eat it again. Super delicious!!! Hehe...

~ 'Lik Tau Suan' with 'You Char Keow' ~

~ 'Ham Chee Peng' + 'You Char Keow' ~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Those younger days...

During my birthday, I received a SMS from one of my cousins who is currently now working at UK. Thank you for his birthday wishes from so far away! In his SMS, he wrote, 'Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one'. I replied to him and said, I missed those birthday celebrations, when I had Barbie dolls as birthday presents...

At that time I was at my confinement period, couldn't eat a lot of things. So I chose not to celebrate the day since hubby also not with me. So MIL cooked for me 'Mee Suah with Eggs' for breakfast to mark my birthday on that morning. Suddenly, I really missed those days, when I had my birthday celebrations with my dearest cousins... It was so crowded, although all of us were still very young, the celebrations still clearly remembered by me. It was such an enjoyable one!

~ One of the Group Photo with my dearest cousins during my birthday celebrations ~

As we grow older, the numbers of people who celebrate birthday with us, seem getting lesser and lesser, unless you wish to call a party and invite a lot of your friends to come over and celebrate with you. Or you are at your grandparents status, then you will also have very crowded birthday celebrations with all your children and grandchildren to celebrate with you. Or you happen to be with your family members on your birthday.

In the future, I have baby Kimi and hubby to celebrate my birthday for me. It will be very unique as it no longer a 2 persons celebrations. With baby Kimi around, I am sure it will be much more merrier. But I really wish one day, I can have a birthday party, celebrate together with my parents, cousins, uncles and aunties again!

Can time turn back a little bit for me? I really miss those younger days a lot ~~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Week in Pontian ~

As planned with my sister, I will go back to Pontian to stay for one week after my confinemet at Taiping. So last Saturday, hubby fetched me back to Pontian. This coming Saturday, I will follow my sister's car back to KL, as my brother's convocation will be held on Sunday. We need to go and attend his convocation ^_^

Kimi has a few of his 'First' tries at Pontian. First time try to sleep on a 'sarung', first time try to drink milk from a milk bottle and first time try to feed him with a pacifier. Still trying to learn and get use to more new things... Hope he can accept them soon :)

~ Little brother Jeff trying to put baby Kimi to sleep in a 'sarung' ~

I managed to shoot this photo on yesterday evening...
~ Beauiful sunset behind my Pontian's house ~

~ Kimi's Full Moon Celebrations at Pontian two weeks++ ago ~
I heard from my sisters that the cake was delicious!! Too bad I had no chance to taste it as I was in Taiping at that time. The full moon cake's box looks so cutie ^_^ Thanks to my sister for helping me to take the photos for me to see. Hehe... :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Back to KL with Kimi

Two days ago, parents-in-law fetched baby Kimi and I back to KL... This is the first time Kimi back to his house in KL. Haha, so many things need to pack and bring back. The car was full with Kimi's stuffs... Hubby's grandma was with us as well. So she and MIL cooked for me for 2 days before they back to Taiping and I back to Johor. Thanks to both of them for the delicious food!!

~ Baby Kimi sitting in the car on the way back KL ~

~ Baby Kimi lying on his bed ~

Today is my first time for me to bath Kimi. Hehe... Very anxious. Luckily I managed it quite ok although it was not very professional. Hubby's grandma was at the side helping me. After she had cooked my lunch in the morning, she followed hubby's cousin to go back Taiping as PIL went back first yesterday. So, now I am at home alone with baby Kimi.

I had quite a tied-up day today. Busy packing to go back Johor tomorrow, busy washing Kimi's clothes and of course, busy feeding him and put him to sleep ^_^

So, tomorrow I will be going back Johor for one week with Kimi. Hurray!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

~ Happy Birthday to Me ~

Happy Birthday to Me;
Happy Birthday to Me;
Happy Birthday to Mummy Shin Yee;
Happy Birthday to Me ....

This year, not much celebrations on my birthday. I am at Taiping, spending this lovely day with my Baby Kimi... I think having baby Kimi with me is the best birthday present I have. Hope he can grow up soon and able to sing birthday song to me :)

Early in the morning, I received a simple SMS from hubby. Never did I expect that this SMS can make me feel so warm and touched... Thank you, hubby!!

I had 'Mee Suah with Eggs' this morning as breakfast... MIL and confinement auntie cooked for me. Thanks to them as well!!

Hope this year birthday, I am blessed with lots of happiness and loves ~~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kimi Went for his Hepatitis B Jab ~

Today, baby Kimi went for his Hepatitis B (2nd dose) jab. Hehe.. he shouted for a while when the jab shot into his leg, donno was it crying, but there were no tears in his eyes. I kept on telling him to be brave. Hope he is fine with the jab...

