Friday, September 30, 2011

Sharings on Kimi's Montessori's Journey

At his age of 22 months, I sent Kimi to Montessori in hoping that he could learn to be more independent and of course be close to us in KL. As travelling back to Taiping every two weeks to visit him, sometimes can be real tiring. So we have decided to bring him back to KL so that we can have more bonding time with him.

Perhaps I am not a good mum, perhaps I did not think from his shoes, perhaps I neglected his feelings as a 1 year+ old toddler. Kimi is a jovial and happy boy. He can mix around easily, so Hubby and I do share the same thoughts that Kimi should be able to adapt into his Montessori life very soon.  But never did I expect that Kimi could not get use to his new lifestyle so soon. He cried everyday when I dropped him off. It was really pitiful to see him cried in this way. However, I told myself: Is ok, everything will be fine soon... I think I am just a cruel mum. Seeing him cry so pitifully, I still insisted of sending him there, in hoping he can really get used to it soon.
He throws tantrums, he refuses to change his clothes, he does not want to go out from the house! A lot of problems and challenges he gave me every morning before we step out from the house. Occasionally, husband and wife might end up quarrelling because both of us have different points of views in this. But one word of advice, PATIENT! Everything will turn out fine ~
Perhaps it was a new environment for him, or perhaps he was exposed to some new bacteria, or perhaps he was a bit traumatised whenever we dropped him there, or perhaps he wanted to use his ways to show his discomfort in the childcare…. He fell sick on the fourth day night right after his Montessori life. High fever, coughing, flu, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. all came one after another.  

For the first 2months he was in the Montessori, applying leaves to take care of him at home and sending him to visit the paediatrician, were my weekly jobs.  I think I have lost counts in the numbers of times he went to see doctor. Waking up middle of the night a few times to clean his mess and wash the bed sheets after he vomited, trying to feed him eat medicine by myself during the day time, entertaining him when he was sick, all these almost made me lost all my energy in taking care of him.

As a pregnant Mummy, I finally fell sick together with him. When he coughs, I cough, when he stomach upsets, I also follow him stomach upsets. I had the record of coughing for one month plus and no signs of recovering.  In order to make myself recovering faster than him, I ate all the medicine which my Gynae prescribed to me including antibiotics. She told me is safe for me to eat, so I ate them without hesitating so that I could recover faster. I did all I could. And of course, for a sick toddler on medications for so long, definitely his weights will go down. Besides juggling between his medicine and meals, I need to hear some ‘people’ commenting that I did not take good care of my son well and made him look so thin. As a mother, seeing my own son getting thinner day by day, will I be happy over this? Well, this remark indeed made me sad for some time. It even makes me wondering… perhaps I am really not a good Mummy.
Kimi learns how to eat on his own ~

Some of Kimi's updates from the teachers which I received through MMS ~

Anyway, all these are over now. Kimi is now healthy and happily going to his Montessori in this week. However, this is his final week there. We supposed to send him there for another month, but due to some personal health reasons, I very reluctantly cancelled his October term yesterday. Haih… All my perseverance for the past 3 months seems like a waste now. It is a pity for Kimi. He seems to enjoy his life now with some friends he had made in this Montessori and yet Mummy is taking it away from him. Sorry ya, my dear son! At this moment of time, Mummy needs to take good care of your little brother in me first. Hope that you won’t mind. Mummy promises to you, I will definitely let you go back again once everything has settled down. Hopefully by then, you won’t cry again for sending you there ya…
Luckily the teachers there are all very friendly. They are the ones who give me confidence and encouragements all the time when I have signs of giving up. I really wish to thank them for this. Thank you for helping me to take care of Kimi for the past 3 months. He is a more sensible kid now. I cannot use obedient to describe him as he still throws tantrums at times when he feels not good or things not getting right for him. Well, I believe most toddlers are like this at this age of time…. I will slowly guide him in this. Hope Kimi can be a good boy very soon! Haha :)

