Monday, January 25, 2010

MAM Products + CNY Clothes for Kimi

Yesterday after my work at Mid Valley, I went to buy Kimi’s pacifier and milk bottles. All along, Kimi has been using NUK bottles. Although he has a set of the new Avent BPA-free milk bottles, we seldom use it. We realized the bottles have leaking problems. The only way to solve it is to close it super tight, or we twist and turn it till the ‘correct’ way so that it won’t leak. Actually, we also do not know how to define the ‘correct’ way of twisting the bottle cap, so whenever we try to let Kimi use the bottle, we will have different ways to solve the leaking problem.

Kimi needs milk fast whenever he is hungry. So we need to prepare the milk fast as well. If we continue to try to use the Avent bottles during Kimi’s feeding, it will be a bit too slow already, as we need to try to close the bottle cap properly so that it won’t leak during the feeding time. So, I think while waiting for this, Kimi will definitely cry out loud for milk. At last, hubby and I have decided to change Kimi’s bottles so that it will be not so problematic whenever we want to feed Kimi. Moreover, all these while, the NUK teats that Kimi has been using are for baby of 0 months++. So it is time for us to change Kimi’s teats for him since now Kimi is already 4 months++.

I have done some reading online, made some comparisons and asked for friends’ opinions on the milk bottles and pacifiers. After spoken to Sharilyn (one of my new friends which I got to know recently), I have trimmed down the choices to either the brands of MAM or NUK. I have actually have NUK in mind as Kimi has been using it all these while. As for MAM, Sharilyn has high recommendations on its pacifiers. The orthodontic MAM teat is ideal for baby’s jaw and teeth development. It individually adapts to baby’s mouth. For this reason, I have decided to let Kimi to try on the pacifiers. All along, I actually do not really encourage Kimi’s to rely much on pacifiers. Kimi was actually pacifier-free when he was breastfed during his first 8 weeks. Ever since Kimi is on formula milk feeding starting on his 8 weeks++ onwards, Kimi is given a pacifier during sleeping time only or maybe when he really cries till very superbly loud. Really hope that Kimi can get rid of it very soon one he has grown up.

When I walked into Mothercare Outlet at Mid Valley, I went to the MAM’s counter to have a look. So coincidently, NUK’s products were just next to it. After the explanation by the salesgirl at the outlet on how the milk bottles work and after compared both the milk bottles, I finally chose MAM’s milk bottles as well for Kimi. She told me, MAM’s products are always very ‘hot’. Whenever the stocks arrive, they will be sold out quite fast. I bought a few products for Kimi. But too bad, the teats for the bottles only left the Size for 2 months+ on the shelves. As for rest, all sold out already. So I need to go another outlet to get the correct size of milk bottles’ teats for Kimi. NUK has similar features of milk bottles, but the price is a bit more expensive than MAM.

Some other accessories which I bought together were the ‘Teether Twister’, the ‘Bite & Brush’, a pacifier Clip & Cover and a Thermal bag. We always travel with Kimi without a thermal bag and I find it a bit inconvenient to store the milk. So I always wanted to buy one and finally got to get one which I like. The Twister is a teething ring and toy in one. It calms sensitive gums and, by sparking interest, distracts from teething. Hope this ring can be of help for Kimi when he starts to grow his teeth in another few more months’ time. This weekend perhaps will start to try out the new milk bottle for Kimi.

More information about MAM products can be read at: or

Luckily, one of my friends is Mothercare’s member, so I got the membership card from him to entitle for a 5% discounts when buying the MAM products. Hehe... Saved up some money from there ~~

After shopped for Kimi’s milk bottles and pacifiers, hubby and I walked to Isetan and bought one pair of Chinese New Year clothes for Kimi. I actually saw this pair of Baby Kiko shirt at Isetan’s Newsletter recently and I very like it. I find the shirt very cute and it has ‘Tiger’ theme printed on the shirt. So we decided to buy it for Kimi to wear during the CNY. As Kimi still has quite a number of new shirts not yet wear (presents since he was born), so for this CNY, we only bought one pair of new shirt and pants for him and perhaps a pair of new pyjamas. So, that’s all for Kimi’s shoppings for this round.

Haha... this weekend we are going back to Taiping to visit Kimi, so we can bring all these things back for him ^_^

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My 24 hours Penang Trip

19th January: I flew to Penang, to attend a very good friend of mine wedding's dinner. I was informed by him half a year ago. Although the dinner was on a weekday, I told him, I will definitely be there no matter what!!

This is indeed a super busy week for me. Besides my work is busy to rush for this weekend's Education Fair, I also need to visit my grandma in hospital. Luckily, grandma's condition is better now. She is recovering well ~~ So, as promised, I attended his wedding dinner at Penang, together with a few of our close friends...

Freddy, welcome to the Marriage Life!! Wish both of your happily ever after ~~

I have only 24 hours in Penang, including my sleeping time... Hehe, so I must defnitely make full use of it !! After the wedding dinner, we headed for a drink at the 'Sunset Bistro' at Batu Ferringhi. It is located behind the Ferringhi Garden and next to the Parkroyal Hotel. If you are driving, just turn right after Pakroyal Hotel into a small road. Turn left at the T-junction at the end of the road. There are a couple of car park attendants' waiting there to assist you on where you can park your car.