Kimi weighs 4.2kgs and length 54cm at one month old. See he is growing well, I also feel happy. The pediatrician informed me that, the next jabs will be when baby Kimi is 2 months' old. I will discuss with hubby and arrange a time to bring Kimi for the jabs again. Perhaps I will take the '5 in 1' jab as we gave Kimi a separate jab on Hepatitis B already. The pediatrician told me that the antibody production might not be so good if we choose to take the '6 in 1' jab. So, I listened to his advice. The nurse gave me some leaflets to bring back home and read... I will find out more information from there again ^_^

~ Baby Kimi at One Month Old ~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kimi's Full Moon Celebrations

Dearest Kimi,

6th October - Today you are exactly one month old. How time flies… One month ago, I was still at hospital struggling to deliver you. This one month passed really fast. I really enjoyed the bonding time spent with you. Although breastfeeding you is real tiring, as you drink when you feel like drinking, no specific timing, so day and night, I need to wake up, sit up and down, just to feed you, even though sometimes I am having a rest or a short nap… But is ok Kimi, mummy knows, all these hard work are worth it. Mummy wants a healthy you!!

Mummy likes the time when I sing nursery rhymes to you to make you sleep. So far, I only managed to sing 2 rhymes for you. One is ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and the other one ‘My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean’. You seem so enjoying when mummy sings the songs to you and not long after that, you fall asleep already. Hehe... my small, little achievement so far. I promise, I will try to recall more nursery rhymes so that you can have more varieties in the future. Hehe… :)

We chose to celebrate your full moon on last Saturday as your daddy needed to work on your actual full moon day (which falls on a Tuesday). Last Saturday was the Mid-Autumn Festival as well. It was a good date. So we decided to choose this day for you. We had a small but warm celebration for you. You had your hair cutting ceremony, your bathing ceremony and also prayers at home. Confinement auntie cooked some food for us and some relatives which turned up on your full moon celebrations. It was already late afternoon when everything settled down. Mummy and daddy brought you to some shopping complexes to walk around (one of the traditions to do during the full moon celebrations) while your grandparents were busy giving out the ‘ang ku kuehs’ and ‘nasi kunyit’ to some relatives and friends. After we settled down you at home, we went to one nearby temple for prayers, to thank the God, for my smooth delivery…

~ The Full Moon Set ~

~ Nasi Kunyit, Curry Chicken and 'Ang Ku Kuehs' ~

~ Hair Cutting Ceremony ~

~ Water for Bathing ~

~ Our Happy Family - Daddy, Mummy and Baby Kimi ~

~ Baby Kimi with his new clothes from his maternal grandmother ~

I have one more month to go to be with you every day before I start to go back to work. I cherish every single day from now… Kimi, We Love You!!

Love from, your mummy ~~

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kimi's Jaundice Journey ~

During my early pregnancy, I have actually thought of breastfeed my baby. After attended the antenatal classes at Pantai Hospital and gathered some knowledge from there, the determination of breastfeeding grew stronger. I told myself, I wanna breastfeed baby Kimi for at least 2 months during my maternity leaves. That’s the least which I can do as a mummy for a newborn baby of mine.

Because of breastfeeding, I rejected all the usages of traditional methods or any other liquids (as suggested by the confinement auntie)that need to feed into Kimi’s mouth to reduce the jaundice level on Kimi. I believe, the jaundice developed in Kimi, should be from the breast milk which I have fed him.

Kimi has been in and out hospital for 4 times for the jaundice level’s tests at Columbia Asia Hospital Taiping. Doctor advice was only keep on feeding him with breast milk so that he can pee and poo more… This can indirectly reduce the jaundice in him. Although the jaundice level had not reached the dangerous zone, but he was re-hospitalized again for one night, a few days after he was back to Taiping, to be under the light therapy. I was in the hospital accompanied him so that I can feed him whenever he need. After the light therapy, the jaundice level was much reduced...

As his jaundice didn’t seem to go off (prolonged jaundice) although he was already 20 days’ old (by last Friday), so the pediatrician suggested to me, that I should give Kimi to do a blood and urine test to make sure that his jaundice is not causing any danger to him. I was quite worried then. Pity Kimi, before the doctor actually put the jab into his hands to take his blood sample, he seemed to be able to sense it and cried so loud till I think the outside waiting patients should be can hear his cries. Doctor took 2 small little bottles of his blood and also his urine sample. Results will be out in a week’s time.

So today, I went to hospital again to take Kimi’s Laboratory Report and for his follow-up check up. Luckily everything turns out fine and baby Kimi is healthy. The jaundice that he has is not causing any danger to him. It is breast milk jaundice. The pediatrician asks me no need to worry so much. It will go off when the time is ripe… Doctor keeps on telling me that Kimi is an active baby so no need to worry too much. Keep on breastfeed him will do.

Thank God! Luckily, my decision of fully breastfeed him is correct and he is growing day by day ^_^ Baby Kimi weighs 4kgs at Day 27 :)

~ Baby Kimi at Day 26 ~