Monday, May 26, 2014

My Boys @ May 2014

MAY - It has been a busy one... Be it work, be it life!

However, I always hope my boys are able to have some family bonding time with us despite their Pa-pa's busy working schedule. We have an exploring month of May and manage to spend some quality time together.

May started with a day trip to Kidzania. This is not so suitable for Nico yet, hence we have decided not to bring him along. So we brought only Kimi with us. He really enjoys it so much that almost every alternate day, he will remind me of his visit to Kidzania.

Kimi @ Kidzania -

We made a short trip weekend trip back to Pontian to celebrate Grandma's Birthday and also Mother's Day. The boys really had a good time back in Pontian! 

Kimi & Nico @ Pontian -

On Wesak Day, Hubby did not need to work so we had decided to bring the boys out for a "Sunshine Green Day Outing"! Finally, we managed to visit the 'Happy Farm Restaurant' which was planned earlier for our boys as Nico was in KL with us on that week. An Educational Outing comes together with a Delicious Lunch! Yummy… ^^

Kimi & Nico @ Happy Farm Restaurant -

We celebrated Mother’s Day for MIL one week later from the actual day. We made our reservations at The Majestic Hotel a couple of months ago to make sure we have a place for MIL to view her favourite Orchids! However, we have kids with us, so we are not allowed to book the place to dine in the Orchid Conservatory. The boys had a great afternoon with their grandparents. A full of noise and yet lovely afternoon with Family.

Kimi & Nico @ Afternoon Tea -

Hope that our boys enjoy their growing up moments together!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Mother's Day Afternoon Tea @ Majestic Hotel, KL

Date: 17 May 2014

We celebrated our belated Mother’s Day for mother-in-law @ The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. She is a tea lover and most of all, an Orchid Flower fan! Finally, we managed to arrange for her for a session of Afternoon Tea with the Orchid Flowers view. However, we have kids with us, so we are not allowed to book the place to dine in the Orchid Conservatory.

We made our reservations a couple of months ago to avoid disappointments. Hehe! Although it was a bit too early, I just wanted to make sure we got ourselves a place there. We brought Kimi and Nico together, so we can only books our seats at the Colonial Café. The rest of the lounges do not allow kids and the temperature in the Orchid Conservatory is also not suitable for kids to enter (according to the Hotel).

We reached the hotel much earlier than my parents-in-law. My short conversation at the hotel car park with Hubby once when we reached…
I told Hubby, “Why not we wait outside first while waiting for them to reach?” He replied to me, “We can go in to have our afternoon tea first while waiting for them.” I told him, well, this is meant for Mummy on her Mother’s Day. We should sit down and eat together. He replied to me back, “You are also a Mother. We go in and eat first. Order our food while waiting.” Although it was just a short reply, it was a sweet reply from Hubby for me on that day. Thank you for your sumptuous treat to me on my Mother's Day! I really love and enjoy the Afternoon Tea session very much.

Majestic KL is really a beautiful hotel. The soft lightings with comfortable sofas and the pianist playing some classic melodies on the piano make the Café ambience a comfortable one. What we enjoyed the most on this afternoon was that one Family could sit down and chat for a good few hours! Although in between, Kimi and Nico really made some noises, and we brought them out from the Café for a walk, overall, it was a lovely afternoon! 

Luckily we reached earlier, else really difficult to take photos as the Café was really quite crowded and a few places are not meant for kids. Some of Kimi and Nico photos before our Afternoon Tea session –

I was with two boys which made it very difficult for me to shot more photos together. Luckily we managed to capture a few ones. That was good enough for me! It has been some time ago since we last took Family Photos together. I love this set of photos very much! A full of noise afternoon with the boys around but it was really a warm afternoon with Family members get-together.