To all Kimi’s teachers: For all the hard work and efforts you have put in, I am very thankful to every one of you in the Montessori!
Note to this post:
To all the Mummies out there, be prepared for your son/daughter to fall sick easily during the first couple of months when you send him/her to a Child Care Centre. Don’t too worry too much on this as the doctors also inform us that the child eventually will get immune to it soon. Be strong and believe in your choice. Although it may seem tiring to take care of a sick toddler all the time, I am sure you will grow together with your child in this Montessori or Child Care Centre’s journey. I learnt a lot from this lesson and I am sure you will too. Do speak to your child and let him understand your intentions of sending him there. Try your best to ease his/her separation anxiety. Give your child some time and confidence. Do assure him that you will come and pick him/her up after your work. Your child will understand and adjust themselves one day even though he/she may not able to express it.

When one day, you drop your child there without him/her crying and he/she can wave ‘Bye-Bye’ to you when you about to leave for work, then you will finally understand, all the efforts and time you have put in, ARE NEVER WASTED!! You will melt when you see him/her smiles on the face… Then you will realize, there are all worthwhile!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

@ Week 28

Date: 29th September 2011

I had my monthly check-up today. This time, Hubby had the time to go with me. Luckily he was with me, otherwise I seriously do not know how to explain what Gynae had told me today and repeated the same thing to him again.

Blood pressure and urine test were all OK. Just that I had previous record of high blood pressure during my first pregnancy, Gynae always reminded me to monitor my blood pressure at home. So same thing, scanning process to be done. Gynae checked every parts of the baby for us and this round, the baby seems like smiling to us this time compare to the last check-up. Gynae captured a nice photo for us to bring back home. He is weighing at 1.3kgs at Week 28. She told us this is an ideal weight at this stage.


This round check-up, I was told that my amniotic fluid seems lesser than the normal level. Gynae explained a lot to us on this issue. She advised me to drink lots of water. Besides lots of water, is still lots of water. She informed us on the chances of early delivery, as insufficient of amniotic fluid is one of the systoms to show that I might have higher chances to deliver earlier. She needs me to eat more so that baby can gain weight faster (just in case really suddenly need to go for early delivery, the baby’s weight is on the right track). She discussed with us on the baby fees in hospital, etc. And then suggested to us to also go for check-up in a government hospital, just in case baby really delivers earlier than the EDD, I have a reference there and can transfer my delivery or baby in the hospital anytime. She gave us a doctor name in UMMC and told me to make an appointment there. I took a blood test during this round check-up to check on my liver and kidney functions.

The supplements to bring back home during this time check-up ~
This 3 supplements cost me RM95.00. Not too sure is it expensive or not…


I remembered when Kimi’s time, I seemed to be having the same problem. But the Gynae at that time, did not inform me so many information. I thank God that I was equipped with these information, at least Hubby and I know what to do in case emergency really happens.

The sad thing is, when I get to know this, I am caught in the situation where I find myself is not acting fair to both my sons. After this check-up, Hubby has decided to send Kimi back to Taiping under the care of my parents-in-law so that I can have sufficient of rest and enough food intake every single day. With Kimi by my side, I do agree that, I have neglected my daily food intake especially during dinner time.

By sending Kimi back to Taiping, although I assume that I can have enough rest, however, I seem to have taken away Kimi’s happiness by staying close to his Daddy and Mummy and indirectly took away the fun he had from the Montessori too.

By not sending Kimi back to Taiping, I seem to have taken away the chances of giving my 2nd baby a healthy body and to deliver him  in his full term.

Why can’t I have the best of both worlds?

As a Mummy, I wish both of them Good! I hope to give the best to them… But by giving the best to both of them, sometimes we are only left with limited choices and decisions need to be made. It is really a pity for sending Kimi back to Taiping now after he has settled down in his Montessori. All the efforts and perseverance that I have put in for the past 3 months seem like a waste for now. However, if I do not choose to do this, I might be taking the risk of having an early delivery for my 2nd Baby. So for the situation now, I can only opt for one.

