Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Welcoming our 2nd Little Boy!

8th December 2011:

When I woke up in the morning, felt slightly stomach pain. I informed my Hubby who was getting ready to go to work. He told me to go and see my Gynae better. So I went alone to the clinic in the morning since he was busy on that day... Anyway, today is also my weekly check-up, just that appointment is made in the afternoon.

Wow, to my surprise, after the scanning and measurements, my Gynae informed me that my cervix had dilated 3 cm!! And she also informed me that the water level has gone down quite a lot compare to last week check-up. After some discussions, Gynae told me I can either admit to hospital by this evening or tomorrow morning for delivery.

Well, baby has signs of coming out soon. I was half happy and half anxious. The day I have been waiting for so long has finally arrived soon. Gynae told me the things that she will be doing for me once I get admitted, she explained the procedures to me and I also informed her on my birth plans as well.

I chose to admit on Friday morning, so that I have enough time to clear some office work and also go for my office Christmas party. Haha!!

I informed Hubby, my Mummy and MIL on my conditions and told them that I will be admitted on Friday morning. Hubby told me he will late for home tonight to clear his work before go on leaves with me.

Then, I went to buy some Chinese Herbs myself and packed some things before I returned back to office after the check-up. And of course, not to miss out eating the food I want to eat!!

9th December 2011:

Hubby sent me to thehospital in the morning. Our schedule admitted time was by 8am, but we were a bit late. When we reached, my Gynae also reached few minutes after us. Good timing!!

~ Me in the Labour Ward before all the pains and contractions started! ~

I was told to change and then was informed by the nurses and Gynae what they are going to do on me and etc. Hubby was with me throughout the whole process. I had very minor contractions in the morning and was dilated 4 cm when I reached the hospital. After 2 hours of waiting, it was 5.5 cm. Aiyo, contractions started slowly and I could feel the pain coming!

~ Monitoring my Contractions ~

And then dilated 6 cm during noon time when Gynae came for 2nd visit. At that time, the pain was really a bit unbearable but I insisted no epidural. Luckily Hubby was by my side. Holding on his hands throughout the whole process for me seemed to be better than taking epidural. He kept on telling me, it will be over soon, just need to bear for a while more... But it was really super pain especially on my back!! So I told him, I wanted an epidural this time. He quickly asked for the nurse assistance when he saw me in such a pain, but then after the nurse checked on me, she said was too late already. Baby is coming out soon!! I dilated 9 cm already. She quickly informed my Gynae, and she arrived around 15 minutes later as she actually was already on her way back to her clinic.

During the waiting time, really wanted to thank the midwife and nurse!! She helped me massaged my back and buttocks to make me feel much relief from the pain. Words of encouragement kept on coming out from them. I think without the massage and Hubby's pairs of hands, I think I really cannot make it. The pain is really cannot be described. Hubby even jokingly told me, "Luckily this is 2nd time he come across such a situation, otherwise he also follow me panicks while seeing me in this type of pain."

Doctor arrived and the delivery process started. During the pushes, I kept on repeatedly shouting to Hubby and Gynae, "No, I cannot do it la... Very pain!" All of them in the Labour Ward kept on tell me, "CAN, CAN, You are almost there!! Can see Baby's head already!!"

Finally, I managed to deliver a healthy baby after 3 pushes!! Gynae jokingly telling me after the delivery, "Aiyo, Shin Yee, I thought you are very steady, who knows, you almost give up towards the end. Otherwise, I wouldn't have to stitch you." Hehe... even my Gynae also make fun of me... So 'paiseh'!!

I thank God and everyone in the room who assisted me throughout the whole process!!

~ Baby Nico after cleaning up ~

Again, this is another day that I will remember for life, the day which we welcome 2nd baby, Nico Ong Jun Jay, to our Family!

~ Our First Family Photo ~

~ Hello everyone, I look like who? ~

Nico Boy, we LOVE you and welcome to our Family!!

Love from,
Your Daddy, Mummy and brother Kimi ~

Sunday, December 4, 2011

December = Happiness + Loves

Entering into the month of December, a month full of Happiness and Loves.... I really like December a lot because we can see beautiful Christmas decors around us ~ Today I went around enjoying the beautiful Xmas decors! Luckily I manage to see them before I go for my delivery :) Another must do thing before I go for my delivery has completed! HAPPY-ING ~

@ IPC Shopping Centre

@ One Utama Shopping Centre

I wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I know it is a bit too early for me to wish now, but I am not too sure will I be blogging again until my delivery so I better wish earlier just in case I do not manage to do it later...

Perhaps the next time I blog, you might be seeing my new-born in this blog ~ Hehe :) All the best to me and I wish for a smooth delivery ~