Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sumiyoshi Ryokan @ Takayama (Part 1)

We ended our explorations at Shirakawa-go earlier than our scheduled time. So we went to the Tourist Centre where the bus stop was located to reschedule our bus time. Luckily we managed to change it and got to sit in an earlier bus to go Takayama.

Our lunch at Takayama upon arrival ~ We randomly walked to a few streets and finally decided on one! A random pick and yet still as delicious. Our very satisfying lunch at 飛騨そば 小舟 !

Takayama – Sumiyoshi Ryokan

I managed to get the booking directly from the Ryokan’s owner instead of booking it through the agent although booking through agent will be a less hassle thing to do. I prefer to liaise directly with the Ryokan’s owner to feel the Japanese hospitality. They are really very helpful.

After a few rounds of searching, I finally got to find their website and contacted the owner via emails:

Luckily they had a simple English website for me to get more information and made my booking much easier as the owner understood simple English. Anyhow, to book through Japanese agent, I believe the price will be around the same too, with very minimum difference. As I got to contact the owner earlier than the agent, I managed to book the only one Japanese style room with private bathroom and with private toilet in the whole Ryokan. Indeed happy as the booking went on very smoothly!

Hubby reactions were a bit weird upon arrival at the Ryokan’s entrance. He couldn’t figure out why his wife would choose such an old Ryokan to stay in. But he finally understood why I insisted to choose this Ryokan once at the moment he stepped in it! We spent some time exploring the 2-storeys Ryokan and their antiques in it. It was really an eye-opening experience for us. Indeed very special place to sleep in. A very good and satisfying choice!

Our Room which comes with a private toilet and the interior design in the room is really very unique.

The balcony from our room which overseeing the Yayoibashi Bridge. Indeed beautiful!

Our welcome drinks served by the owner. The green tea was really a good one. Very nice to drink! This Ryokan is full with antiques in the Inn… Really looks like a museum! The owner is very generous in displaying the antiques collection out at the common areas for the Ryokan's Guests to admire, to touch and to feel it!

Our views from the Ryokan. Very beautiful!

Takayama – Sumiyoshi Ryokan
Rate per person per night:
JPY14,040 (Including TAX; Dinner & Breakfast)
Total = JPY28,080

To be continued with their very delicious meals in the Ryokan on the next blog post….!