I pray to God, to always protect us in good health and happiness especially to both my sons. And for now, hope that baby can stay healthily in me until his full term before he comes out to see this wonderful world! Baby, please be obedient ya :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Kimi's 2nd Birthday with Love

Date: 06-09-2011

Today is Kimi's 2 Years Old Birthday ~ Daddy and Mummy brought some mini cupcakes for him to bring to his Montessori and shared with his friends there :) We had a small party for him at his Montesorri. Kimi enjoyed this day very much!

He had his FIRST Movie experience in Cinema. We brought him to watch 'Smurfs'. Luckily he can sit throughout the whole movie without giving us much troubles :) We had a simple birthday dinner for him as well after the movie ~

~ Mini cupcakes with Marshmallow topping for the little kids in Kimi's class and 'Despicable Me' cartoon characters on the Birthday cake for Kimi ~
His favourite Gru and Minions ~

Kimi with his friends during the Mini Party ~
All the children need to sit on the floor in a 'Circle of Sun'... Kimi will hold a Globe and together with the teacher, he turns 2 rounds around the Circle to mark his 2 Years Old :) The rest of the teachers and friends will sing 'The Sun' song for him when he turns around the Sun ~
A very unique way of doing! Kimi enjoys it a lot ~
And the real Birthday Song starts... Everyone sings for Kimi ~ His Happy Smiles throughout the whole Birthday song ~
The kids with the cupcakes ~ They enjoy the cakes a lot!

Kimi with one of his friends in the class ~

A simple birthday dinner with Daddy, Mummy and Kimi's Uncle ~
Some of the ordered food... Some too busy with Kimi and forgot to take the pictures :)
Overall, A HAPPY Day for Kimi!

Happy Birthday to you, our dearest Son!
May you be blessed with all the happiness in Life ~~

P/S: A bit late in posting this up as Mummy was really busy and tired on these few weeks... But Mummy wants to put this up in my blog so that you can get to read this in the future :) Hope it is a sweet memory for you, Kimi!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BunsInTheOven Cupcakery (BITO)

This cake is specially ordered for Kimi on his Birthday. This is one of Kimi's favourite Cartoon / Movie ~ 'Despicable Me'. Daddy wanted the Gru to be in and I wanted the Minions to be in. Kimi likes balloons a lot, so we added in the balloons for him on the cake as well.

Thanks to
BITO!! Your cake designs always give us surprises ~ More information on BunsInTheOven Cupcakery (BITO) can click HERE!

These two photos are courtesy from BITO to be uploaded on my blog ~

The Minion is dark chocolate cake while Gru is 100% sugar paste...

When the teachers opened up the cake boxes and the kids saw the cakes, they were all very excited and happy especially Kimi. He kept on said, 'Wow, Gru, Gru'! Hubby and I were really happy when we saw all the happy smiling faces on that day.

Besides the main birthday cake, I have prepared some mini cupcakes for Kimi's friends as well :) There are butter cakes with Marshmallow toppings. Yummy!

The kids really enjoyed the mini cupcakes a lot! Luckily I have brought more than enough :) Really glad that Kimi loves the cakes so much ~

Sunday, September 4, 2011

From Grandchildren with Love

Date: 3rd September 2011

After some planning, we finally managed to celebrate Ah Ma's birthday at KL. She every year celebrates her Actual Birthday date in Taiping which normally falls on a weekday. So, most of her grandchildren couldn't make it to go back to celebrate with her during the actual day.

This year, after some discussions with Hubby's cousins, we managed to invite Ah Ma to KL for her birthday celebrations. It was meant for a surprise to her and she did not know that in advance. We were very glad that Ah Ma enjoyed the night very much. It was really a great surprise for her when she arrived at the restaurant and saw most of her grandchildren gathered together to celebrate her birthday with her :) Our 2nd Uncle's Family joined us as well ~ It was a GREAT Dinner and Gathering ~

The Restaurant we chose:
Gao Ren Guan @ Jaya One

Our Delicious and Yummy Food!

Family Gatherings and Group Photos:

~ Ah Ma cuts her Birthday Cake with her Great-Grandchildren ~

~ Yummy-licious Strawberry Cake ~

The kids enjoyed the cake very much, especially Kimi!