Last night when we went, it was a very windy night and a good place for you to sit by the beach leisurely and chatted with good buddies ~~ This place makes me feel like I am back to the Jimbaran Beach at Bali... I heard from my friends, it is super pack when you go during weekend !!

This morning, thanks to my best friend in Penang, Phui San, took one day leave to accompany me and to bring me around in Penang. Of course, my 'must' eat food in Penang, besides the porridge stall next to the Sunway Hotel, it will definitely be the 'Hokkien Mee'. She knows about it, so early in the morning, she fetched me to this stall and tried out the Hokkien Mee there. Although it was a weekday, we still waited for quite long for that bowl of mee. Anyway, it is really a worthwhile wait!! The soup really tastes delicious ~~ Hehe... My friend told me, she waited for 45 minutes before!! While waiting, I ordered the 'Char Mee Suah', another food that I like to eat in Penang and hardly can find in KL ^_^

~ SUPER HOKKIEN MEE is located at 12, One Corner Cafe, along Jalan Bawasah (at the back of Burmah Road Giant Supermarket ~

During lunch hour, another friend of mine brought us to taste one of the nicest 'Pan Mee' in Penang. It is located near Bukit Jambul area and is opposite the Vistana Hotel. The shop is surrounded by a few blocks of flats and is known as 'Hou Mei Yuan Pan Mee'. When we reached, I could see lots of people eating there although you need to sit under the sun. Well, there are some trees which can provide enough of shades :) While waiting for the pan mee, we ordered the 'Penang Rojak' as while.

Thanks to my friends who really helped me to utilize the 24 hours of my lovely Penang trip !! I really miss Penang a lot, a lot ~~ See you all next time again ^_^

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kimi at 19th weeks

Last Saturday, we went back to Taiping to visit Kimi. As it was a working Saturday for me, so we drove back after my work in the evening. I have only a maximum of 36 hours to use in Taiping, so need to really make full use of it and spend quality time with Kimi.

When we reached, Kimi was at the living room playing with his grandparents... Kimi shaved his hair after his 4th months, so he is a ‘botak head’ boy now. Hehe, looks co cutie!! Feeding him, sleeping with him, chatting with him, playing with him, are all we did in Taiping. We visit Kimi once every 2 weeks. So we cherish very much our every trip back to Taiping ~~

Sunday evening, it was not raining. So we decided to bring Kimi to have a walk at the Taiping Lake. The weather was very good and Kimi seemed to enjoy his outing as well. We only have 2 nights at Taiping, so after breakfast on early Monday morning , we drove back to KL as I need to work. Before we went back, hubby and I whispered to Kimi to bid him bye-bye... He was still sleeping at that time but seemed to be can hear us and he cried when we about to walk out from the room. Aiyo... really feel so reluctant to go back KL!!

Kimi had his Pneumococcal and Rotavirus vaccines on Monday as well. PIL brought him to the hospital as we already on our way back to KL. The nurse weighed Kimi and Kimi is now 8kgs at his 19 weeks. PIL called us after the jabs and told us that the doctor said his weight is considered normal for a baby at his age... This shows the milk powder that Kimi is currently taking should be working on well for him :)

I will have a busy week ahead and hubby is still on his night shift this week... Although both of us are busy at KL, we still very miss Kimi who is back at Taiping. We will be going back to Taiping in another 2 weeks’ time. See you soon ya, our lovely Kimi !!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Well Soon, Ah Ma !!

Yesterday afternoon, received a call from home, a couple of SMSes from cousins, been informed by them, grandma is sick, suffered from minor heart attack. The doctor diagnosis was that grandma heart's blood vessel's blocked, which caused minor heart attack. She was admitted into ICU for overnight observation. If her pains subsides, she will be transferred to normal ward today...

This afternoon, grandma conditions seemed better so she was transferred to normal ward for observation. But then, in the late afternoon, her heart attack came back and was sent back to ICU again. Most probably will be transferred to KL tomorrow for further treatment.

Really hopes that Grandma can get well very soon. I miss her very much, how I wish I can be at Pontian now to take care of her, but then since she will be transferring to KL tomorrow, so hubby asked me to wait till tomorrow.

" Ah Ma, I strongly believe you will definitely recover very soon and get well again to be our forever healthy Ah Ma. For yourself and for us, please do get well soon!! We want to see you grow old healthily... "

Hope Ah Ma will be blessed by God and be healthy always ~~ I will pray for your speedy recovery !!

Monday, January 11, 2010

New try on Face Masks

A few months ago, got some masks samples from a friend of mine. That time I was on my confinement period, so no time to really try them out. Last month took them out and tried out a few of them. Thanks to this friend of mine. Haha... she gave me a few types of masks such as coffee, aloe vera, rose and etc... to cater for diffferent types of skin complexion so that I can try and see which one suits me the most.

