Thursday, March 14, 2019

Europe with Kids ^ Another Dream Comes True

Mac 2019

After having in mind for a couple of years on a family trip to Europe, we finally made it a dream came true during a recent Airlines promotions. We compared over a few Airlines, over a few different travelling months, and over a few cities. We did our reading before the confirmation of air tickets, and chose the cities we would like to go too after a few rounds of discussions. As soon as most of the the Airlines put up their 
promotions via the social media platforms, we grabbed the air tickets as quickly as we could. And we got a good deal from the Emirates! Very happy ^^

So, London - Amsterdam - Belgium - Paris, we will be visiting you soon.... in October !

On a side note, holidays planning are always on a cheaper side if you are buying the air tickets during end of February/beginning of March, if you would like to grab some good deals from the Airlines. Do plan early for your next trip then!

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