Monday, October 29, 2012

Nico with his Swollen Eye!

Last weekend we were back to Taiping to visit Nico. When we reached at night, we were a bit shocked to see his swollen eye. MIL told us, on Thursday morning, Nico woke up with an insect bite's mark on his face.... And towards the evening, the mark started to swell and it became like this on the next day.

My poor boy! Luckily he did not find it painful and did not cry after the bite. He could play with us and laugh out loud as well. Moreover Friday is a public holiday, the pediatrician was closed and we couldn't send him for a check-up. Sigh! Didn't know what to do at that time and so worried that it might affect his right eye. His Daddy was so worried and kept on asking me for a solution.

So, I ended up using the the skin cream which I have at home to apply on Nico's face to see if it could help to soothe the redness and hopefully not so swollen. Thank God! On the next day, the redness seems to be better and his eye can open bigger to show to us. And on Sunday when we returned back to KL, his face recovered almost 80% and we could see his double eye-lid again. My baby Nico is back to his chubbiness look again!

Note: I personally find this cream is very useful on certain skin problems. I have been using this cream since Kimi's baby time until now and for now on Nico as well. So at my house, it will never running out of this cream.

According to their website, this cream can soothe all the rough spots. Wholesome ingredients are carefully blended to create an ultra-rich, soothing skin crème for baby’s tender skin. Sweet almond oil, aloe vera and beeswax absorb quickly to soften, nourish and re-condition dry skin.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grandma's Birthday @ Pontian

Date: 13th October 2012

Last weekend, we travelled back to Pontian for my maternal grandmother's birthday. So happy that this round we got to arrange Nico to go back with us. It was a short and yet a very HAPPY family trip!

The Birthday Cake for the Five of Us - Grandma, Myself, 2 Cousins & 1 Niece ~ Thanks to my dearest sister for such a creative cake! Dang.... Dang.... The '5 in 1' Birthday Cake ~ So cute and lovely!

These are my Mum's sisters.... Mummy has 5 sisters and 1 brother ~ My Mummy is the 3rd daughter in her Family ~

My siblings… but short of one youngest sister ~ She is having her final exams now, so she chose not to go back with me.

And these are the October Babies!

My Cousins ~

My turn!

My niece ~

It was a very joyous gathering!

And our way of eating the birthday cake! Hehe ;)

Travelling back to Pontian is not as often as before I had Kimi and Nico... So every trip back to Pontian is a very precious trip for me. I enjoy every gatherings I have with my families and love every single one of them! They are the ones that make up my happy day every day ~ I am blessed to be part of them ^^

Ah Ma, Happy Birthday to You! We wish you Healthy and Happy every day ~

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Lovely October ~

October - My birthday month!

I always love October the most out of the 12 months in a year. Reason being, I feel so much being loved... Haha! Be it from Hubby, from my 2 lovely sons, parents, siblings, friends & everyone... Thank you for all the SMSes, WhatsApp messages, phone calls and Facebook messages on 8th October! I am very thankful for all of the birthday wishes I have received.

This year birthday is indeed a 'surprising' one! During the birthday party in office hosted by my bosses and colleagues, we heard someone press the doorbell and looked for me. Ehh.... I didn't buy anything online, so I shouldn't be getting any parcel at this time. My lady boss went to open the door and instead of receiving the parcel for me, she called my name to receive it myself.

Mmmm... a SURPRISE I got at the door! Someone sent me a bouquet of flower. The first thing came to my mind at that moment..... Hubby doesn't seem to be someone who will do this, but if not him, who else will send me this bouquet of flower on my birthday? And indeed this surprise was sent by my Hubby! On the card, it was written, From, Kimi, Nico and Hubby ~ Yeah... It was sweet, indeed a very lovely present I received on this year. Recalling back, I think the last time I received flowers from my Hubby, it seemed to be 5 years back when I was not even his wife yet...
He remembers I love Hydrangea :) Thanks, Hubby! You really caught me by surprise this round!! I am not expecting this at all as the man I know all these years doesn't seem to be someone who will do this... I am touched, truly touched!
In office's Birthday Party ~

Birthday's Dinner with Hubby and Kimi ~

Another surprise I received on this special day! Thanks, Ai Ling, for your lovely birthday cupcakes! I LOVE them very much ~ They make up of my lovely family of FOUR!


October 2012 - You are a amazing one! Thank you ~ Wish I have more amazing years ahead with all my lovely families and friends :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Nico @ 9 Months' Old

Five more days before Nico marches into 10 months' old... 

Nico's teeth started to grow out at his nine months' old. Same as his 'kor-kor', their teeth popped up only around the age of nine months. A bit late though but is alright. Better than never grow out. Haha! At this stage, we keep on need to change his bib for him as Nico has a huge amount of saliva. His bib is always wet :) The only time when he no needs to wear a bib is during his sleeping time. Hehe!

At this age, Nico weighs around 11kgs. A little bit heavier than Kimi during the same age. Carrying him on our arms needs a lot of energy as he likes to twist and turn his body a lot. A very active little boy!

He still refuses to crawl... He will try to reach his toys by turning his body a few rounds instead of crawling to it even though we put the toys at another side to encourage him to crawl to reach the toys.  Don’t know when this little lazy and clumsy boy of mine will learn how to crawl. Or perhaps he will skip the crawling stage?  

Nico with his 2 little teeth at the lower gum ~