I personally like the coffee mask the most. Haha... perhaps 'coffee' is the name that attracts me the most and seems like a bit special than the rest. After I used it, really feel my face more refreshing. It hydrates my skin which is a bit dry on the surface. And most of all, according to my friend, it helps to shape and slim my face!! Hehehe... Because of this reason, I think I need to be more hardworking in using it ~~

These masks are product from Taiwan. I think all the masks above can be purchased at Guardian. I saw them selling it. For those who are interested can check it out at there. If not mistaken, price are ranged from RM12.90 onwards ~~ Happy trying!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harrods at Suria KLCC

Today after my work at The STAR Education Fair, hubby came and picked me up from work. We walked to KLCC from the convention centre for our dinner as hubby's car was parked there earlier. After dinner, we walked passed by the Harrods... Donno is it my everytime visit to Suria KLCC is only targetting on Isetan Sales on Members' Day, or perhaps I very seldom go to KLCC... Never did I realize that, Harrods World Signature Shop and Tea Salon has actually opened its second retail outlet in Malaysia after KLIA. It is located at the corner lot next to Godiva.

Too bad, we already had our dinner earlier. Or else, perhaps got a chance to dine in there or maybe for a cup of tea. No choice lor, it has to be on the next time already. Harrods is now having its Sales from 1st Jan to 31st Jan 2010. I chose to get a small jar of 'Greek Fir Tree Honey' which is on 50% discounts. Hubby bought me a piece of 'Sticky Toffee Pudding' to try out. Hehe... Even a piece of cake also has a 10% discount. That is the beauty of buying things during sales period. Hehe :)

Next week I can bring the honey to office to try out. My colleague has bought us a few types of teabags from Harrods London during his holidays there on Dec last year ^_^

~ Managed to shoot a few photos before we walked out from the shop ~

Apart from the Food Halls, this shops has a bar area serving beverages and British cuisine throughout the day. Hope I can try out the food here on my next visit... Haha !!
(This line is meant for hubby to read...)

Lot No. 137, First Floor, Suria KLCC.
Tel: 03-2166 6000
Fax: 03-2166 6001

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kimi at KL for One Week

Date: 27th December 2009 to 3rd January 2010

During the last week of Year 2009, I cleared off all my annual leaves just to spend time with Kimi. For now, I can only spend some time to travel back to Taiping on weekend to visit him once every 2 weeks. So, whenever I have some extra off days, I will definitely arrange for Kimi to come to KL so that 3 of us (Daddy, Mummy and Kimi) can get together.

Kimi was here in KL for one week. I took some photos for him at home... Since during day time, I was alone with Kimi, as hubby went to work. So, I have plenty of time to spend for him. Slept with him, watched cartoons with him, lied on bed and talked to him, etc... Kimi really can smile a lot now ~~ Seeing him has grown up to be such a happy-go-lucky baby, really makes my everyday even happier!!

~ A few of his daily photos when he was in KL ~

~ There was one night when I was lying on bed with Kimi and I witnessed one of his special moments. Normally, we will take out Kimi's right hand mittens for him to suck his fingers. Perhaps he wanted to suck his left hands as well, so Kimi was trying to pull out his left hand mittens with his right hands. I found it was really interesting to me, so I faster grabbed my camera and shot a few pictures of it. He met some obstacles at the beginning, but FINALLY he managed to pull it out by himself. Haha... what a cute scene!! ~

After that I showed hubby the photos, then he told me, 'Aiya dear, you should have shot a video on this special moments for Kimi.' True hor, I so blur, never think of that also... perhaps I was too excited over it, so at that time only can think of shooting photos instead of taking videos. Next time will take note of this ~~ Hehe :)

~ A comparison of photos on Kimi when we were holding him in our arms between his one month's old and four months' old. So glad that Kimi has grown up healthily ~

Monday, January 4, 2010

Kimi at 4 Months' Old

Date: 2nd January 2010

This day marked baby Kimi Fourth Month’s old (on Chinese Calendar). Parents-in-law and grandma came to KL to visit us one day earlier so that they can help Kimi to do a small ceremony at home. A day before this, in the morning, parents-in-law had some prayers back at Taiping house to make known to the God that our baby Kimi is 4 months’ old already. So they brought us some of the prayers’ food to eat when they travelled to KL in the evening.

Normally Kimi will sleep until 11am. Hehe... But on Saturday, we woke up Kimi slightly earlier to do a little ceremony for him at home. MIL bathed him and we put on a new shirt for Kimi. Hubby needs to put Kimi in a baby walker as part of the ceremony. This is the first time Kimi sits on the baby walker. He seems to be very curious over it. After that, grandma performed the ceremony for us to see and followed. Hehe... This is the first time I saw, so I was very curious and excited over it. We tied up 12 pieces of biscuits with a red string and put it on Kimi’s neck and then fed Kimi with some of the food that we had prepared. Each of the food has its meaning for itself. But of course, grandma just touched the food a bit on his lips coz Kimi is still too small to eat those foods yet. Haha :)

A short video clip on the ceremony to share ~

~ Our family photo ~

~ Some other photos took on that day ~

~ We missed out this step in the morning. Hehe... So at night only did it for Kimi ~

Wish Kimi always be a happy and healthy boy!!